Hyundai Santa Fe Sun Roof Complaints

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Am considering purchasing a 2007 Santa Fe and have concerns about the sun roof potentially leaking. Has anyone heard of this or experienced it themselves? thanks.


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    don't have one on mine - guy at the dealership told me it's better to have one installed aftermarket - they are of better quality and have a better warranty...?
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    I've had a factory-installed power sunroof or moonroof in each of my last 9 vehicles (including my 2007 Santa Fe). None has ever leaked or malfunctioned in any way.
  • strawberry1strawberry1 Member Posts: 10
    I was curious where you heard about issues with the Santa Fe sunroofs?

    I own a 2007 Santa Fe Limited and love it except it is turning into a nightmare. 2 1/2 months after I purchased it I took it back to the dealership complaining of a leaking sunroof. Long story short - my car has been in the shop more than 30 days over 5 different occasions and still leaks after being torn apart and put back together everytime. I have opened a claim with Hyundai consumer affairs and the customer service is on the slow side. They want to keep tearing my car apart and making adjustments that do not work - but what is the worst is they tell me that mine is the only one with this issue but I have seen at least two postings of people in the same predicament and your this must be an issue for more people.

    I have had two other 07 Santa Fe's with sunroofs as loaners and they did not leak. So, I don't know the extent of the issue just wanted you to know it has happened.
  • ergsumergsum Member Posts: 146
    2007 Santa Fe Limited and a 2006 Sonata GLS, neither one leaks. The Sonata's sun roof was shattered by a chunk of concrete kicked up by a semi (Michigan I-94). Luckily we had the shade panel closed. Sounded like a gun going off. The steel roof panel was not damaged in any manner by the concrete. The glass was replaced and the unit is none the worse for wear.
  • jotorresjotorres Member Posts: 3
    We heard about the leaking sunroofs in the Santa Fe on this message board, while researching the Santa Fe. I only saw two instances where this has happened. From what we have gathered, it seems to manifests itself after going through a high pressure car wash.

    We decided to purchase the Santa Fe Limited. I will let you know if we have any problems with the sun roof.
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    The sun roof issue is true I guess. I have bought mine in June 2006 and after few weeks I noticed the leak. But it only leaks in automatic car was which is using high pressure jets. But still! I have taken it to the dealer and they made the adjustment after they have put there hand prints on the roof (I hade to clean it…). After the adjustment it was less but still could be noticed if I went into the car wash and put a kleenex near the rear edges of the roof. I took it back and they made the adjustment again whit more hand prints. It’s still the same but I don’t bother anymore. I realized that even if it leaks there are drains for the water. And until I don’t see water patches on the roof I won’t go back with this issue.
    On the same thing with my friend we started to check other cars. He has a 2006 GS430 and it leaks as well. 2002 Land Cruiser no leak.
    Well, I guess it’s noting to worry about.
  • strawberry1strawberry1 Member Posts: 10
    Congrats on the Limited ...I do really like mine, and hopefully my leaking sunroof is not just a rare instance. Mine has actually leaked into my car on 3 occasions when just sitting out in the rain. I have been told that sunroofs are designed to leak, which I disagree with as I have owned several other cars with sunroofs that stay so dry they are dusty...I guess if anyone has concerns with their sunroofs just keep an eye out for water pooling in the tray and drops of water on their seat or console as this is definitely not normal and is the situation I am currently in.I really like my Limited and I am a first time Hyundai buyer so I hope they start responding better and don't change my mind on their customer service and quality.

    If anyone else that reviews these postings has had leaking sunroof issues I would appreciate a reply as I try to get this situation rectified with Hyundai.

  • mpuzachmpuzach Member Posts: 635
    "...I have been told that sunroofs are designed to leak..."

    Absolutely false (as you know). If you're getting water inside the car, something is clearly wrong.
  • eyoeyo Member Posts: 24
    It is false, but after I took it for the second time they told me the exact same thing. Sorry, but I’m happy that this has been told to others as well. So stupid.
    For me this was the first Hyundai and probably the last. Although I truly like the car, the service is very poor.
  • mikkymikky Member Posts: 1
    My '07 Santa Fe (factory) sunroof leaks and yes, as someone mentioned below, the service department told me "it was designed to leak, there is a built in trough/troff that catches the water and carries it outside".
    I disagree with this and it doesn't matter if you wash the car with a light sprinkle with a garden hose, a high pressured touchless carwash or a light or heavy rain, the water comes dripping in.
    I have had the seal replaced twice and have had the rails adjusted several times. They keep arguing the same thing, "built to leak". WHY would you build a sunroof to LEAK??? STUPID! You don't! I anonymously called another dealership's service department and they were like NO WAY! That is NOT true. Now I am going to go to the dealership and bring a bottle of water...poor it on roof see if it comes in...cuz it does on MY car!
  • strawberry1strawberry1 Member Posts: 10
    Due to my sun roof leaking I tried to get Hyundai to take care of me but they continue to say it is designed to leak like you have been told which we know is bologna! I actually placed a claim with the BBB and now have an arbitration hearing in two weeks because I just want Hyundai to replace or buy back my car after several months and 5 different repairs and it still leaks! It is funny that during the time my Santa Fe was in the shop I was provided another 07 Santa Fe with sunroof and it never leaked, actually it stayed so dry it was dusty.

