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Tips on Buying a Pre-Owned XC70

smagerssmagers Member Posts: 1
My husband & I are considering buying a pre-owned XC70, most likely a 2003 or newer. Does anybody have a list of maintenance or problems according to mileage? Does anybody have any suggestions or advice on which year or model to avoid (or get)? Thanks. Looking forward to the responses.



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    ted354ted354 Member Posts: 3
    a 2003 is a good year to start, MPG will be in the 24-26 range, however premum is recommeded, I use mid grade (89) octane with no bad effects. Volvo does make a non turbo model, but not in the XC. with the turbo, it is recommended that after a hard drive you let the turbo spool down for a minute before you shut it off...that way the turbo has oil cooling it down to a lower temp..my 2003 with 86k has been a great auto, I have an 02 S60AWD also, tha is the 7th and 8th Volvos owned. The first new one was a 1971 142S gr8
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    jayframjayfram Member Posts: 4
    Hi, I'm looking for something decent to use as a commuter car (I commute 30-40 miles a day to and from work), my partner and I are currently sharing one car, after my car lease ran out last summer and I gave the car back. (He is only working part time.) I want to spend just about $10,000 for a used car that will just get me to and from work, but I want something comfortable and safe too (I'm driving the freeways in the SF Bay Area). Someone is selling a used XC70, the ad says 2001 but it must be 2003, with 105,000 miles on it. Does this make sense, or should I be looking for something with less mileage? Any suggestions are welcome. So far my car buying efforts have been limited to scanning cars for sale on Craigslist for something in my price range...
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    ghandsghands Member Posts: 1
    We are looking at 2 XC70's (2004) Both are offered by the same dealer. They have heated leather seats, moon roof, radio/CD, power seats and windows, Turbo, and other things. (no safety cargo net, or 3rd row seating)
    Mileage is around 52,000, they are one owner leases that were turned in. Dealer price is $15995.00. Similar cars in our area start at $19,995.00. I have a possibility of purchasing a 3rd row seat, with installation hardware from a dismantler. Through research, I've learned that we should be able to get the car for less than the dealer is asking. I have my list of "car buying" questions ready, Considering the fact that other dealers, and private owners are starting at higher prices for comparable cars, would it be OK to start our negotiations at $12, 500.00? We are hoping to get the dealer to come down $2000.00 - $1500.00 in price. We are also hoping to get them to agree to install our 3rd row seats at no charge and throw in a free cargo net, with installation. This is our first Volvo and we are new at all of this. Are we within reason on our expectations? Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.
    Hoping to be a Volvo owner within 4 months.
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    pcronheimpcronheim Member Posts: 1
    I don't know if this post is too late to be of use to you but I wanted to comment on the 3rd seats in a volvo.... or any other wagon for that matter. I have had 4 volvos. I have had the misfortune to have 3 crash. The car holds up amazingly well for the passengers in the first and second seats. BUT... if you are hit from the back (which I was once) teh entire back collapses. If anyone had been sitting there at the time they would have been killed - no question. I obviously have total faith in Volvo - it has saved my family's life on more than one occasion. Bur I would NEVER use a third seat - EVER!
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    lyonsden2lyonsden2 Member Posts: 1
    looking to buy a used volvo xc70 ,is this a good car and is the 5 cylinder a good motor ,mike
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    maygurl57maygurl57 Member Posts: 1
    dont get it if its a 2001, transmission issues all the way, get newer with less milage but is totally worth it to spend more, good luck, oh take it to an idependant mechanic that specializes in volvos to get it checked out, DO NOT take to the volvo dealer... trust me on this one
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    kmausskmauss Member Posts: 72
    Hi everyone, I'm just starting to look around at what's "out there" as my lease will run out early next year. I really hadn't considered Volvos since they are completely out of my price range new. However, I've been reading about their certified pre-owned program and it sounds really good. (Almost too good, hence the caution flag...). I am particularly interested in this vehicle or one of the other wagons -- have not done enough research to understand all the differences. I have heard from so many people over the years that they will never drive anything else again, and I know of at least one person who walked away from a hideous accident with barely a scratch though her Volvo looked like a blackened pretzel. These things have all left a good impression over the years, enough to make me consider stretching my budget to buy a several year old one.

    Big concern -- astronomical repair costs. My brother in law had a Volvo sedan that he dearly loved, which I think he owned from about 1982-2003 and put well over 200K miles on it. However, I know when things needed replaced, he would end up spending multiple times what it cost to replace the same thing on an American car. :sick: I remember him telling me about paying multiple thousands of dollars to replace various things, and not transmissions or engines - smaller stuff. There's no way I could budget for that no matter how much I liked a car. For Volvo owners out there - is that still a big issue? I'd like to know before I go drive one and fall in love with it.

    Many thanks! :)
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    shanti13shanti13 Member Posts: 4
    dont get 2001 or 2002
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    shanti13shanti13 Member Posts: 4
    Volvos break down alot...And they are super expensive to fix. I would def look for less mileage or consider a lease or an extended warranty for sure. I bought my 2001 XC70 3 years ago with 40k miles and it has been a money pit since I got it including a new tranie...and when I got it it looked mint! Beware!!!
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    shopdog97shopdog97 Member Posts: 160
    I have found what appears to be, at least from photos, a 2001 Volvo V70XC Cross Country Turbo wagon. Inside and out the pictures reveal what SEEMS to be a very remarkable car. It's at a small used car lot about 50 miles from me, and in a few weeks when I have some money, I'd like to take a look at it if it is still available. The dealer wants $5495.00 for it and it has about 133K on it. I called my local Volvo dealer and spoke to a service advisor for quite some time. He sang the praises of these cars and told me he has people asking about them all the time that if one comes to the dealer on a trade to give them a call. He told of one person who faithfully has this dealer do everything by the book, and this car has over 300K on it with NO major problems so far! I find that totally amazing. He told me to ask for any paperwork that could tell how this car was maintained over the years. His biggest concern was whether the timing belt had been replaced near the MFR'S suggested time to do it(105K) He said that if you cannot know this for sure, and you do buy this car, it would behoove me to have the belt done at a cost of $550. He says it's labor intensive to do this, something like a 3+ hour job. But I gotta tell you, folks, this Volvo wagon really looks clean. Now I know no one or I can see inside the engine or transmission, so I guess I'll just have to rely on my own judgement if this is gonna happen.

    Sorry for being so long-winded. Any suggestions any of you may have on this model, good or bad, what to look out for, etc. would be greatly appreciated. Have yourselves a Merry Little Christmas!
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    mommy123mommy123 Member Posts: 1
    my husband and I currently own a Jeep that has reached the end of road.
    The countless hours my husband has spent fixing the Jeep has reached its end
    however we dont want to jump out of the frying pan into the fire with a bad decision.
    While looking around at cars today we found a 2003 Volvo cross country wagon
    and fell in love with it.
    The car seems to be in perfect condition,120,000 miles and drives like a dream however the dealer
    doesn't have any maintenance history etc.
    We were told the car blue books at 9000.00 and the asking price is 7500.00
    Of course this raised questions as to why?
    Can anyone suggest any recommendations as to what to check for prior
    to buying this car???
    Maybe taking it to a Volvo dealership to have it looked over first
    or just forget the car all together?
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