Acura MDX in Snow vs. Other SUVs

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My husband is considering buying an Acura MDX -- we already have one SUV for the family which I drive but he also needs a vehicle to drive that is good in ice and snow. He likes to keep his cars for 8 year so that is why we're considering another Acura to replace his 1999 RL sedan. There are only a few things stopping us from buying the MDX:

1) Current and future gas prices -- the mpg isn't that great on the MDX and who knows when gas will go to $4 or $5 per gallon?

2) Also, why does the base model of a $40,000 vehicle not come with roof rack and sidesteps standard?

What other mid-end and luxury SUVs are out there that get better mpg than the Acura?


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    As far as how good the new MDX is in ice and snow, you may check out this link from Car and Driver ~ this is the latest ad campaign that they're referring to:
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    The FE on the MDX is a little disappointing, my six-year old MDX sleds around town at 15 - 17 mpg then gets 20 - 23 on extended highway trips. But for its size and horsepower....anything else is a V8 with even lower FE numbers. :( [One of my other vehicles is an Escape Hybrid and I get 28mpg minimum w/ 4wd]
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    I saw that article when it came out and I wondered why the Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited was not invited.
    I guess it doesn't fall into the same level of luxury?

    I had one, fully loaded, and although it turns into a complete piece of crap the day the warranty ends, it was an absolute tank in the snow.

    Our 06 MDX is fine in the snow... never been stuck but it just doesn't offer the same level of 'warm and fuzzy safe feeling' like the Jeep did.
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    I have owned a number of 4 wheel drives, including a 4runner and pathfinder. I have driven all of them, including the MDX, through some heavy winter conditions. I have an 08 MDX, with dedicated snow tires (Hankook W300s) and have recently driven it through a number of heavy snow storms. This includes a trip to Whistler in Canada in heavy snow and a trip through heavy snow in the Wash. mountains.

    The MDX handles really well in the snow/slush/ice. The sh-awd really exceeded my expectations and you can see how it distributes the torque around the wheels. I think that the MDX performs as well as 4runner and pathfinder in the snow/ice. I really didn't expect that kind of performance. Accleration delivers torque to all 4 wheels and turns give you torque to rear wheel with the most tractions. Though having severe rated snow tires is a big boost.

    I do think that there is one area where a 4 wheel drive would have an advantage - when you need a low range gear. The MDX does not have a low range gear and if you had to tow something in the snow/ice or got stuck in really, really deep snow, I think that the MDX would not be the equal of true 4 wheel drive.

    I bought the MDX specifically with trips to the mountains in heavy snow and so far, I am very impressed.
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