    If anyone can share their specific instances of a sunroof leaking in their 2007 Santa Fe, I would really appreciate it as I have to go head to head with Hyundai and I need all the support documents and claims I can get to prove that this is an issue for others as well. They actually had stated that I probably just leave my sunroof open... I live in WI and it is 19 degrees today, I don't leave the sunroof open :)

    Thanks to everyone who shares on these postings!!
  • somedai1somedai1 Member Posts: 416
    glad i didn't get the sunroof model after reading this - i remember distiinctly being told by the finance guy at the dealership not to get the one with the sunroof - better to just add an aftermarket one - better quality and better warranty - maybe he knew something early... got my santa fe awd limited last december...
  • oscar_gataoscar_gata Member Posts: 96
    There is no way an aftermarket sunroof would have a better warranty and be better quality than the factory installed one. There will always be lemons out there, but factory installed sunroofs would have far lower incidents of leaking than aftermarket ones. Being an F&I manager, the dealership probably makes more money off the aftermarket one than the factory installed sunroof, and that was the basis of his recommendation.
  • somedai1somedai1 Member Posts: 416
    the dealership would make nothing - he was recommending an afrtermarket one from an outside source - which if that's all they do - install sunroofs - there probably would be better quality - in that it is custom work and not mass produced...
  • jimsistjimsist Member Posts: 62
    i bought a new 2007 santa fe with a sun roof and the only time it ever leaked is when i forgot to put the telt down. had take it to the car wash servel times rode throught the wash and no signs of water . its not surposod to leak.the only problem i have is with the radio not holding the preset stations. my santa fe was made in jan 2007. check your build date .thanks jim :):):)
  • mpuzachmpuzach Member Posts: 635
    " bought a new 2007 santa fe with a sun roof and the only time it ever leaked is when i forgot to put the telt down."

    What's a "telt"?
  • strawberry1strawberry1 Member Posts: 10
    Thanks for the response ... I agree, they are not suppose to leak and I have had three other 2007 Santa fe's as loaners during all my repair attempts and none of those leaked or even had any dampness in the tray area during rain or thru car washes. The only thing that struck me as different from my Santa Fe is that none of them were the Limited trim level as mine is... don't know if that is of significance or not. As I type a independent inspector is inspecting my car as I have a arbitration hearing vs Hyundai next week. I don't know what he will find as it is 19 degrees and no rain today.

    Again, if anyone who reads these posts can share if there Santa Fe has had sunroof issues I would greatly appreciate it ... I am trying to make sure I don;t get stuck with my lemon and I'll be honest that I have been greatly disappointed in Hyundai's customer service and response ...I love the Santa Fe, mine just leaks and they refuse to help me take care of it! :confuse: :confuse:
  • mylibbymylibby Member Posts: 4
    I also have a 2007 Sante Fe Limited...and my sun roof is also leaking. I bought it in August but did not notice the leak until a few weeks ago. SInce we have had quite a drought lately and I usually wash my car by hand I didn't notice it. Now that the weather is colder I took it throught the car wash and that is when I noticed the water dripping in along the back edge. I took it to the dealer to be looked at and they told me they 'adjusted' the sunroof. They also told me they took it through their car wash 2 times and there were no leaks. The very next day it rained alot and when I went out to my car it was still raining and it was dripping in along the edge. I drove straight to the dealer and told them it was not fixed and I don't know how they could not have know it was still leaking! They told me not to worry because there is a drip tray and it is designed to run out of the car. They then told me they were going to order a new glass and seal. After another trip to have it replaced, they told me it still leaked just as bad as the first one so they took it out and put in my original sunroof. I was told they have a call in to Hyundai and they would call me. It has been 2 days and still haven't heard a thing. They did admit to me that they have had several Sante Fe with leaking sunroofs. Let me know how your hearing goes next week!
  • strawberry1strawberry1 Member Posts: 10
    Thank you so much for sharing, but I am sorry you are experiencing the leak. Your situation is almost exactly the same as mine as far the repairs you have received and feedback from the dealership. My dealership has always been responsive but Hyundai corporate never responded to me as they said they would, I guess I finally get to face them at my hearing next week. I apologize if this is out of line, but if you feel comfortable please email my personal account with your story above and where you are located as I would appreciate being able to use your situation as collaborating support documentation in my hearing. If you don't want to I completely understand :) I just am trying to get as much help as I can as I feel like I am fighting Goliath ... I have pictures of my sun roof leaking, several personal witness that have been in my vehicle when it leaked but Hyundai is still sticking with their line that "sunroofs are designed to leak!" Again thanks so much for sharing!
    (my email [email protected])
  • winnerchoicewinnerchoice Member Posts: 3
    I just got my New Hyundai Santa Fe Limited Last week, with the sun roof. So far so good. I'll let you know if I have any problems.
  • jotorresjotorres Member Posts: 3
    Hello Stawberry1.

