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2008 Hyundai Entourage

shunxshunx Member Posts: 17
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  • philly95philly95 Member Posts: 8
    Hi all!

    I am considering purchasing a 2008 mini van for my wife some time between July and Setember of 2008. Are there any known issues, reported, with the '08s that I need to be aware of?

    Thanks for the replies.
  • jag3365jag3365 Member Posts: 3
    Hey there,

    I can't really say if there is anything wrong yet with the 2008s. I just purchased mine 2 days ago so I can't tell if anything major is going to happen. From what I have learned from research so far so good. Just the normal things.

    I started a blog just for my new entourage so that people can get some info and ask questions before they get interested in buying. Like I said only been 2 days but I hope to add as much info as I can so people can get information.

    Jag3365 BLOG

    Hope that helps!
  • thirdtimearounthirdtimearoun Member Posts: 3
    Can anyone tell me if three car seats will go into the 2nd row of the Entourage? I am interested in configurations people are using and the number of latches. I have a 3 1/2 yr old, 14 mo old and one on the way.

  • jag3365jag3365 Member Posts: 3
    No, 3 car seats will not go into the second row. The second row is 2 captains chairs.
    There are 3 LATCH positions in the Entourage. 1 in each of the second row chairs, and 1 in the 3rd row of seats on the passenger side.

    It really wouldn't work out well for you if you have 3 car seats to use all LATCH. Because if you put 2 car seats in each second row chair, then you can't flip them forward to get to the rear car seat. I really wish hyundai would've put 2 LATCH systems in the 3rd ro of seats. There is an additional head restrain strap that can be attached for forward facing seats in the back, but no LATCH bars on the bottom.

    Right now I just use 2 car seats, 1 in the back LATCH, and one behind the driver's door. We had to add a 3rd car seat for a trip and had to use the seatbelt method in the 3rd row to get it to work well.

    Hope that helps.
  • thirdtimearounthirdtimearoun Member Posts: 3
    Thanks very much!
  • lavrishevolavrishevo Member Posts: 312
    Strange they did not put it into the Entourage, in the Sedona there is latch's in the captain chairs and two in the rear totaling 4. Being that they are the same van besides styling this is strange.
  • dvdcollectsdvdcollects Member Posts: 2
    Can anyone tell me if three car seats will go into the 2nd row of the Entourage? I am interested in configurations people are using and the number of latches. I have a 3 1/2 yr old, 14 mo old and one on the way.

  • lavrishevolavrishevo Member Posts: 312
    Just two, in the Sedona and Entourage it is captain chairs not a bench seat. You can do three in the 3rd row and two in the second.
  • wizardsrepairwizardsrepair Member Posts: 4
    Can anyone tell me if they are having any troubles getting things fixed under warranty. I had a problem with my headlight lens that the dealer went and replaced with on from another van (not under warranty) and now I am fighting them because the seat is popping and they are not wanting to fix it under warranty so far (I am still fighting this) The Entourage is a 2008 and bought new in Mar 2009. You can answer here or you can write me at [email protected] any time. Any and all help or suggestions will be appreciated.
  • stushstush Member Posts: 62
    It all boils down to the what kind of a dealer your dealing with. I bought my Entourage in June of 06 as a 07. I got mine from Bowser Hyundai in Pittsburgh ( SIX BURGH ). They have to be the best dealer in fixing any problem that I have had with the van. Early Entourages had a junction box assembly problem that made the van not start. Mine failed 2hrs away from home on a Sunday, in the evening. They drove up monday and towed it back, replaced the part, cut the front rotors, had it ready on thursday. NO CHARGE, all under warranty! Now at 44,000 miles, the O2 senser went bad, wouldn't pass inspection and my 1 key fob quit working, replaced free, under warranty! I am very pleased with the Hyundai products, I also have an 02 Santa Fe, it's been practicualy bullet proof. So, I guess what i'm saying is the dealer your dealing with is just being lazy or just doesn't care about you or any problems that may occur Try another dealer if you can or complain to Hyundai HQ.
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