Honda Care Warranty Purchases On-Line

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I bought an Ody in FL where the price of the extended warranty is treated like insurance and therefore a non-negotiable item. I have seen numerous posts, as well as dealership advertising on-line to sell the Honda Care Warranty for 1/2 the price of the FL dealership. I have been assured by the out of state dealerships the purchase and policy are valid and once in the Honda system, immediately effective. Also, I have been assured since it is an "official" Honda product there are no concerns about its use in FL.

Has anyone in FL purchased on-line from an out of state dealer? If so, have you attempted HondaCare Warranted repairs at a FL dealership? Can anyone provide any legal ramifications for the purchase of HondaCare from an out of state dealer?


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    Once the Honda Care Extended Warranty is input into the system, all the Honda dealers in US can find it & honor it, so don't worry about whether in-state or not.

    You can google "Honda Care warranty" to locate the cheaper offer.
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    I went through some online dealers that sells honda care from MA and they always have a note that FL residents have to go through their dealers. Not sure if that answers your question. What kind of the rule is that?
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    Have you tried in state Fl online purchases to see if cheaper than your dealer? Have found this URL: that offers quotes for Honda Care.
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    Wow. They want $2300 for the same warranty that others want $1230. I am talking about the 8/120,000/0 on a 07 Odyssey with less than 6K miles. FL sucks I suppose.
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    I'm sure many people have posted about buying warranties online, but I just had to share my experience (so that other Honda customers don't make the mistake of paying too much for a warranty).

    I recently purchased a Honda Care extended warranty for my 2008 Honda Accord (4 cyl, LX). I ended up buying it online, since the dealer I bought the car from tried to sell me the same warranty...for almost double the online price!

    I shopped around & researched a number of sites; this site had the lowest price ($25 off all new contracts):
    Bob Leab at Hyannis Honda in MA.

    I called & spoke to Bob before buying. He answered all of my questions & my contract was processed quickly & easily. I thanked him for providing a great service to all consumers, & for not trying to rip me off!
    6yrs/120K miles/$0 deductible, for $760.

    I spoke to a co-worker/friend of mine who used to sell warranties; she said it was a great price. (The dealer I bought the car from, in NJ, tried to sell me the same warranty for $1400. I know we all have to make a living, but come on...that's just disgusting.)

    Thank you Bob Leab!
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    I am thinking of buying the honda care warranty from an online seller. Looks like I can get the 8yr/100000 mile for $780.00. I've heard--word of mouth--that if you take your car in regular maintenance and the dealer notices something wrong they may not necessarily disclose it if the car is under warranty. I was just wondering if this is just false rumours?? I would appreciate feedback from anyone who has had a Honda Care warranty, and their experience with it, etc. Also, might be a stupid question, but I will ask :) . Lets say, for example, you total your car, it looks like you get some kind of pro-rated refund under the Honda Care warranty terms. Does anyone know if this is correct?

    Thanks in advance!! I normally don't buy extended warranties, but the new Civics with Navi seem pretty complex, much more so, than my old trusty 1997 Honda Civic that I just sold...
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    Which online warrenty site is the 8yr/100,000 mile warrenty $780? Is that with zero deductable?
  • tjchintjchin Member Posts: 12

    Yes, $0 deductible.
  • tonyl1tonyl1 Member Posts: 53
    Sounds like a great deal. Thanks.
  • ocuihsocuihs Member Posts: 138
    "Also, might be a stupid question, but I will ask . Lets say, for example, you total your car, it looks like you get some kind of pro-rated refund under the Honda Care warranty terms. Does anyone know if this is correct?"

    If you did not bundled the extended warranty with financing, you'll get your pro-rated amount for the extended warranty when your car totaled or sold. (I know this thread is to buy extended warranty online so it's a separate transactions).

    I got mine 22 months ago for 2007 Odyssey from an out-of-state Honda/Acura/Toyota/Scion dealer in Boston area at for $860 with 72 months/120K/$100 deductible.

    Due to state laws, residents of Florida, California and Washington state
    are not eligible for these contracts.

