Chevy Cavalier Rough Idle

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ok so i just got my ehaust systems fix on my cavalier...but now im having problems with it stalling out as i come to a plugs seem to be and my dad checked them out. I googled the problem and i didnt find much..but i did fine someone saying something about my master cylinder for my brakes and the seal..??? i just wanted to see some feedback and if someone knew something that could help me runs fine for about 15 mins then it starts stalling out when i stop...i have to put in neutral rev the crap out of it then slam it into drive..and i hate doing that to the car. if anbody could help ill love you for


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    It could be a number of things causing this. You say you checked the plugs and they looked okay. How about the plug gap? If the plugs are several years old I'd recommend changing them anyway. Are the plug wires in good condition? Did you change the PCV valve? How about the fuel filter? The air filter?

    Also, I've read that sometimes resetting the computer can solve a car running rough. Disconnect the battery for at least an hour or so. After you reconnect it and start the car, let it idle for 2-3 minutes while it "relearns" the idle.

    Next, drive at moderate speeds for the first 15 minutes, sometimes with the A/C on, to put different loads on the engine. That should take care of the computer reset and, hopefully, the idle problem.
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    ok ill try thank for the help...ill let ya know the results
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    ok so i checked the air filter...a lil dirty but it's fine...i forgot to say that this car was just sitting abput a year before i brought it..i think im starting to narrow it down maybe...i just let the gas get real low but not empty..and now it really acting up..cant even really start im guessing the fuel pump or fuel filter..i know something is wrong with my brake fulid because i can smell it..but the guy at midas told me that it wont make a car what do u think filter or pump??
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    If it sat there for a year without being started and the same fuel was in the tank I'd say that could be a problem. Gas gradually changes into other things when it's been sitting that long. It may have partially clogged fuel lines or injectors. If it sat outside during that time water could have accumulated in the fuel tank.

    I had an Opel years ago that sat in the driveway for over a year. Although most of the gas had evaporated by the time I got around to working on it the remaining stuff in the tank looked like maple syrup that you'd pour over pancakes. I had to clean all that out and ended up replacing the pump.

    You might start with the simple things and add a bottle of quality fuel injector cleaner to the tank after you're sure all of the year-old gas is out of there and it's running on a fresh supply.

    You might also replace some of the easier and less expensive things that I mentioned in the previous message like the PCV valve and fuel filter, especially if it had the same gas sitting in it for a year.
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    changed motor form 88 pontac grand Am to 95 chev cavalier used all component from calvalier but now have no power to main injector plug.
    Will test light show if there is power if it will I have tested it and there is nothing
    any ideas please :mad:
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    You put a 88 motor into a 95 ? What model engines are they. The injector power comes from the fuel pump relay, when the fuel pump is running you have power to the injectors.
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    On my 2003 Cavalier, the instrument cluster seems to be sticky. The gauges go up but usually don't come back down when the car is shut off. Is this a common problem? I've called some dealerships and all they say is well fr $400 we can replace it. So does anyone know how to fix this problem? Is it best to get it replaced or get it repaired by someone who fixes them?
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    anyone??? please! :cry:
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    If you don't get an answer here, you might try posting in the Got a Quick Technical Question? over on the Maintenance & Repair board.
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    Sounds like a short inside the circuit board; the clusters on the 2000-2005 Cavaliers and Sunfires are known for shorting out easy causing all sorts of problems from dimming odometer lights, guages sticking, sections of the cluster not lighting up ect. The best fix is to replace the cluster (about $500 parts + 1.5 hours of labour at the dealer). Your best bet is too find a replacement cluster at a scrap yard. Make sure you get a cluster from a 2000-2005 model. Its simply plug and play.
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    this happend to me.. i first thought it was my ignition coils but i replaced that and it did not fix the problem...
    deff. get new spark plugs and wires.. this same thing happend to me.. my wires and plugs were the expensive ones and were only like 2 months old and some how [non-permissible content removed] the bed and they did not evin look bad.. so i bought new ones and the problem went away..

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    I had this problem too, I think it's the ECM resetting itself, it lasted for about 10 startups, the first 5, it would stall out, the next 5, it would idle fast between switching gears.
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    what does it take to take out cluster myself, can you explain or send pictures?

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