Sienna emmission engine check light

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Sienna with 98,000 miles. We had an engine check light that would not go away after resetting the module. Changed the gas cap still went off. Finally had them replace a few hoses and it looks like its all better now.

So if you get some emmission codes it could all just be a hose going to the charcoal canister. Costs me 100 ($51 for the engine check and $49 for a hose that costs a buck). But you can fix it yourself if you have hose to replace it.


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    Thanks for the tip, I'll keep that in mind.

    I bought a scanner a while ago, back then it was $105 but I've seen them for half that much lately. They're useful to have around.

    I've used it maybe 3 times for our fleet, and at least 2 other times for friends, so it already paid for itself.
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    Well neither a new gas cap or the hoses fixed the problem after all. I guess toyota can't seem to determine what it is. All they seem to want to do is replace parts. There is a TSB on my engine light issues. Says replace the VNC valve. Wonder why they don't read their own TSB's.
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    engine code was PO440 and PO446

    Well the tech at toyota says its the vacuum sensor valve. So purchased one at toyota for $67.00 and I installed it. It was pretty easy just had to remove the air filter top and the component is located on the back. It has a wire connector that comes off pretty easy. It also has two vacuum lines one has a hose one does not.

    You can remove one hose pretty easy, then the wire connector then remove the 2 philips screws. then you can pull the unit off which also disconnects the other port. Reverse to reinstall. Easy toyota wanted $50+ to install it.

    For the engine codes I had there was a TSB to replace the VSV I told the tech prior to the work. I guess they ran a test and got the correct error this time. Instead of just wanting to replace the charcoal canister like they wanted to do. That canister costs $270.00 part alone.

    The only thing that pissed me off is my sienna repair book said the 2001 had the VSV on the fender instead of right on the air filer box like < 2001 Siennas. If I'd known the VSV was right on the box I would have tested it and replaced it on the first round and saved $100.00 bucks. Hate when repair books are not specific. That and the picture of the unit was not exactly right.

    So hopefully the engine code is gone for good now.
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    My toyota sienna xle has 110000 miles on it. I had to replace the engine at 82000 because of my fault. Since then the check engine light comes on periodically but has gone out. Car has run fine until recently. The check engine light is always on, my mileage is decreasing and I notice the engine reving when at a stop (this would explain the decrease in mileage). When I had taken it to Toyota year ago they could not figure it out after 3 hours. But they reset it and it did not come back on for almost a year. My mechanic is at a loss trying to figure out what to do next with this code. I am not anxious to take it back to Toyota after last time but if I had a clue what it might be then I would feel better prepared.
    Anyone have an idea about this code, decreasing gas mileage and engine revving?
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    I recently changed my timing belt at 106K, after completion I drove for a while then the check engine light illuminated. The vehicle drives beautifully with no apparent malfunction. I had a diagnostic check done and the code P01346 was displayed. I consulted the dealer for some assistance and was told that the rear cam shaft gear was off timing by a tooth which occasionally happens due to the position that cam is situated to see the marks for proper alignment. I however reset the timing again. After driving for a while the C/E light re appeared. Diagnostic test displayed code P1346 indicating VVT sensor/camshaft position sensor circuit, performance Bank 1.
    My question is, could the rear cam sensor get defective under the above circumstances. as it is not located in the area of the timing belt that it could be damaged or disturbed during repairs. Your suggestion would be appreciated.
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    Thanks for the info. The only place I have been able to find the code with my engine - P01350 for for Lexus but at least it did indicate bank #2. anybody seen Lexus codes with toyota engines. I know Lexus and toyota are actually under same business structure. nm
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    I have a 2002 sienna with 140000 miles on it the check engine light is on and i have a po420 catylist code bank 1. I changed bank 1 sensor bank 2 sensor and sensor at cat all coming from toyota. Then i changed the cat the engine pipe and the front cat connected to the manifold which in turn replaced all the cats. I reset the computer and after the drive cycle the same po420 catalyst code bank 1 returned i'm stumped now.
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    I had the same code and is definately not alligned right when you re- allign it right the code will go away. Sorry to say but it is still out one tooth. Because of the rear pulley position and when you release the tension back on the belt it is difficult to keep everyhting in place.
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    Traded in the sienna a year ago. The light never did go out. Took it to a really good
    repair place that checked it for emission leaks with smoke. They of course found leaks all over the place. The gas cap area (already replaced the cap once) and the canister leaked as well. They were talking 1500.00 to do the repairs and still would not guarrentee the engine light would go off. So we dumped the van.

