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Odyssey - Vehicle Loan and Impact on Credit History

sunilk_14sunilk_14 Posts: 19
edited March 2014 in Honda

I searched for similar things in forums but I couldn't find one.

I want to buy a Honda Odyssey 07 or 08 model depending upon price.

I want to get a Loan from Credit Card companies.

Following is my Credit Information:

Credit Score: 710 (Transunion)
Total Debt: 26,000
Total Credit: 50,000
Credit History: 4 Years

Negative points are:

1) High Debt
2) High Debt per Available Credit Ratio
3) Less Credit History (Generally, most of the times, they consider atleast 5-7 years of history)
4) Credit report shows Income = Debt (A Person should have More Income than Debt, in order to get a good credit)

My Question is:

If I apply for Vehicle Loan in couple of Credit Card companies on the same day:

1) how is it going to impact my Credit History & Credit Score?
2) Does the Credit Companies, view all of them as one or several inquiries?


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