Hyundai Santa Fe Paint

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Would sure like to get more responses on how the paint is holding out so far. I know it's kinda early for this topic, so not many people can respond. Any chips causing clear coat to peal on bumpers or anything like that discolor mismatched paint?

Past gens of the santa fe in consumer reports were mixed. But in 2004 had half black for paint and trim. That wasn't too far ago.


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    Mine is holding up fine and looking great. It's a 2007 Santa Fe Limited AWD in dark cherry, and it now has a little over 9,000 miles on it. No chips, peeling, etc., that I've noticed.
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    mine is good - but i don't use car washes - i hand wash...
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    Fine here as well, although its nearing time for another wax job.
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    i didn't want to use a car wash until around december but - somebody hit a deer and i ran over some of the remains... STINKS! might have to go early...
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    I'm thinking of getting 3M ClearBra to protect the body paint. I don't really care if the other parts get dented and scratched, like the grill and the headlights.
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    I bought the clear bra off of e-bay and had it put on by a professional. The bra did not fit right so I sent the hood portion back for a refund. I left the bumper portion on for the protection but it does not fit right. When I bought my Santa Fe the service manager said Hyundai uses the same paint as Lexus. The paint is perfect and seems very durable. Fred.
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    They may use the same paint, but the clearcoat or the prep work could be different. Also the amount of time they wait
    to let the paint dry effects the outcome.

    With my old Hyundia 1987 the paint on the metal parts were fine. It was the plastic parts that had issues. Much like pontiacs had with their paint on bumpers that pealed right off.

    One reason I always liked the saturn brand those polyester doors rocked. Never seen one look bad. 20 years later looks brand new. Now GM dropped the polyester doors for cheaper metal doors.
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    That's right about Saturns. I had an SL that drove 10 years in New England weather, abused by salt and never waxed. One quick wash made it look perfectly new.

    Then Saturn took a dive with the Ion.

    They almost recovered with the new Aura, but now they're messing that up as well (example- fake leather stitching, much like early 1980s vinyl! The show-car used real, but not the production version).
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    Just bought a brand new black Hyundai Santa Fe 2007 about 1 month ago. After washing it 1 week into ownership-I saw deep scratches and little dents in hood as well as deep swirls in the paint that had obviously been hidden by a heavy wax job. Went to dealer (which just happened to change ownership during the short time since I bought the car) and they said they didnt have to help me since the old owner sold me the car. But I had spoken to a lawyer and I had a quote from repair shop that had been highly recommended-they said the hood would have to be repaired and repainted. They seemed very above board. Dealer GM did admit that damage was probably caused by pressure washer dragged across hood which may have picked up gravel from parking lot. Dealer happens to contract work with this shop so they reluctantly agreed to have work done. Picked up car a few days ago-was cloudy and lots of rain and dust before first bright sunny day yesterday. To my disgust, in the sun I noticed more swirls all over hood, a large scratch, and in my garage last night it was evident that the black paint on the hood does not match the black on the rest of the car. Hood looks terrible, hazy. Im so upset and frustrated. what can i do now? What recourse do I have. The dealership has been annoyed to deal with me thus far and Im sure another return visit to them will with complaints will not be pleasant.
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    Letters, letters, letters. File complaints with Hyundai, state offices, and consumer groups. Make sure they are detailed, but not "emotional". (You have been wronged, certainly, but believe me - nobody truly cares.)

    Also word-of-mouth. Tell people everywhere not to buy from that dealership.

    Based on what you wrote, I think your problem will be fixed eventually at their expense. But it takes time and unpleasantness to do that.

    Good luck.
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    Yeah thats awful, dark colors are the worse. I have a charcoal gray camry right now and learned my leason. No more dark colors. They tend to get those defects a lot easier.

    The good news is it probally cost almost nothing to get that hood repainted. Those cheap jerks!

    I bought my car used with 13k and it looked great prior to the wax fading. I later found many many scratches that were hidden. As well as a lousey paint on my door. It looked like it had been repainted. Even though carfax said no accidents. I have a feeling it was in accident.