    Today's pricing 03/14/2009 as the following for $0 and $100 deductibles for Odyssey Personal-Use for example on a 2008 Odyssey with 1000 miles (6,000+ miles in car warranty systems are not considered "NEW" therefore you see prices are increased). You can get the extended warranty before 3 years/36K miles whichever occurs first, BUT the longer you waited, the lesser of warranty terms are available.

    Payment Options - Each Service Contract below includes two payment options:
    One Payment: Pay the full product price at checkout.
    Payment Plan: Pay a small amount at checkout that includes a $24 service fee. You will be billed for the balance in 12 monthly payments. No interest will be charged.

    ******* NO Deductible ********
    60 months 100k miles $695.00 OR $93.50 plus $52.13 per month

    60 months 60k miles $415.00 OR $65.50 plus $31.13 per month

    60 months 80k miles $580.00 OR $82.00 plus $43.50 per month

    72 months 100k miles $835.00 OR $107.50 plus $62.63 per month

    72 months 120k miles $935.00 OR $117.50 plus $70.13 per month

    72 months 80k miles $640.00 OR $88.00 plus $48.00 per month

    84 months 100k miles $1,020.00 OR $126.00 plus $76.50 per month

    84 months 120k miles $1,120.00 OR $136.00 plus $84.00 per month

    84 months 80k miles $725.00 OR $96.50 plus $54.38 per month

    96 months 100k miles $1,100.00 OR $134.00 plus $82.50 per month

    96 months 120k miles $1,195.00 OR $143.50 plus $89.63 per month

    ************* $100 Deductible ****************
    60 months 100k miles $595.00 OR $83.50 plus $44.63 per month

    60 months 80k miles $480.00 OR $72.00 plus $36.00 per month

    72 months 120k miles $835.00 OR $107.50 plus $62.63 per month

    72 months 80k miles $540.00 OR $78.00 plus $40.50 per month

    72 months 100k miles $735.00 OR $97.50 plus $55.13 per month

    84 months 100k miles $920.00 OR $116.00 plus $69.00 per month

    84 months 120k miles $1,020.00 OR $126.00 plus $76.50 per month

    84 months 80k miles $625.00 OR $86.50 plus $46.88 per month

    96 months 100k miles $1,000.00 OR $124.00 plus $75.00 per month

    96 months 120k miles $1,095.00 OR $133.50 plus $82.13 per month
  • ocuihsocuihs Member Posts: 138
    I'm seeing these prices as of 03/14/2009 for 2008 Odyssey with 1000 miles:

    8 years/100000 miles $1,100.00 ($0 deductible) and $1,000.00 ($100 deductible) from (the same pricing as )
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    I am in process of buying a new odyssey and somehow I bought something called costguard. I regret it. Is it cancellable ? I have not paid the downpayment yet but I have applied for financing. any help is appreciated.
  • su_a_vesu_a_ve Member Posts: 82
    Anyone one with details on the lawsuits? Supposedly soon these dealers won't be able to sell these warranties any more.

    I've been procrastinating my purchase (only 2K miles)...
  • dartanyandartanyan Member Posts: 10
    Why I cannot get these deals in California!
    Has anyone found a good deal in California?
  • dartanyandartanyan Member Posts: 10
    I just finished purchasing from
    My Odyssey is 2006 Apr, 27k miles.
    Paid $1320 for 5year/80k miles.
    Other out of state dealers could not sell to California residents, but the sales lady said that's not a problem.
    This was the best deal I could find. Plus no sales tax.
    I called a dealer by my work, Fladeboe Honda; quoted for $1895 for the same deal.
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    I recently purchased my automobile at Lute Riley Honda in Richardson, TX. Even though I clearly made the point that I did not want "add-ons" when processing my purchase in the finance office, the finance manager convinced me to spend another $10 per month for "full extended coverage." I noticed when reviewing my paperwork that I had been charged $1,395.00 for 5year/60,000mi coverage. After investigating this issue online, I was able to purchase the same coverage online for less than $500.00 (Honda Care Warranty) sponsored by the manufacturer. Be careful, they will rip you off every time they get a chance and then try to convince you that they made no money on the deal.
  • hidalgo007hidalgo007 Member Posts: 7
    Did you manage to return your honda care service contract to Lute Riley Honda in Richardson, TX. I also got one from the dealership and found out I can get much cheaper online. Wondering if I can return and save some money. thanks for your help.
  • jetzzsjetzzs Member Posts: 64
    Has anyone used their Honda Care warranty? If so, what was your experience. Do they fix the problem under warranty quickly or do they fix non warranty items and then give you a hard time if you need warranty service?

