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Tailgate troubles with Chevy Equinox

sparky65401sparky65401 Member Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Chevrolet
Has anybody had problems with the tailgate not wanting to open? It seems like it works when it wants to and that's not very often. I run a mail route and I'm constantly in the back of the rig. Wish I could get it to the dealer, but with it not working right, I'm always too late getting off the route to get to him.


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    heroshimaheroshima Member Posts: 9
    i know I was having a issue with my tailgate as well, I have o press the remote 3X to unlock then make sure you push the little rubber switch dead center or it would only unlock 1/2 way id have to press it again and pull at the right time or it would not open. Its a timing thing on mine, What problems are you experiencing ? also have you had any issues with you windshield wipers front and rear? my front when putting it on low will work only about 1/5th of the time and the rear will sometimes go really fast but also sometimes it just makes 1-2 swipes and stops Deal cant do squat because it never happens for them.. :mad:
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    bikingloribikinglori Member Posts: 2
    I don't like the design of the tailgate at all! It depends on the temperature whether it will go up easily or I have to push it up. And the button to unlock it IS a timing issue...I usually have to try 2 times before it unlocks and opens. AND, my boyfriend is 6'5" and he hits his head on the plastic crap that's between the pull-down grips. haha And I hate the power window buttons on the center console...what's wrong with putting them on the door like normal. Just little irritations like that...otherwise I like my '07 Equinox! :-)
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    grosloupgrosloup Member Posts: 239
    It's quite normal for the tailgate shocks to be stiffer when the temperature gets colder, all tailgate shocks do the same in every brand of S.U.V's. Mine does the same.
    The first time you press your door lock/unlock button it unlocks only the drivers door on the second press it unlocks the other doors and the tailgate. Take your time. Mine does the same.
    Can you imagine if the tailgate of the Equinox would have been made for 6 foot 5 people. My wife would need a little stool just to reach the handle to close it. She's 5 feet. Average people are not 6 foot 5.
    For the center console power window buttons, I don't know how old you are but when the power window started on cars those buttons where all on the center console. G.M. might be going back in time here?

    My Nox is a 05 and I love it like it is. You'll see, you'll get used to those power window buttons on the center console, practice your remote lock/unlock and you'll get the trick of it, for the tailgate shock the only thing is to wait or wish for some warmer weather.
    Unfortunately, for your boyfriend he'll have to learn to lower his head when he's in that danger zone.
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    camiguycamiguy Member Posts: 3
    I work on the tailgates. My job is to put on the rear spoiler. I am 6 foot 5 . I raise about 200 hatches a day and some are stiff depending on how cloud the shock for the gate are after they come in from the truck. If you gate does not open climb into the back and look at the hatch you will see a plastic circle. Remove that and you need a flat screwdrive to press on the lock to open.
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