    Sickens me that these sensors cause so many problems and the repair people are clueless to the answer.

    The repair place did say we had the wrong gas cap. But we got it from toyota, in fact the parts place needed our vin number because toyota had about 3 different caps for that year model. I guess the idiot gave us the wrong cap. Would not be supprised if that was the problem.

    But the van would stall and got bad gas mileage so it was getting to be too much of a problem. I can live with the gas mileage but stalling was too dangerous.
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    I know this is way out in left field but I had a strange code and it turned out to be some rodents in the engine bay, chewing up the wiring harness. It reported bad knock sensors, but it was chewed wires! :surprise:
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    Need Help - Please!
    140,000 miles - car passes emmissions test levels but fails because of these codes and misfire codes. The CEL is on, and from other post, I checked the following:
    1) the gas-cap- it whooshes when I open the tank after being parked for 1 hour.
    2) removed the canister - it's lightweight and dry, and does not appear to be cracked, but it had heavy gas fumes. Hoses look new and are tight.
    3) solenoid valve at canister - tested fine. Connections are good.
    4) upper solenoid valve at air filter - tested fine. Connections are good.
    5) upper hose at air filter - looks good.
    What's next to check? Any advice?
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    Not to scare you but your problem may be engine "oil gel" or sludge related. I also had my check engine light on in my 2000 Sienna for over 2 years and all they ever said was to tighten my gas cap. Now, this past November 2008, my car started to smoke in the mornings when I would first crank it. You need to go to and read it over. Also, there is a petition that other Toyota owners are signing on line. I can't remember the web address but if you google oil gel/sludge petition you will find it. Feel free to write me back if you need any advice. I just noticed that your Sienna is a 2003. Your engine may not have the same problem as the 1 MZ FE that was affected in the settlement. Good Luck!
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    I had 99,500 miles on my 01 sienna. When we kept getting the loose gas cap type engine light, it also started to stall on some occasions. When I brought it in they said it was leaking emmissons at the cap, and 3 other places. They would not guarrentee the $1000.00 repair would fix the problem.

    I did not believe they knew what the problem was, because why would it leak all over the place. It should have been only one location. It was apparent they were trying to get me to repair things that did not need repair.

    We traded the van in but if it were the oil sludge issue. I would have still been covered under the toyota extended warranty for sludge which is 100k I think. Would have been nice to know this could have been the problem all along.

    Now that I think about it I am pretty sure a sludge issue would also have caused stalling. But the van would work fine most of the time. Just have that dumb engine light on.
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    The light was basically just reporting an indirect symptom of the sludge issue.
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    when were were driving out 2006 Sienna with 35,000 miles on it, home from vacation our "Mait Req" light came on (because it was time for our oil change, nothing to worry about.), then our (-) tire pressure light came on , due to a leek in one tire. As we stopped at the gas station, we put more air in the tire and headed home. the (-) tire pressure light came back on and the three lights jumped on all at once (malfunction indicator lamp) ( VSC) and ( ABS).
    When I took the van in to the shop, I told them that I though everything was related and to just do the oil change and we will replace the back tire. If the (malfunction indicator lamp light) does not go off, should I spend the $150 for them to check to see if anythying else is wrong or do you think they are related and wait a while?
    I could use some help.
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    Instead of paying $150 why not buy an ODB2 scanner for $99 or so? Then you can use it again next time.

    Having said that, the fact that 3 lights went on at the same time imply it may be a problem too complex for a DIYer.
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    "...we stopped at the gas station.."

    "..three lights jumped on.."

    CE, VSC, and TC...??

    I know you said ABS, but...

    And only "topped off" the fuel, or didn't fully seat the gas cap..??
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