    I would also be interested in any recommendations on a place to get a good price on an extended Honda Care warranty and what I should expect to pay. Thanks so much for any info :D
  • gmantobgmantob Member Posts: 1
    where did you get it from?
  • bmw328leasebmw328lease Member Posts: 17
    I have just done the deal on a Certified 2007 Honda Odyssey with 34k miles. It is from a Honda dealership and the vehicle is still on the lot. Would like to get the Honda Care extended warranty. To make sure the vehicle was eligible, I spoke directly with Honda and was told that the vehicle was eligible as long as I got the extended warranty from the dealership that is selling me the vehicle. The problem is that the dealership only offers the Zurich program. This kind of sucks and I would like to get thoughts on whether there is any other alternative. Thanks.
  • jetzzsjetzzs Member Posts: 64

    I just purchased a Honda Care warranty for my 2007 Odyssey EXL (my manufacturer's warranty is still in service) and wanted to post the details. I got it from Saccucci Honda over the phone. It is the Z58 warranty for an additional 60 months/84K miles. The quote was $1270 with no surprises, nothing to fill out. They will send the info in the mail. They told me the warranty covers everything the original manufacturer's warranty covers.
  • neil5neil5 Member Posts: 118
    Our 2010 Ody in jax dealer offered their own and I declined and he pushed and I declined despite him coming down. Then finally after 15 min of this he offered the Honda warranty, I think 700 bucks. He said they didn't sell many because they wanted to sell their own product. I bought the Honda since wife drills these vehicles with miles. This is my 3rd Ody. 2010 was a steal this day
  • sbainssbains Member Posts: 1
    Eithe (ask for Christine at 401-847-4737 ext 132) or (ask for Bob Leab at 508-778-7878)

    Plan Code D80: 8yr/100k genuine hondacare warranty with $0 deductible for $970 for 2011 Honda Accord EXL V6

    Other plans for less years, different miles are available. Can't beat their prices
  • imartimart Member Posts: 3
  • rkv87rkv87 Member Posts: 1
    Many Honda Dealers will sell Warranty at invoice price, one or two even sell at below invoice price. From what I heard, they receive bonuses based on number of Honda Care warranty they sell, hence they can sell at or slightly below the invoice price.

    Try out or
  • quizzerquizzer Member Posts: 14 (ask for Christine at 401-847-4737 ext 132)

    Is this the best extended warranty option for California?

    Has anybody not from rhode island, (say california) used this? I want to know their experiences.

  • doctor_todddoctor_todd Member Posts: 1
    I purchased a 2014 Honda Accord Plug-In Hybrid recently from a dealer in California. That dealer tried to sell me a Honda Care 8 year / 120,000 mile warranty for $2,200. I refused, and 2 days later I purchased the exact same Honda Care 8 year / 120,000 mile warranty for $1,200 from Gardiner Reynolds at Saccucci Honda. The Honda Care warranty is honored at any Honda dealer in the US. I really appreciate Saccucci Honda and Gardiner for saving me $1,000!
  • Firebird_EOUFirebird_EOU Member Posts: 250
    e.g. Does it cost the same $1,200 for a Civic and Hybrid Plug-in?
    I am evaluating 2014 Honda Hybrid.
    Over at the other forum $8xx figure was mentioned, so I don't know if that was for a different model of car or different Honda Care plan.

    Honda Care 8 year / 120,000 mile warranty, $0 deductible.
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    edited March 2014

    Howdy folks,

    Got a 2012 Honda Civic EX with 14000 miles on the clock a couple of days ago. Called a Honda dealer today about extending the warranty and I was quoted $1,660 up to 8 years/80k miles. The numbers you guys listed are less than half of what I was told. Are they trying to extort me?


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