Removable Forester rear seats?

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Will be replacing my '95 Ford Windstar and am attracted by Subaru's quality and reliability. Aside from that, I know very little about the Forester and, since whatever vehicle I get to replace the Windstar must be able to carry two very large dogs (Newfoundlands, each of about 150 pounds), I wonder if the rear seats of the Forester can be easily removed to accommodate these gentle giants? Even If they can, can any of you advise if the Forester itself, sans rear seats, is large enough to be a dogmobile?


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    I would just fold them forward, so they'd lie flat.

    I took a 3 hour road trip with a friend and his two large dogs in my 98 Forester. One is a chocolate lab, the other a lab/doberman mix.

    The step-in height is low so they could get in fairly easily, and they basically sat lying down next to each other. Standing up it would be a bit crowded but they could manuever around enough to get comfy.

    After 3 hours we arrived and the chocolate lab didn't want to get out. C'mon, Mocha! OUT! :D

    I have a minivan now so I went in the opposite direction as you. To be honest the van is almost TOO big, I'd be worried about them sliding around while the vehicle was moving.
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    Taking the rear seats out won't accomplish anything since they already fold flat with the cargo floor.

    I have two Labs (65 and 90 lbs) and they fit fine in the back. Not sure if your Newfies will fit quite as well. There should be adequate floor space with the seats down but the limiting factor might be the cargo height of the Forester. I recommend you measure their height standing (to the top of the head) and compare that with the Forester. If they can stand up then you'll be okay but if they can't, I suggest you rethink your options.

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