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was anyone buying an extended warranty on the Chevy Aveo ? What is the best place to buy (GMAC directly, dealership or internet) and what was the cost ?


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    Sorry, I also can't answer this one but I heard on an auto talk show that you can buy a GM extended warranty from a Buick, Pontiac, or other GM dealer for your Chevy. The prices are nogotiable and I would advise not getting anything but a GM if you do get the warranty. The GM warranty is also pro-rated and you would get the balance back if you wish upon selling the car, or it can be used as a bargaining tool.

    Personally I wouldn't buy an extended warranty because the standard one is pretty good.
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    I bought mine on the internet because I got a much better deal. - 7 yr/75,000 for around $900
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    If you insure with GEICO, they sell "Mechanical Breakdown" coverage, which, if purchased when the car is new, extends the bumper to bumper coverage to 5 years, 100K miles. I know, the powertrain warranty is already there, but it's only about $100 a year for me. There is a $250 per incident deductible, but it paid off on my last car when the sunroof broke and cost $1200 to fix.
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    I bought an extended warranty that is backed by a third party, but is a lot like the original GM warranty. It has a $100 deductible per incident, but covers most major items. Since I have just bought the car, I haven't had to use it, yet, so I can't say that I've had any problems. I've heard other people say that they get blamed for bad driving by some dealerships when they try to use their warranty, though.

    I think I paid $1600 for a 3 year warranty that covers everything except wear and tear and body problems. You can also transfer the warranty to a new owner if you sell the car.

    I used to own a Geo and never had a single problem with it until it hit about 103,000 miles and I hope that this car will be the same.
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    At first blush, $1600 sounds awful expensive for a 3 year extended warranty, especially if you have a later model Aveo with the longer warranty.

    Of course, if you put many, MANY miles on the car in a short time, it might beworth it.

    What are the specifics (ie, year model, miles per year, etc.)?
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    I had 58,569 miles on this 2004 Aveo when I bought it and it used to be a rental car in its early days. I know the car already has a 5 year, 100,000 mile powertrain warranty, but I have a lot of extra electrical things on this car and it gives me peace of mind to have this warranty. I don't drive that much, though.
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    I bought a new 07 Aveo LT sedan about a month ago. Having a concern with the warning lights that come on when I first start the car in the morning. It is normal for the lights to come on when the car is first started, but then they should all cut off quickly....unless of course there is a problem. On my Aveo, the "battery" light and the "parking brake" light both come on and STAY on for about 3 minutes or so. This happens every morning. When I go to lunch or head out in the car later on, these 2 lights do not stay on. It is as if they only do this when the car/engine is cold.

    Took the car to the Chevy dealer and they stated "could not duplicate" and handed back the keys. The service tech tried to tell me it could just be running a test or something and that was why the lights were staying on. Yeah whatever.

    I haven't had any problems with the battery (knock on wood) and also the parking brake has NEVER been engaged....don't understand.

    Has anyone else had a problem like this?

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    As you know the lights are supposed to come on innitially, but not stay on. Don't know what the issue is and haven't read of any posts with similar issues.
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    Interesting, that sounds like the place to go to avoid the warranty haggle/ripoff. Also one could go to any GM dealer-Buick, Pontiac, GMC, etc., and purchase the warranty there as well.
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    Does anyone know if the GM extended warranty covers the timing belt replacement at 60000 miles?
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    No, that is a normal maintenance item like any other brand of car.
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    Does anyone know if the 2006 Aveo powertrane warranty covers the compressor for the air conditioning locking up? It is 5 year/ 60,000 miles and has about 31,000 to date. Compressor locks up, you cannot drive car, because the main belt controls about everything, concerning motor, :confuse: and belt cannot turn.
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    where online did you get this warranty?

    I have a 2008 Chevy Aveo that I just purchased used. it has 45K miles. I just talked with a 3rd party who offered me 5 yr/100,000 platinum warranty for $2975. Boy am I glad I did not say yes to that after looking on these forums.

    I appreciate you letting me know where you found yours.
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    This is considered required maintenance and must be done prior to hitting 60,000 miles, at your own cost. I have heard of timing belt breaking between the 30,000 miles required inspection and the 59,999 mile replacement point, if you are past 30k miles, I would just get both belts (2) changed, because if the timing belt breaks you are responsible for any damages to your engine at your own cost. It is not expensive to change two belts, and it is much better than having to pay for a new engine out of your own pocket.
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