    I hope that I am not too late in replying. I have not had a problem with the sun roof leaking into the car, but after the comment from your dealer that "Sun Roofs" are designed to leak and after my wife noticed moisture in the sunroof tray of Santa Fe I requested more information from our dealer.

    The technician at the dealer told me that Sun Roofs, while not water tight, are designed to channel water away from the tray. The channels are located on the corners of the sun roof and if obstructed, water will overflow into the inside of the car. This usually occurs with old sun roofs as dirt tends to accumulate over time and owners don't usually go out of their way to clear the channels.

    Given that you Santa Fe is new, the sun roof in your car clearly has a manufacturing defect that is not allowing for water to diverted out of the tray.
  • strawberry1strawberry1 Member Posts: 10
    Thanks so much for your reply! I did have my hearing and the representative for Hyundai did clarify that sun roofs are not designed to leak, but like you said, are designed to channel water away via the tray system. That is great, but I pointed out to him (and he did not have an answer) that while my sunroof does channel/divert the water back out of my car the way it is designed to, how does the water get in in the first place? Overall, thanks to the help of those on this posting site I think it went well and I may finally get the assistance from Hyundai I have been looking for, but unfortunately it will only be because they are bound to the arbitrators decision and not because they have great customer service. My dealership has been really responsive, but Hyundai definitely dropped the ball. Thanks again for sharing that info and thanks to everyone else too! I'll definitely post once I find out the outcome of my hearing. :)
  • rick2456rick2456 Member Posts: 320
    Actually most aftermarket sunroofs have lifetime warrantys. I have had 3 installed in the past 15 years with zero problems. My current 07 SF SE has a factory sunroof and no problems thus far. Only difference I see is the factory sunroofs tend to take up more headroom than the aftermarket ones. Good luck.

    {There is no way an aftermarket sunroof would have a better warranty and be better quality than the factory installed one. There will always be lemons out there, but factory installed sunroofs would have far lower incidents of leaking than aftermarket ones. Being an F&I manager, the dealership probably makes more money off the aftermarket one than the factory installed sunroof, and that was the basis of his recommendation. }
  • straw319straw319 Member Posts: 8
    I hate to say it but I just bought a 2007 Santa Fe the end of November. It is the limited and my sunroof is leaking too. I took it in they kept it for a week and gave me a loaner (one just like mine) the roof was dry as a bone. I went back picked it up and headed for the car still leaked. I took it back and the service tech tried telling me that a little water on the inside was normal. I then asked him to take me to anyother Santa Fe on the lot and we'd check it because the loaner they gave me had no water on the inside. The Santa Fe he took me to had no water (guess I was lucky it was raining hard at the time). They have my SUV now this loaner is again the same make and model as mine however this one is also very wet and leaking. I live in the Atlanta area and we have been having some pretty good rain. Please let me know how things turn out for you. There is no way this can be normal!
    I have to say I love my Santa Fe as well I traded my 2004 Santa Fe. I also have to say to this point my dealership is doing what they can. I will also say this if they don't stop the leak....the SUV is theirs to keep!
    Good Luck!
  • somedai1somedai1 Member Posts: 416
    everyone should be calling hyundai on this... seems they don't have a solution at the dealerships... maybe exercise lemon law procedures - there are too many cases...
  • straw319straw319 Member Posts: 8
    Have you found anything out with your arbitration yet?
  • strawberry1strawberry1 Member Posts: 10
    I am suppose to get the arbitrators decision by tomorrow ...with the holidays it was delayed.I'll post what happened as soon as I receive all the details... fingers crossed :)
  • brad23brad23 Member Posts: 2
    Hi! I have been having the same issues with my sunroof on my 2007 Santa Fe. I have actually talked to 3 different service managers at 3 different dealerships and they tell me it is normal for it to leak into the drainage tray. I dont believe that and am considering going thru the arbitration process. Please let me know how yours turns out.
    Could you tell me if yours actually leaks into the car or just into the tray?
  • straw319straw319 Member Posts: 8
    Have you heard anything on your arbitration hearing yet???
  • straw319straw319 Member Posts: 8
    PLEASE TELL US...have you heard anything on your arbutation???
  • straw319straw319 Member Posts: 8
    Well I have to say this really bugs me that this guy had a problem with his Santa Fe and never shared what the outcome was. I promise when my situation is done I will let everyone know. As it looks now I to will be going through arbitration.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    Maybe there was a settlement outside of arbitration (like 5 minutes before) and a gag order was part of the deal.
  • strawberry1strawberry1 Member Posts: 10
    I greatly apologize for my lack of response regarding my arbitration ... i have had some personal issues going on and have not had the opportunity to log back on to this forum until now...all, please accept my apology as I don;t want to frustrate anyone as I have been frustrated with this whole ordeal.

