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My husband and I are repairing a 1977 Jeep Cherokee and have come to a road block. Can anyone tell us where we can get the rubber window seals for the windshield? The Jeep is almost finished except for the seals. Been everywhere on line; no luck! Can someone help us? Thanks


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    Hi Nstoop,

    My father and I are also repairing a 1977 Jeep Cherokee and we are also missing the rubber window seals for the windshield, as well as for all other windows, so if you find out where to get them, please let us know :)

    Also, do you know where I can find the window winders and seat belts online??

    This car belonged to my grandfather and it will mean a lot to us to get it in shape.

    Thank you in advance for your wonderful help.


  • agonza05agonza05 Member Posts: 2
    Hi NStoop,

    Found something that I think is what you are looking for on but I am not sure what it includes...Is this what we are both looking for??
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    Thanks, My husband also suggest Jeep Junkie magazine. He closed the windows on the sides because we could not find the window seals, Happy hunting NStoop
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    The problem is this:
    When I turn the lights on, if I apply the brake my tail lights go off(no Rear Lights at all), release the breaks and the lights return.
    When I have the lights off, the break light works fine.

    Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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    check and make sure that you have right bulbs if you do go to jeep and buy new bulb holders but sure sounds as if you have a bulb shorted out i wiold just change them
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    I just bought my first Jeep Wrangler and I've been pricing parts to fix it up alittle. Wow, they can be expensive. I've got some parts books and was hoping for some input on cheaper places to look. If anyone has any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it. It's a 92 Sahara. I'm looking for fenders, but all the ones I find are cut to heck and back. HELP ME PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks. :(
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    1994 cherokee sport. Turn signal lever broken at the switch. Need to replace.
    Any suggestions for how to get plastic off steering column without totally
    destroying it? Also what should I expect to pay for the switch. It is multi-purpose.
    Turn signal, intermittent wiper and windshield washer.
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    Hi, thanks for your update. I too heard that, partstrain is the best accessories suppliers. I would be helpful for me.
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    I dont have a Jeep wrangler I have a Cherokee but I am also always lookin for parts to fix her up. My advice search the internet there are lots of sites sellin parts at cheaper prices, just gotta search em out. Also junk yards sometimes if you look hard enough you can find a much better lookin one and paint it. :shades:
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    Wrong Part - I'm trying to find a replacement upper radiator hose for a 98 Jeep Cherokee Sport, 2.5L 4 cycl. engine, 2 WD. I cannot find one anywhere and have ordered the part 4 times and each time get the wrong part. Advance, Auto Zone, and NAPA have all tried ordering the part and when it comes in it's the wrong one. Their computer shows two different part numbers both wrong. Tried going to the dealership and they also showed two different parts but no picture so they didn't know if it was right but it cost $150. Has anyone else had this problem or does anyone know the right part number.
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    Anyone have the Mopar All Weather floor or cargo mats for their new JGC?
    What are your thoughts? Looking on line and trying to decide what to get.
    Dealer where I bought didn't have any in stock. Going to call another dealer today.
    I would like to see them before I buy. If you have something else, what brand/model?

  • xc90508xc90508 Member Posts: 26
    I ended up buying the Mopar mats on Friday. I figured the car manufacturer would have the best fitting mats. I didn't get a warm feeling that the mats I saw online would fit. The only down side is they only come in black and I have a light colored interior, but they look fine. They seem realy durable and flexible, not hard plastic.

    One other point... The driver side mat doesn't even really come under the gas pedal where you foot would be. It is a good 6 to 8 inches from the accelorator link, but I guess they wanted to make sure they steered clear and not have a fiasco like Toyota.
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