    Saw someone test driving a brand new Lexus yesterday and it got hit by a truck took a lot of panel damage. I wonder what they do with that car now?
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    How do I go about filing complaints with Hyundai? Do you think I will really ever get valid responses?
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    For customer service issues, please call Hyundai Motor America's Consumer Affairs toll-free hotline at 1-800-633-5151 during operating hours from 5:00 am to 6:00 pm MST (Mountain Standard Time) Monday through Friday, or email [email protected]

    Mail type-written letters if you feel "big guns" are needed:

    ATTN: Consumer Affairs
    Hyundai Motor America
    P.O. Box 20850
    Fountain Valley, CA 92728-0850

    One last bit of advice- don't demand anything more than fixing what's wrong with the car. If you start asking for compensation, it looks very much like extortion to everyone involved. I've seen this a couple of times, and you'll end up with nothing if it looks like a shake-down.
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    Good luck with Hyundai Motor Americas.. we had the same problem on a 2004 Santa Fe and they repeatedly insisted that our problem was with the dealer and refused to assist in any way.
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    It seems even the smallest rock peck on my bumper turns into a quarter sized bare spot after a few days of highway driving. I would think the proper paint would bond better than that. The service manager at my dealership says it is not a warranty issue. Any thoughts?
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    What color and model do you have?
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    I find the 2008 model paint to be rather cheap or inferior. It seems any little mark on that great huge front plastic bumper becomes a large chip. I was hit by a small rock (I couldnt even tell untill I did a touchless car wash) when I got out for a look I had a huge 2-3 inch chunk of Steel Grey paint missing just below the passenger side headlight. damed if I didnt get another comparable sized chip on the drivers side as well.
    It seems that front plastic bumber has to much flex and give to it, once it gets hit the paint fractures and then car washes and even the wind can rip the paint off...Sad, but true.
    Did you know under that nice shinny paint on the front bumper...its ugly black plastic
    Dont count on the paint pens to solve the problem.... the applicator is like useing a stick and just makes a nasty mess. I think I paid $15 for this silly paint pen. I think I would be better off with after market paint coverup, even if the color isnt perfect. Hyundai pens color arent a perfect color match either.
    well...sorry for the rant but I baby this thing and I was pissed to see that damage.
    2008 Limited Steel Grey currently at 23,000 kms
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    My moms hyundai a small 4 door car gets lots of chips. In naples when she brings it to the dealership they have a guy that sits and conceals the paint chips. She said he does a good job. Not sure if hundais have a guy like that in other dealerships. Oh yeah dont waste any money on those dumb pens they are a waster. I dont understand why they sell those things they dont even have more then a few drops of paint in them and they dont work!
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    When I need to use a paint pen, I put the paint on a plastic lid and use an artists brush to apply it to the car. If not, you end up with a horrible blob. I try everything to avoid needing to use paint. My 2004 was not the best but it was in the dark blue. My new slate blue seems to be holding up so far, but it's early yet. I noticed 1 pin head size chip on my mirror. Hopefully, I can buff it out. My husbands 2006 Elantra has terrible paint. You just look at it and it scratches. His is red.
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    I have a 2008 Hyundai Santa Fe in the white. The paint job on it is BRUTAL! All around the windshield there are tiny little pin holes and they are rusting. Anywhere a rock has hit the car, it is rusting! The paint is peeling off the roof rack and off the front bumper. Then on the back passenger door, up by the window, the paint bubbled and split and that part has rust, as well. Hyundai is willing to fix the door and the roof rack, that's it! We tried talking to a CSR and it was like talking to a drone. They weren't helpful and there was nobody in a higher position they would even let you speak with. I don't understand why they would fix the roof rack and not the bumper, since it is the same material and is doing the EXACT same thing. They are not willing to do anything on the rust, saying their warranty doesn't cover rust due to rock chips, but I find it hard to beleive that EVERY single rock that has hit my car has managed to bust through the paint and primer and cause rust. I think it is a faulty paint job. We have a 2003 Saturn that has rock chips and none of them are rusting. My mother-in-law has a 2001 Mazda MPV, once again, rock chips, but NO rust.

    We are also having issues with the air conditioning system. It smells soooo bad. Has this soured laundry or vinegar smell. I've never had a car do that and they can't seem to figure out what is wrong with it. They've deodorized it, but the smell just comes back after like a month.

