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2003 Pontiac Montana Fog Light switch???

fickseeficksee Posts: 2
edited March 2014 in Pontiac
This may just be the dumbest question ever asked!!! I just bought an 03 Montana, I noticed it has fog lights but I cannot locate the switch to turn them on! Are they possibly just for show?


  • writerwriter Posts: 121
    There are 2 sets of what I would call "extra switches" for the Montana. One set is below the HVAC controls (heater, vent, AC controls). This is called the "Instrument Panel Switchbank". The other set of extra switches is over the windshield and is called the "Overhead Console Switchbank". If I recall correctly, the Fog lamps are in the "Instrument Panel Switchbank" (below the HVAC controls).

    You can download the Owner Manual for the 2003 Montana from GM's Website. It is in a fairly standard PDF file.
  • Thank you! I did manage to locate the switch just after posting, Now i'm having interior light issues (GRRRR) I cant seem to get my interiors to turn on whenever you open a door. They work with the Overhead console switch but i have to turn them on and off manually. I also noticed that the interior lights have buttons which to me would indicate that i should be able to pick and choose the lights i'd like on while driving, like the ones above the dash (right or left). And yet another issue is the power door locks, when i hit the button to lock the doors they do nothing but "Chime" at me unless i manually lock a door and then hit the lock button? As you can tell, I've never owned a GM before... :cry:
  • I think there is a switch in the Overhead Console Switch bank mentioned in #2 above that turns off the interior lights when the door is opened. (Probably a battery saving thing with kids or grown-ups leaving a door open.)
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