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I have just bought this 1999 2500 Suburban a week ago Tuesday. It came with only one key and no remotes. The seller was a wholesaler and did not know the old owner. At any rate I have no remotes or keyless entries for this vehicle. My question is how do I know that this vehicle is equipped for a keyless entry. Or do I just have to bite the bullet and take it to the dealer or stealership as I like to call it. To find out whether or not I have the system in place. I always thought that almost all vehicles after 1996 had this device. But now I find out on my year suburban it was an option. Can anyone tell me what to look for under the hood or elsewhere. It would save me a trip and appointment to the dealership.
Thanks in advance, Airstreamer


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    You could just drive to a dealer and let the tech guy who does the paperwork for repairs take a look under the hood. He could probably tell you in 5 seconds if you have the keyless option. No charge for that I'm sure....but ask first.
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    I do know that and that is what I am trying to avoid. In NYC nothing is for free. I have through other means determined that this suburban does in fact have keyless entry as most of them do. The way you can tell is by looking at the computer plug under the steering wheel. If #3 and #8 have pins and them, it is set up for keyless entry. You can also tell by the vin number if you have a friend that works at GM which I found out I did on my other forum.
    Thanks, ASer
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    If you need to buy the keyless entry control unit look on Ebay. They sell thousands of them and the price is right. Much cheaper than buying it from the dealer.
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