    Anyone else having these issues with their Santa Fe?
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    I have a 2008 Santa Fe in silver and I am finding that the clear coat is already wearing off in various areas on the rear door and on the rear quarter panels.

    In regards to the smell issue I also had a similar problem arise when the cabin air filter was replaced during an oil change. Within a half hour of the filter being changed an odor similar to dead fish appeared. After a day of putting up with the odor I pulled out the newly installed cabin air filter and found that the oil change company had put in the wrong sized filter. I went to my local dealership and purchased the factory filter and installed it myself. Once the correct sized filter was put in the smell disappeared as quickly as it had appeared and has not reappeared, and it has now been 4 months.

    Also be aware of the price for the cabin filter. The oil change company charged me $85 for the filter, The dealership charged only $24. Sometimes the dealership is the cheaper option.
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    Discount auto has a cabin filter for 11 bucks. When you say clearcoat wearing off is it like pealing? Since you have an 08 with a problem with the clear coat will the dealer do anything? By the way I had a 1989 Hyundai that had problems with clearcoat on the bumpers. It seems after 20 years they still do not know how to paint.
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    Peeling would not be the way I would put it but that it looks like someone had rubbed the paint with sand paper. From a distance you do not notice it but if you are near the rear door and the light hits it from the right angle it is definitely noticeable.
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    Have a Santa Fe with 60,000 miles on it and the black paint is pealing off the front grill. I have seen 70 year old cars with the original paint and I do not understand this pealing off. Dealer says pealing because of rocks etc. hitting the grill paint and that is why it is pealing. I strongly diagree that the paint should be able to handle small road debris like cars of old. In the last 70 years we should have perfected paints to handle this problem. Others on here talk about the plastic front end not being able to take small hits without chipping. I believe the manufacturer should stand behind the product they manufacturer. I had a mechanic from Hyundai in my car and asked him about his and he said he has a Santa Fe and his grill is also loosing (pealing) its black paint, they all do, he said. Accepting this is not acceptable to me!
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    have a 2009 sante fe. the paint started to bubble and peel in the center at the windshield line. the paint that peeled off is the size of a softball and has tiny bubbles behind that. anyone else seen or know what is causing this? thanks.
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    My 2007 Hyundai, pearl white Santa Fe is peeling . I was washing it and when I pointed the hose to rinse it a 4 inch 2in wide strip of paint flew off above the windshield on the passenger side. I have always kept my car clean and waxed and I don't understand how this happen. The Hyundai dealer said this is not covered under warranty. This is just a lousy paint job, and I am very angry that they wont fix this. This was my second Hyundai, my first was a Sonata, but I guarantee my next car will be a Ford!!!
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    I also have an 07 Limited with Pearl White...noticed pealing on hood and above windshield after last car wash...plan to ask dealer to repair...may have to go to Hyundai...if not repaired = no more Hyundai cars for me.
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    I have platinum grey paint on my 08 GLS, and it's flaking off on the front quarter panel/bumper area near the wheel. Dealer isn't interested in fixing it. Not sure what I should do about it. It's the only disappointment I have with this car.
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    I have a 2010 Black Sante Fe and the paint is peeling on the back bumper and on the passenger side panel and also in front. I have been declined for new paint as they said it looks like its been scratched? Not sure but I don't think a scratch, if it was in fact scratched, should cause peeling of the paint?
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    I have a feeling the black ones are more prone to this, I have no doubt they are trying to wessel their way out of getting it fixed. The only suggestions I have are to find another Hyundai dealer, call corp Hyundai. I would threaten them with a boycott\picketing at the local dealerships if they dont fix the problem. Believe me a sign out in front of their business saying ask me about my paint issue on my 2010 would go far. I would bring at least one friend with me for confirmation and protection from them. I have a feeling this method would work, because in this economy no one wants to buy a new car.

    If that does not work write the local newspaper with the problem, believe me they dont want the heat.

    I had one of the original excels back in 1987 and the clearcoat on the bumper pealed off.

    I have a 2007 santa fe, that has a pretty bad paint job, the car is fine besides the apparent lack of skills when it comes to paint and clearcoast even in todays models. I see scratches in my clear coat, and over shot paint in some locations. But at least my paint hasn't pealed etc. I will run the car till it drops, but have issues with buying another one.

