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BMW 3 Series iPod Integration Options

rts3rts3 Posts: 26
edited August 2014 in BMW
I saw a lot of scattered information about iPod integration, but am not sure which one to get. This is what I could find:

- iPodMyBMW
- Icelink
- USA Spec
- Blitzsafe adapter
- The P.I.E adapter
- 3.5mm jack
- Belkin/iTrip FM Transmitters

I've a Business CD player in my car (non HK). I'm leaning towards USA Spec (here: @ Crutchfield). It says that the artist name and song title information can be displayed on BMW's Business CD model radio.
I've it in my Honda Pilot and it works quite well. However, I'm not sure about it's installation. There is not much info about step y step installation on the web. I'm sure Crutchfield will send it to me once I order from them, but just wanted to get you guys opinion on other types of ipod adapter that you like, and any installation insights.

Also, if I use USA SPec, does it void the CD player warranty?

Some say "Will not work on vehicles with DSP systems!" Not sure why?


  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,076
    If you're ordering a new 3 series than get this option even if you don't have an iPod. The 6FL is the factory USB/iPod option. It's $400 and it comes with a y-cable that plugs in your iPod into both USB and aux. The iPod cable uses the line outs on the iPod to transfer audio not the aux in. Full integration is another good feature so get 6FL. The cable doesn't come with euro delivery cars but you could ask your US dealer to give you a Y-cable.
  • nlz335nlz335 Posts: 3
    I just bought my BMW 335i 2009. I'm having problems with iPod on the iPhone integration problems. The AUX input wortks fine but the USB doesn't work. I have the genuine cable from BMW. It loads, the playlist and track list but, NO VOLUME what so ever :( Anyone seen this problem??
  • Has anyone used the Apple Shuttle in this car? I'm having problems transferring music. The Apple device is plugged into the USB outlet in the car's center console via the BMW provide Y-connector.
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