Hyundai Elantra Speedometer Cable

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Has anyone ever replace a speedpmeter cable on there own. You see I know thats the problem but the dealer wants $95 just for a diagonstic check and not including labor and parts. Any info would be great.


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    The speedometer is driven by the ECU which is driven by a sensor on the right front wheel. It's probably that sensor you need to replace. There is no speedo cable on recent Elantras.
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    Say there Mr. Doohickie. I have a '99 Elantra with a broken speedo and the ECU reports a bad VSS as well, via my scanner. There does appear to be a mechanical cable which drives the speedo. I have checked the instrument cluster VSS out and it is ok according to my Haynes manual. You seem to be saying that the ECU drives the speedo but thats not the way it looks in this car. I am currently suspecting a bad speedo cable but haven't yet tracked down its origin although I expect to find it in the transmission. Can you verify this?
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    On a 99 model, there is a cable. They went all electronic in 01.
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