    I refuse to run my car through a car wash that uses the physical brushes to wash the car. The clear coat is easily scratched and those rotary brushes would cause a lot of damage. I know I am not alone with this issue. My mom has an accent and the front is pealing where stones hit it. Why yours would peal on the back bumper and side panel I dont know.

    Let us know what happens I would be interested in knowing.
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    Interesting, I have a side door that has this problem. I thought it was paint overspray or something. But now that I read this I am sure it is faulty clear coat. Why does this company have such a hard time with their paint??????

    Why isn't this issue hitting the media? Is it because it is not a safety issue?
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    I to have a 2007 Santa Fe white and 2 large spots just peeled off my car right in the front center. I took it to the dealership and they said it was rock chips, but these were hugh. AFter looking at the car and the spots they told me it wasn't rock chips the paint was just peeling off.
    Then they oh you are 7000 miles over the limit and they could not help me and sujgested I call consumer support. I spoke to them and then they called me back 2 days later and said they could not help me. We have had cars 20 years and the paint never peeled it wore but never peeled off. I just can't believe they want all of these cars out there driving around with chunks of paint missing. I did call the Federal Trade Commision and file a compaint. I normally do not do this but for a 2007 paint job to peeling off when I take care of my car is unacceptable. What does it take for a recall?
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    Hi, everyone
    I don't know where you guys are from but I guess you're from the USA. I live in Canada (Quebec Province) and have similar problems w. my 2008 Kaki Santa Fe paint job. The paint is peeling off the passenger side's tip of the roof rack rails and had peeled and bubbled at the windshield line of the same side, as well as on the hood line. The dealer also says it's rock chipping, but I doubt it, even more after reading your post! As I read you all, it make me think there is really a paint issue with the Santa fe at least. Are you aware of any recall or any notification from Hyundai on your side of the border? I think we all should get passed the dealer and write to our respective Head Office to address the problem. The more complaints there will be, the better our chances to have them repaired. I will personnally try again w. the dealer on my next appointement. Keep you posted.
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    My 2004 silver Santa Fe has peeling and faded paint all over where the sun hits it. Also the black door posts are rusting! I took it in to the Tustin CA dealer, who took pictures and sent them in. Of course Hyundai declined any repairs - not even the rust! One thing I DON'T want to worry about on a car as it gets older is the paint. We have a 2002 PT Cruiser which still looks brand new! I will never buy another Hyundai, despite their claims of success and ads all over the place. You would think they would bend over backwards to fix issues like this and keep their owners happy - no doubt they would be able to afford it! :mad:
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    WELL THERE IS ONE OPTION IS FILING A CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT .....! This seems to be happening to all Hyundai paint jobs not just one color or vehicle made by Hyundai This is enough to file a class action Law Suit My advice to people having problems with paint jobs take many pictures of the affected area keep the paint chips that are falling off if possible if you get the car repainted have the paint and the vehicle tested at the body shop that is doing the paint they can narrow it down to what is causing the problem wether bad prep work cheap paint or whatever keep all receipts for the new paint job and any and all receipts for car maintained like car washes wax's receipts from car wash's most places go by plate numbers they can give you a print out on all washes or if you use a detailer have them write you a legalized letter motorized If you want to file a class action you need to get everyone on the same page I have a 2011 Hyundai Santa Fe limited black so far I have found 3 area's were paint looks to be scratched but now way it was I wash my truck every week and detail it every month the truck is only 9 months old and I am having paint problems already
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    I purchased a new 04 Santa Fe in June of 05 with zero kms. Also bought the platinum shield package because I keep vehicles for many years. It now has 125000 km but is missing paint off the roof/rear of the vehicle. The size of a large pizza! Took it to the dealership and asked about the paint protection plan but the claim was declined because it only covers rust. Both the paint and clear coat are completely gone exposing the metal. They said there is little to no chance that Hyundai will do anything either. I think this will be a long battle and not sure where to start. New to this forum do if there is a way to post pics let me know so you can get an idea of what I'm dealing with. Any advice on the situation would be appreciated.
    Vehicle was purchased in southern Ontario Canada.">
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    I bought2003 Black Santa Fe GLS new and it now has the same paint issues. I noticed the paint problems just inside the four year mark and battled with them for 2 years. Nothing was resolved. They said it was acid rain, cleaners improperly applied, glass cleaner that had ammonia in it, road salt (Va Beach, no snow!) everything but acknowledging the paint and clearcoat are defective. I, too, would join a class action lawsuit. My vehicle looks like it has gray patches surrounded by white and ashy looking paint on the hood, doors, roof and rear hatch. No flaking paint it just looks like its wearing off. The vehicle itself is in great shape, no complaints about engine, trans or interior. But A/C has a major history of 2 compressors replaced, evaporator replaced and a condensor replaced all in the last 4 years. Warranty covered it all, though.
  • santafeltd2011santafeltd2011 Member Posts: 4

