Yukon Denali Factory Alarm

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So I'm picking up my Yukon Denali tomorrow, I was wondering what kind of factory alarm the Denali has installed. Any one with a Denali please share any comments on the factory alarm or whether you had to upgrade and if so what alarm did you upgrade to? Also if you don't mind please share your prices paid for it. Thank you!


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    Like most all GM vehicles it only has a passive system that uses the smart key for primary security. Without the coded key, the vehicle will not start. There is no other "alarm" in these vehicles.
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    Viper has been my choice : VIPER 5900 http://www.autotechs.com/items/item1776.htm
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    There is an alarm for the doors as well, I read that if you lock the door before you close the door a symbol comes up on the dash indicating that the alarm is active. I tried it and the symbol flashed up on the instrument panel but I didn't try breaking into the truck. I think that if someone opens the doors without unlocking them first the horn sounds and the light flash. In my opinion you cannot stop people from breaking onto your vehicle but if someone does you want to draw attention to the vehicle in some way.
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    As far as activating the factory alarm system, there doesn't seem to be any differences between locking the doors while the driver's door is open vs. locking the doors after all doors are closed; either way, the alarm "symbol" flashes for ~30 seconds then it stops flashing to indicate the alarm is ACTIVE. Any door is opened (without being unlucked first by the OEM key or the keyless remote control) while the alarm system is in the ACTIVE mode triggers the horns to sound and lights to flash with ignition system disabled.... Just can't tell the difference on how the factory alarm should react as far as locking the doors before or after closed the driver's door, can you advice in more detail please? Thx!

    BTW,I was sitting inside my car during this test, by manually unlocked then opened my driver's door... Blah blah blah - flash flash flash, I should have kept my garage door open to keep the horn noise and echo down, but I was concerned what if I can't stop the horns from sounding..... Phew!
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    I own a 2000 GMC yukon denali, whenever I lock the doors with my remote the alarm goes off a few minutes later, now this does not happen all the time, also I pulled the fuse for the horn because my battery was dead one morning, that didnt help because the light flash when the alarm goes off, and that is what drained the battery ....any ideas???
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