    Okay, here is the status ... the arbitrator has made a decision but I have not declined or accepted it yet as I am seeking counsel from lawyer I have two weeks yet to get back to the BBB on my acceptance/decline. The decision by the arbitrator was that there is definitely a leak, but according to WI state lemon law that leaking moonroof does not provide unsafe driving conditions or a depreciation in value. She is giving Hyundai one more chance to fix the problem and I haev 30 days to test drive after the fix to see if it worked. I haev not received clarification from BBB of what would happen if it still does leak after the 30 days. What I am most upset about is that the leaking sunroof does affect the value of my car. I noticed it leaking at 6k miles, why should I have to pay full price for a vehicle with documented defects. I felt the arbitration went well as I was much more prepared then the representative from the manufacturer, but I didn't seem to raise enough evidence regarding the depreciated value of my vehicle or the risk of mold eventually. The arbitrator claims that even though it leaks, most of eth time it does drain away thru the tray as it was designed - BUT IT STILL LEAKS and LEAKS INTO MY CAR ON THE SEAT AND CONSOLE!

    I should know a more definite course of action within two weeks so I promise to post any advise I receive from the lawyer or the WI Consumer Protection agency.Again, I apologize for the delay and thank everyone again that has shared their similar situation. Please continue to share as this is obviously not a an isolated incident and we all deserve to get this taken care of.
  • straw319straw319 Member Posts: 8
    Hmm did you find out anything yet??? Please let us know.
  • n622cbn622cb Member Posts: 1
    I am going to look at a 2007 Santa Fe Limited with sun roof today. I ran a car fax and it tells me that Hyundai was reacquired by the manufature. The reson was Water leak in the roof area. THis happened in Cedar Park TX on 6/26/2007. It's a white Santa Fe. If this was anyones car please email me at [email protected] I would like to know how bad the leak was and if they ever fixed it.
  • straw319straw319 Member Posts: 8
    Can you explane a little more as to what happened with Hyundai on this SUV? Did they lose a lawsuit because of the leaking sunroof??? I just bought a 2007 Santa Fe in Nov 07, I wouldn't recommend this vehicle to anyone until the leaking sunroof is fixed!! As you may be able to tell I have one of those leaking sunroofs.

