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Hi all

Have a 2000 Odyssey and am looking to replace it with a Pilot. I have three children large enough (8,6 and 4) that one will need to be in the third row. Rear passenger safety shows better for the Pilot than the Odyssey according to the IIHS, but I am wondering how the passengers in the third row could be safer in the Pilot (with very little space between the passenger and the outside), and the Odyssey (with a larger distance between the passenger and the outside). Is there something I'm missing? (I hope so because I am trying to convince myself to go for the Pilot).

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    One person's point of view. I bought a Pilot to replace a minivan we had. We have 3 children also. First off - I really like my Pilot, especially the safety aspects. However, I think we made a mistake getting it to replace the minivan. A minivan is so much more convenient than the Pilot. I would recommend looking at a new Odyssey instead. In addition, the Odyssey's gas mileage will be much better and you won't have to worry about the little ones opening the doors into other parked cars.
    Anyway, I don't mean to complicate your thought process but just wanted to give you my lesson learned.
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    We have a Pilot and an Ody. As baron64 said, the van is much more convenient and efficient. Getting into the third seat is way easier in the Ody.

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    I have two small kids 3 1/2 and 1/2 and if my plan goes to schedule another one in July. That would mean 2 years between each kid. I like the Pilot/Highlander but for convenience I am leaning towards the Odysey/Sienda and the wife is not with me. I didn't realize the gas mileage would be better. As far as the pricing is there much difference? I take it life is a lot easier with the minivan with the doors automitically open and all.
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    I found the minivan to be the unbeatable best if you have children under 6 years old - car seats and strollers, etc. The minivan is definitely the most practical vehicle, easy to drive, sliding power doors are most convenient for anything kid related and the space, mpg almost unmatched by any other for the vehicle size that you need. I have 3 kids and the oldest now 13 is seemingly getting embarrased riding a minivan. So with the youngest at 5, I leased a Honda Pilot. And that transition is so far, right on for the ages of my children. And with the current Pilot incentives, I actually save $40.00 per month on the overall car cost. MPG is 1 mile lower than the Sienna. The pilot safety records weighed in on my decision, plus with a whole lot of big vehicles on the road, I am more comfortable with a slighly higher car for side impact.

    Hope this helps. Carabel
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    I know the Pilot at least has side impact airbags in the 3rd row section. I would also assume that the side of a Pilot would be more structurally sound than a minivan. With a higher wheel base you have more thick metal pieces (frame, tires, etc...) to take the brunt of a side impact. Just a couple random observations. Anyone else find other reasons?
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    This is the first that I've heard actual safety ratings for the rear passengers - but I've often wondered if the Pilot's 3rd row safety was better. Because of the tight seating in the 3rd row, it's almost like the kids are sitting in a booster seat even though they're not. The seat belts in the 3rd row of our pilot really do fit the kids better than the belts in the 2nd row.

    That being said, I have to agree with the other posters in this topic. I like our Pilot, but if I had it to do again, with little ones (ages 2,4,6 & 8), I would go with a minivan. Getting kids in and out is a pain, and on road trips I often wish we had more space for gear. In addition, you'll save a few thousand at purchase and get a couple more mpgs as well. I wanted to get a minivan to start, but my wife wanted an SUV. If Mom ain't happy, ain't nobody happy! So we got the Pilot. But even she has admitted several times that a minivan would probably have been better.
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    I just traded in 07 Odyssey LX to get a 08 Pilot VP AWD. They are both the base trims so I can't tell you anything re loaded one.

    The Ody is lower and longer. That makes the minivan more convenient (load/unload everything) and more space for passenger / cargo.

    They both have 3.5L engine and the MPG isn't a big difference. I got the 4x4 Pilot so the AWD system will have 1 MPG less than the FWD. However the AWD is great for New England harsh winter.

    The steering in the Pilot feels heavier (that make the driver feels this is heavier car) in low speed than the Odyssey, but quieter than the Ody in driving, softer over bumps/holes, better handling due Pilot is about 1 foot shorter than Ody.
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    Not being a expert, I believe when tests rear impact, they place the seats on a platform and simulate a rear impact, so basically the seats are tested without the car. Placement of headrests are very important in this test, the headrests need to be adjustable......
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    The way I read the orginal question, the poster was asking about safety for the kid in the 3rd row if the Pilot were rear-ended. As I understand the crash tests, they don't cover this situation. If anyone has insight on this aspect of the question, I'd be interested in hearing it too. Thanks!
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    Hi Jeff, I just bought a 2010 Pilot Touring 2WD on Friday and sold my 2000 Odyssey with 147,000 miles on Sunday. My kids are 10, 7, and 4. I am really excited about the pilot. I love it so far. It really is fun to drive. The Odyssey was perfect for us for ten years and I loved that car, but I sure am loving a change. There definitely isn't as much cargo space behind the third row because you lose the deep well of the Odyssey. So far, that hasn't bothered me, but I am sure on long trips we will feel it. I am planning on putting on a rooftop carrier for our annual beach trip. I don't know about the safety of the third row in the Odyssey versus the Pilot. My kids can sit in the second row comfortably, and yesterday we had more kids with us and it wasn't difficult getting them in and out of the third row. I will be adding on running boards, because the pilot sits up substantially higher than the Odyssey and my four year old is having trouble getting up into it. Check out the prices paid forum to see what people have paid before you make a deal. Good luck.
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