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    I would love to be apart of this....I have been having rust/paint issues with my 2002 Santa Fe for over a year now and it seems every Hyundai dealer I call and talk to think I'm crazy.
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    I would also participate in a class action lawsuit!! My car looks horrible and I am embarrassed to drive it around. Of course dealership won't do anything!!
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    I have a 2003 Santa Fe. Noticed the other day bubbling on the hood near the grill. Poked it and paint started to peel off. I probably could peel paint off the entire hood. I would like Hyundai to step up and cover this.
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    I love my Santa Fe and have owned 4 Hyundai's. BUT the paint on my 2004 Santa Fe is in horrible shape! I had it garaged for most of the time I have owned it. I need a paint job bad but cannot afford one. I believe it was cheap paint and should be corrected. It is embarrassing to drive around in it and certainly doesn’t do much for the Hyundai name. I was told by a dealer that I ran into at a restaurant that Hyundai did have a problem with the paint and that they were correcting it. What about all of us that paid our hard earned cash for a new car only to have the paint and trim start going bad after a few years? I am in if anyone wants to start a class action suit. My daughter has our old 2001 Santa Fe and although her paint is starting to peel too it does not look nearly as bad as my 2004.
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    Well, don't believe they are correcting anything. My 1987 had issues with the paint. So in 25 years they haven't fixed it.

    I wonder if Kia has the same issue?
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    I am in support- will be waiting to hear...
  • mb751mb751 Member Posts: 2
    I also have a 2004 Santa Fe with the same paint issues.
    Only have 46000 miles. Vehicle in great condition except paint.
    Is there any progress on the class action suit. I would be a prat of it.
  • mb751mb751 Member Posts: 2
    I have the same problem with my 2004 dark blue Hyuandi Santa Fe.
    Would like to be part of class action suit. Hyundai just sticking to their rote
    answer that it's no longer covered under warranty.
  • santafeltd2011santafeltd2011 Member Posts: 4
    as I said previously you have to have everything documented that you went into Hyundai dealership let them know about the paint job paint peeling ect. mine started to peel 2 months after I bought the truck they told me I was washing it wrong I asked them put that in writing please they would not I have a professional car detailer come wash my truck once a week every 5 weeks he puts a coat of mothers wax on it Hyundai is so full of CRAP with their paint explanations it is not funny I have been too two high profile body shops in the area and they said the paint was 1 either prepped wrong or was backed on to fast and too hot both places said the same thing I went back to the dealership the manager just walked away I told him see you in court he just waved me off like a smart [non-permissible content removed] if I cannot get enough people with the same problems and they have not done everything they could with Hyundai and get written documentation from reputable body shops that the paint was prepped wrong or backed to fast or whatever they decide was the cause of the problem a class action will never work there is so many things that have to be perfect and everyone needs to have same complaints to file a class action I may end up suing Hyundai my self then bring it into a class action if the lawyer I have been talking to thinks it will be worth it I did not spend over $35000 on a truck to have the paint start peeling 2 months later I have had it spot painted to cover the bare metal but I will not have the panels sanded down and painted on a new truck all that is going to do is drop the value of my new truck bad enough soon as you drive it off the lot you loose about $6 to 10 grand
  • santafepaintsantafepaint Member Posts: 2
    Please post if you have started the class action so others will know.
    Thank you-
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