    I sure would like to know what happened with the guy that was taking on Hyundai....he's lost...if you find yourself please post what happened :o) thanks
  • straw319straw319 Member Posts: 8
    sorry that would be explain not explane ;o)
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    Just a FYI but after posting, you may edit your post for 30 minutes.
  • brad23brad23 Member Posts: 2
    Called Hyundai said notihing they could do until service dept at dealership found a problem with my sunroof . Recently went to Hyundai dealership during heavy rain. They had 2008 model and the sunroof was leaking into the tray on it also but not into the car. They still tell me this is normal, nothing they can do until it actually leaks pass the tray into the car. Im just waiting to see if anyone else gets answers on their leaking sunroof before I proceed any further.
  • strawberry1strawberry1 Member Posts: 10
    Just an update as it has been so long and I am sorry for that but have had nothing new to share. I am still fighting Hyundai ... ps. I am a young women so they think I don't know what I am talking about, I'm extremely organized and have not faltered in my demands but it is frustrating as they think I'll just give up.... I have ended up continuing with the BBB to allow Hyundai one more opportunity to fix my vehicle then I have a 30 trail period to decide if it is corrected. I am extremely doubtful they will fix it since they have had 5 other opportunities to do so. I am waiting for Hyundai to contact me regarding when to take my vehicle in to them again. I promise to share more as I learn more but this process is taking forever and I keep putting more and more miles on my vehicle.
  • rjr2565rjr2565 Member Posts: 27
    Is this leakage problem limited to the 07 or is the 08 also included. I'm looking at an 08 and was thinking of getting it with the premium package which includes the sun roof. I wanted this package because it has the power lumbar. Did'nt really care about the sun roof, but you can not get one with out the other.
  • drwoodrdrwoodr Member Posts: 88
    Go for it. I didn't care about having a sun roof either, but now that I have it I love it. While some have reported problems, I have an 07, and have never had any problem with leaking. I was even in a torrential downpour yesterday.
  • winnerchoicewinnerchoice Member Posts: 3
    I to have a 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe Limited, and have not had a problem yet. I had the truck out all day in the Down Pours we had here in NY this past weekend, and I kept checking the sun roof for leaks. Dry as a bone! I hope those that have had a problem can get it fixed.
  • bannodbannod Member Posts: 24
    I got my '08 right after Christmas and my sunroof doesn't leak. I live on the WA coast, so it's gone through quite a few hard rain (and wind) storms already.

    One thing I really like about a sunroof - it doesn't mess up your hair like having a window down.
  • mylibbymylibby Member Posts: 4
    If I were you I would take a test drive through the carwash...that is when we noticed our Santa Fe 07 leaked. It shot water at us like a squirt gun. Then we noticed it dripping in along the back edge of the sunroof. We have had it in the dealership at least five times and they can't fix it! Apparently it is not happening to all of them but I would beware!
  • dcoffielddcoffield Member Posts: 2
    We went through the same learning curve with our 2007 Santa Fe. The sunroof is designed so that any water coming in around the seal (apparently, it is not designed to be water tight) drips into a collection tray and drains down a tube in the side pillars. It's a "feature." The water you see is normal. Now, if you get water on the headliner, or experience water sloshing out of the tray during sudden stops, the drain tubes may be clogged and need servicing.

    This is the oddest design, but that's what was intended.
  • denvertrakkerdenvertrakker Member Posts: 132
    Every car with a sunroof I've ever had (a grand total of three) has had this "feature". If you start getting overflow leaks, chances are the drain tube has gotten clogged, but it's easy enough to unclog with a stiff piece of wire. There's usually one on either side.
  • mylibbymylibby Member Posts: 4
    Who has convinced you that this is a design "feature".....I really think it is a design "flaw" that happened after they changed the model in 07. I know at least 2 other people that have a Santa Fe 07 and they do not have a leaking sunroof, not even a drop. However, they do not have the Limited version, maybe that's the difference. When I get in my car after a big rain, I have a lot of moisture on the inside windows. Who knows if all the water is draining out all the way. These are perfect conditions for mold or mildew to start building up. I have owned Hondas, Mazdas and Toyotas and never have I had a leaking sunroof. If they had told me that the sunroofs on the Santa Fe's were designed to leak I would have walked right off the lot. It's unfortunate because I really do like the car but the problem with my sunroof and Hyundai's lack of response has really soured my opinion! :mad:
  • glmorganglmorgan Member Posts: 3
    Hi there,

    My wife and I bought a new 2007 Santa Fe this January 08 and it too leaks. The SUV was in the dealership for repair for over 30 days and the regional rep states that the car is "as design". We have already filed the lemon law paperwork with DMV here in california. The service manager at the Roseville Hyundai is so helpful and has even video taped the leaks. Just so you all know, the leak will fill up a pepsi can in about four hours. I do not know of any manufacture that designs their new cars to LEAK. We are also going to contact "ABC on Your Side" and let the media and public know that Hyundai has designed a faulty vehicle.

    BTW, what color is your Santa Fe? There were 3 white 2007 Santa Fe's brought into the dealership for repair of the LEAKING SUNROOF!.

    Let's all unite and take this to the next level.
  • glmorganglmorgan Member Posts: 3
    You said the magic word "WHITE SANTA FE". My 2007 limited Santa Fe is also white. The 2 other Santa Fe brought into my dealership for repair of leaky sunroof were "WHITE"!

    My wife and I are prepared to take this to the media. If anyone would like to join in, please let me know and I will provide you a method to contact me.

    I have already file the Lemon Law paper work here in California
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