2001 Honda Accord Electro Magnetic Radiation

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I was researching on the topic of Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMR). You all probably might have read about it in various scientific journals and common literature. There is much awareness on this topic and it is growing. Though it is not definitely concluded that it is harmful for humans but there are indications that it can have some long term effect on people who are sensitive to EMR.
I own a 2001 Accord LX and was sensing the EMR inside the cabin to my surprise the EMR was very high (the safe level prescribed is around 2.5 milligauss) and above 30 milligauss in most places. It is higher than this near the front floor board where we keep our legs. The only spot where I could not see the level high was in the rear seat on right side.
Continuing my exploration, I checked the levels on PT Cruiser and it had high levels only on areas close to accelerator pedals and brake. It was very low near the seat and other places inside the cabin.
I contacted Honda Customer Service by Fax about 3 weeks ago and explained the situation. So far I have not got any response from them. Will give some time and follow up again.
Meanwhile just wanted to post this and find out if my fellow Accord owners have sensed this EMR phenomenon and have you found some ways to reduce or control the radiation.


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    Before buying my last car I took my EMF meter and measured each vehicle cabin. They were all horrible and so I decided to try and ignore it.

    The powers that be won't care about it, cuz the public doesn't think it exists as a pro blem.
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    Have you measured EMR from your cell phone?
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    I have not measured EMR on cell phone so far since I do not use a cell phone. If I get to measure one in future I will post it here.
    However I did measure some Headphone sets and they fluctuate depending on the sound waves coming (I may not be using the correct Physics term here but get the idea) from very mild to very high.
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    did you measure it by any chance?
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    i measured everything I drove. But that was before my BMW 540 i wagon I've now had for 5 years, and am now beginning to test drive other new cars. I don't know if I'll bother to measure again cuz, my feeling was they are so impossible to escape and if I find the car I like, I'll probably just live with it. Feel free to email me off this dialogue to excape riducule from people who need to riducule what they don't understand.
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    Please explain what the danger is from this, and what, if anything, can be done about it. Seems like if the danger was substantial, we would hear more about it. :confuse:
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    There are lot of information and probably we will overflow if I list it here. Just do a Yahoo or Google search on term "EMR" or "Electro Magnetic Radiation" you will find tons of articles, scientific research etc. Some of them also concludes in one or other way.
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    Agree with you that the public may think that the problem does not exist. Also the common perception when a person looks at a car is that it is a mechanical machine rather than a electro mechanical. The modern car might have equal amount of electrical and electronic parts in comparison with the mechanical parts. Maybe the missing piece is awareness.
    At the same time the public is aware of the EMR problem in other areas of life for example consider the ubiquotous Computer Monitor or LCD monitor. There are organization which have drafted standards which decribes what level of emission is safe for humans, to quote for an example "TCO-02, TCO-99, MPR II ...". And many manufacturers even LCD (not just the old CRT's) adhere to it and put a label proudly on their monitors just to take away the fears of users. But strangely this is missing in Auto industry which is much older than computer monitor industry. I can only wonder why? There could be some counter argument like people spend more time sitting in front of Monitor then against the wheels which can be true or not depending to whom we talk to. But again, even in monitor the radiation is very negligible at the distance where body and head is kept with respect to monitor for a normal person. ONly the fingers might be closer to it because of it sitting on the keyboard but even at this distance it was less.
    I WISH, at least the good websites which reviews the cars and publish the details like crash rating, reviews etc can also measure this and make it another line item in their review it will be great. An individual doing this for all make, models etc is almost an impossible task.
    I was able to measure another car, Chrysler PT Cruiser because I happened to travel out of town and in that process rented a car and they gave me this one.
    Another possibility is that if the manufacturer themselves become more benevolent and publish this.
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    Has anyone been able to measure it in later model accords like 2007 etc?
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    Anyone has clue of the source of radiation in left side rear seat? Also the passenger seat has high levels upto shoulder level. Wondering what could be the source in these areas?
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    A link which goes through the basics of EMR is maintained by who and pasting below for convenience.


    Here is one sentence from their website:
    "It is not disputed that electromagnetic fields above certain levels can trigger biological effects."

    I think Humans are biological beings.
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    I have not measured EMR on cell phone so far since I do not use a cell phone.

    Have any of these studies tested cell phones? Seems like holding a cell phone, against your head all day, would be more dangerous than sitting in a car.
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