H3 Aluminun Differential

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The same poster who brought us the HD torsion bars is now begging for Hummer to step up to the plate.

I think I remember Martin Walsh, Hummer General Manager, remarking (in a video?) about the concern about the aluminum front differential- my web search came up empty.

That is why Blue_Beauty will continue to be better_half's commuter vehicle with some design benefits for nasty weather and terrain and we will leave all the new trails for others.

As an aside, if we get a new iron differential (dream on) they best include beefier torsion bars and shocks.


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    Maybe this Popular Mechanics link will help.

    "Speaking of axles, what many would say is the weak link in the H3’s drivetrain gets some help in the Alpha: The aluminum front differential case is replaced with a new cast-iron one."
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    You're good. I had it down to the auto show but tried to attribute the admission to the wrong person. H3 isn't the only IFS with an aluminum front dif but Hummer seems to be replacing them while under warranty and not denying claims like others do for "off-roading" or "modified"(hearsay). Knew about the others splitting cases and "assumed" the general was different. Is it a question of not if but when. Is it a question of sand dunes versus rock crawling. What about too many pot holes. Thanks for the quick find.
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    Looks like aluminun can't even draw a response. A lot of comments on both forums, just dreams of a cast iron swap out without considering the other angles like weight. What about that grocery getter alum front dif with 3.55 or 3.73's. Don't even get me started about the new 4.5 diesel that was crazy modified to fit a vehicle-shouldn't the motor dictate the engine bay.
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