Infiniti FX35 Extended Warranties

hottrader9hottrader9 Member Posts: 6
I have a 2004 fx35 with 31200 miles on it and am looking to buy an extended warranty for it. The Honolulu dealer has a zero deductible plan of 60 months/60,000 miles for $3564.00 Is that a fair price? Does anyone know of a better deal with a zero deductible? preferably from an Infiniti dealer. Warrantydirects price is about $1400 cheaper. How are they to deal with?


  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Check out the Extended Warranties discussion too. The general consensus seems to be that manufacturer backed extended warranties are better than the aftermarket ones. You may also be able to buy one online cheaper than locally.
  • 7069amyh7069amyh Member Posts: 1
    Just purchased my '06 Fx 35 yesterday. The dealership was pushing this 4 in 1 coverage package for $700 that covers the car for 5 years. It covers Dents and Dings, Tire and Wheel Protection (not normal wear and tear), Windshield Repair and Roadside Assistance. Anybody hear of this? Is this a good deal?
  • deng35x08deng35x08 Member Posts: 1
    the finance guy is pushing the extended Elite maintenace plan on my brand 2008 GX35 for 3 yr/45Km for $1759 and the Elite extended warranty 7yr/100k mi $1892 /$100 ded and $2184 -$0 ded

    Would welcome any feedback on the benefits or comments if the price points are compettive. thanks
  • bigmike8bigmike8 Member Posts: 1
    The factory coverage is usually better because they cover more things on the vehicle, and cover using factory parts and labor. But probably the biggest benefit is that the manufacturer has the added incentive of keeping the customer happy and coming back for more vehicles in the future when deciding whether to pay a claim which may be questionable. They have "goodwill" money to work with, where the aftermarket, insurance backed product does not.
  • tjernigantjernigan Member Posts: 3
    2005 fx35 61k with dash defects, looks like bubbles, According to dealerships this seems to happen after the 60k mile warranty. I have 61k miles and infiniti will not replace. It's not covered under my extended warranty, but when you pay $47000 for this kind of vehicle,you shouldn't have to worry about cheap craftmanship. There are numerous known cases dealing / same issue. There should be a recall /I'm reporting to BBB. contact me info on this issues. I want to start a petition asking them to do what is right, I really love my fx, but this just lowers my experience with inifniti and will not purchase another vehicle from them. I hope many fill follow
  • jeromeyjeromey Member Posts: 1
    I had the same problem with my 2005 fx. when I brought my car in for service the dealer told me their was a call back on this defect and gave me a new dash. It has nothing to do with a warrantee. You are entitled to a new dash from the manufacturer.
    Their is a web site that will give you all recalls on every vehicle. but I do not remember.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Edmunds Maintenance Guide will give you TSB and recall info.

    The NHTSA is another resource.
  • americantugamericantug Member Posts: 1
    Just purchased this vehicle and am considering an extended warranty. The dealer offered one, but it does not appear to be an Infiniti brand product. Is anyone aware if Infiniti offers a company backed extended warranty.
    BTW, I've owned Porsches, Mercedes, Lexus for over 30 years and never had an extended warranty, or for that matter, a paint protection treatment, etc.

  • hottrader9hottrader9 Member Posts: 6
    There is a Infiniti brand extended warranty. I bought one for my 2004 fx35. Shop around for it thought. You don't need to buy it at the dealer you bought your car from. You can buy one at any time, as long as your factory warranty hasn't run out. I believe the price is cheaper the sooner you do it though. I bought mine a few months before my factory warranty was up. I got mine on eBay from a dealer on the mainland, as I am in Hawaii. And it was well over a thousand dollars cheaper and for a longer warranty then what is offered from my dealer here in Hawaii. By the way I haven't had to use it yet, as the car is very reliable, so maybe you'd want to pass on the warranty altogether.
  • sulabhsrsulabhsr Member Posts: 1
    Dealer is pushing an extended warranty on a 2008 vehicle, the question is to buy or not.
  • hottrader9hottrader9 Member Posts: 6
    I have a 2004, and haven't had any problems with it, except for a wobbly drivers seat . So the cost of the extended warranty is really not worth it. It would be cheaper, in my case to pay for the repairs instead of the extended warranty. Check consumer reports, it's very reliable overall.
  • penta_007penta_007 Member Posts: 1
    Recently I sold my 2006 infinity fx35 with 50k miles and I still have extended warranty till 06/01/2014. The buyer was not interested in the plan. How can I cancel the plan & get the prorated remaining amount.
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