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Isuzu Rodeo Speedometer Problem

wy282wy282 Posts: 2
I have a 93 Rodeo and the speedometer/odometer does not work. I suspect the AT Speed Sensor but don't know where it is located.


  • dsteff62dsteff62 Posts: 2
    I have a 97' Rodeo with 3.2 V6 engine. Recently the speedometer quit working and the abs light came on. The consensus was to replace the VSS sensor on the rear differential. I have installed a new sensor and this did not fix the problem. The hand held diagnostic is giving a code for low voltage from the VSS sensor. I would appreciate any suggestions on what to try next or possible solutions if you have had this problem. Thanks!
  • When doing stop and go driving . My speedometer starts to fluxuate and sometimes it sticks at 20mph when i'm moving faster 20mph (55mph) Can someone please tell me whats going here. Could this be a tach generator in the transmission?
  • My '96 passport has similar problem. Speedometer/odometer not functioning. Replaced instrument cluster, still same results. Does anyone know if the VSS is interchangeable between a 4wd or 2wd. Its has the 3.2l with 4wd Auto.
  • I have gotten the manual from the library and the VSS is not on top of the Rear Diff. It is in the transmission. The sensor on top of the rear diff is the ABS Sensor. I just fixed mine. I bought a 98 Honda Passport 2 wheel drive and the ABS light would alwas stay on. I was told that the sensor was bad but the dealer could not find thier plugin diagnostic machine. The tech said that it was going to be 400+ dollars to find out where the trouble is comming from. He also told me that the wires tend to break and that could be the trouble. I took it to another dealer and they said the same thing. The machine that they use was broken and it looked like it was, but the tech said that the pig tail (the wire harness that connects the ABS senor was broken or bad. I took apart the senor and it looked good. Usually sensors don't go bad unless it has had some contact with debris from the road. Saying this the sensor is located on top of ther rear diff. I looked at the pig tail and it looked good also, but in unpluging the pig tail I noticed a wire cut or broken to the next connection spot. Now the pig tail was 55.00 from the dealer but it was looking good. The next pig tail that goes from the rear of the car all the way to the ABS module was the part that was broken. To get a new one and reroute it would have been too difficult too much money, and too time consuming. So what I did was use speaker wire and 2 butt connectors and cut the same color wire on the good pig tail and hard wired it in place. I started the car and the light was still on. I gave up and drove it around the block and what happened. The light went off and is still off. Problem fixed. I have no more lights on my dash and all for about 5.00 and some time.
  • My ABS light stays on and will go off briefly when I put new gas in the vechicle. It will run awhile and come right back. I check the ABS rear sensor and it looks okay. I am about to change the sensor. any suggestion? help please.
  • novice01novice01 Posts: 1
    what does power and winter switch in 2000 rodeo mean and how does it work
  • its probably not a/t speed sensor at all,i would take a look at the speedo driven gear.they teeth tend to ware down,can be purchased at your local honda dealer.the speedo gear is located at the tail shaft.good luck
  • Chris (I'm assuming),

    Thanks a million for this post. I've been looking at this ABS issue on my 1999 Rodeo 4x4 for a while, and have been waiting to find a post that enabled me to fix it myself. Sure enough, I went about the rear differential, found the ABS sensor, cleared the contact points.........wasn't getting a good charge. Per your post, I followed the electric up to a junction point just in front of the rear driver side tire...I looked close...and there it was...a 3-wire set...(orange, brown, and white)...and the white cable was broken off. Did a similar pig-tail splicing game....and sure enough...ABS light turned off after 100 ft of sub 10 mph driving...

    Anyways, wanted to explicitly say thank you for sharing your knowledge. This has helped me fix one of my more major annoyances with my Rodeo with only 92k miles on if I could only fix the damn gas gauge!! =)
  • kreevekreeve Posts: 1
    The speedometer quit working on my rodeo a couple of weeks ago. I have checked the speed sensor. It has 1400 Ohms on it and according the the Chiltons book, it is within spec. The tachometer works fine. So what should I do next? According to the manual the speed sensor does not feed the ECM, so it must go to the speedometer directly? I am not sure. The speedometer has a line to the ECM.

