2008 Legacy Ltd GT vs Outback Ltd LL Bean (both w/VDC)

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I've heard that careful control of RPMs and such can bring a good MPG rating...as in much better than the 18/24 rating (well, maybe 1 or 2 MPG better). I was wondering if anyone has experience? I've got a 100-mile daily commute, and it'd be REALLY nice if I can get better than 400 miles per tank and stay safe...they're not always good about clearing the interstates I take.

Besides, one has to go up to the Legacy GT to get nav...so I'd probably get the Outback LL Bean Limited as the other option. With the long commute, comfort is pretty important, as is mileage. I'd consider a lower-level Legacy if it was available with Nav (not as interested in the system as the screen though...I just think the dash looks dumb with a bin there). What functions besides the Nav system does the touch-screen do? Maybe it'd be worth it to just get the regular Legacy Ltd w/VDC. They're not real clear on what additional stuff there is, just "additional vehicle functions" and the trip computer.

I'd be trying to get Sirius for whichever one I get. I know someone at the Subie dealer, so I'm not really considering other brands, though I know the Accord is a pretty sweet ride too


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    do not buy GT.

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    I average 23mpg with my LGT in mostly city driving. 30 mile commute to work daily. If you don't drive it like a nut you get good milage.

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    Hmm, define "driving like a nut" please? If it means driving over 65 MPH, I have to just to stay with the traffic flow on I-84 and I-684 :shades:
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    No, driving like a nut aka flooring it, jamming the brakes, etc. I dropped down to 19mpg in the city after I put on the Advan near-race-tires in 235-45-17, it messed up both my gearing and gave me way too much grip, so I've been flogging it around. When I was running my Sumitommo HTRZs in 225 width I was getting about 23mpg cause I couldn't hammer it down through the turns as much and the gears put me out of boost so I yielded better milage.

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    Well, for me, except when the highways are jammed up due to traffic, it's mostly going to be getting up to about 65-70 MPH and then holding it there. Sounds like you're saying I could do significantly better than 24 MPG if I keep the boosting down to a minimum?
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    At 65-70 ad the proper tires (stock or stock size, etc) you should be able to pull 26+ if you keep it out of boost.

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    Does anyone know if the interior room (leg,shoulder,head,knee) is the same in the GT limited as it is in the 3.0 R ? My dealer can't get a GT to test drive, the closest is the R. Of course he can order me one if I am serious about buying.....
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    Yeah all the legacies have the same interior dimensions.

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    If gas consumption is a real concern, buy an Outback with a 5 speed manual, it's faster and I've driven one where
    I got the mpg indicator to register 30.1 mpg (warm weather, level road with cruise on at approx 70.)
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    I get 32mpg on the highway cruising at 65 in my 08 2.5 OB Ltd/AT.
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