    I am not sure what to do next or how to troubleshoot from here. Since the speedometer quit working, the vehicle stalls when you come to a stop.

    Any ideas?
  • kreeve please refer to my last post,i work at a dealership who used to sell isuzu 5 years ago,we still repair them and the is a very common repair, go to, punch in the vin# and go to image 2-25 speedometer driven gear .i hope helps you out
  • I have a 1993 isuzu rodeo i just bought. the speedometer and odometer wont work. I need all the help i can get. please help me
  • I have a 96' Rodeo LS and did the ABS sensor and that didn't change a thing, going to do the jumper to the DTC to read the codes. At the same time I'll do the cable check to see if the connector is broken.

    The three wire set, does it matter if you have a 2wd or 4wd vehicle?

    I want to get this fixed, its annoying.
  • Hello:
    My speedometer went haywire and now stopped or intermittently works, cruise switch does not work and check engine light came on. Been searching net for places to purchase the transmission mounted Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS); however, I can find no where to purchase, either new or used. My vehicle is 2004 Isuzu Rodeo, 3.5 liter V6, Automatic, 2 wheel drive. Any help on how to repair or where to purchase would be greatly appreciated.
  • So my Isuzu Rodeo is a 1998 4x4 6 cylinder 3.2L LS. The Speedometer works occasionally, but then also fluxuates when driving. Sometimes it stays on zero the whole time and sometimes it says I'm going only 20 mph on a highway that I'm obviously going atleast 60 on.

    I was told it might be the speed sensor, but I'm skeptical on this. Here's more info on the car.

    The ABS is always on, and the Check Engine light comes on and off at times. Back a year ago, pieces of metal came off near the break-disk. I'm assuming it was the ABS. They were grooved pieces.

    It appears the shocks and axles need replaced (unrelated issue). The car also bounces at 70mph, I'm assuming this is because of the worn shocks.

    Let me know! Thanks.
  • knighthawk77: did you ever resolve your speedometer issue? If so, how?

  • nathanjbnathanjb Posts: 1
    I will be chasing some wires before i replace the ABS sensor... Thanks. As far as your fuel gauge goes... i had the same problem and i replaced the liquid level sensor ( i think it was like $20.00) on the fuel pump and it fixed it right up... It does involve dropping the tank and removing the fuel pump but the juice is worth the squeeze. Good luck :)
  • jit87jit87 Posts: 2
    i have the same problem have you found how to fix it yet?
  • jit87jit87 Posts: 2
    I bought my rodeo a week ago and the speedometer was not working and the abs light is on and the check engine light too. i replaced the VSS and it didnt fix the problem does anyone know what it can be?
  • jake971jake971 Posts: 1
    edited August 2010
    Is your gas gauge going from Full to Empty with 3/4 of tank left? I replaced my fuel sending unit thanks to this site: Replacing the Fuel Sending Unit on a 2nd Gen Isuzu Rodeo(honda passport). Its a great step by step tutorial more or less with great pictures to help you out. I bought a new unit off ebay for about 20 bucks as well. Its not that difficult:

    - just be sure to use up as much gas as you can so the gas tank isn't so heavy when you ease it off, you can siphon the rest out yourself before putting it back on and fill-er-up when your done.

    -tank is only held by 4 bolts, easily accessable with a raised vehicle from the rear(take off spare tire if its mounted under the vehicle), hardest part i found was initially wiggling the hoses off the tank. other then that just put a jack w/some plywood(or something to brace it) under the tank when taking off the 4 bolts, ease it down, unplug fuel pump(and hoses going to fuel pump), replace unit and put it back on, reconnect hoses(only 3 of them if i remember correctly, refer to the link above).

    annoying gas gauge fixed (totally worth 20bucks and some spare time).
  • kstehksteh Posts: 2
    Is the speedo gear difficult to replace? :sick:
  • What did you find out what was wrong with your 97 rodeo on the speedometer i have the exact same problem! please let me know thanks
  • i have the same problem with my 1998 Amigo but i am stumped i thought that it was a wiring problem going to the ECM but tried to bypass but did not work any ideas out there.
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