U-Haul's ban on Ford Explorers

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Is anyone out there aware that UHaul will not rent a trailer to anyone planning to use a Ford Explorer as the towing vehicle? I'm told it's a litigation issue and not a safety issue. I would be interested to hear any other stories on this issue.


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    I just got this information today. I was going to buy a Class III hitch for my Explorer and after getting the price (which was good) was told they could not rent to me if I used the Explorer as the tow vehicle. I told them they could keep the hitch and I'll pay a little more to someone that wants my business. I suggest all Explorer or even Ford owners boycott UHaul, I am. Here is what I got from Uhaul:
    Thank you for your request for information on our policy regarding Ford Explorers.

    U-Haul has chosen not to rent behind this tow vehicle based on our history of excessive costs in defending lawsuits involving Ford Explorer towing combinations. This is an unusual circumstance and we do not like having to make this decision. We do not like saying “no” to our customers and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. This policy is not related to safety issues.

    U-Haul can offer several ways to move. We suggest using a different tow vehicle or renting a truck and/or an alternate towing combination to facilitate your move. For rates or more information, please visit us on line at www.uhaul.com, click on truck & trailer or contact our National Sales and Reservations Team at 1-800-468-4285.

    We appreciate your time and understanding of our policies.

    Jackie Wengerd
    U-Haul Customer Service
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    The arrogance of your reply is amazing. You are telling people to get another car or rent a truck because of the corporate decision made by U-Haul based upon the advice of council.. Shame on you. Do you think most people have the money to spend on such a solution? The stupidity of the decision to not rent to Explorer owners is surpassed only by the guideline that U-Haul will rent a trailer to owners of Mercury Mountaineers. :)
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    Yes, here in Tucson I got the same answer. Solution was simple: Went to a body shop and bought a "used" Expedition plate for the back of the vehicle for $1.00. Then removed the Explorer one and replaced it with the Expedition. A little touch-up paint was required, but that was easy.

    Went back to U-all-haul and told them I had an Expedition. Pulled around and they put a 12 foot trailer on the existing hitch. No sweat.

    Note: Keep the old Explorer plate to replace if case you want to sell it!
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    I forgot to mention the reason I was given - seems that U-Haul lost trailers because of the Firestone Tires defect blow-out issue that came OEM on Explorers, causing the high rate of roll-overs. Even after the cause was determined that it was the tires, not the vehicle, U-Haul must not have been happy with the settlement, so they decided to screw Explorer owners/Ford and prevents their trailers from hooking up. (story given by U-Haul employee, sounds right, but I cannot verify it).

    Funny thing is - you can take your Explorer to a U-Haul dealer and buy a hitch for it and they will even intall it! Randyeme is right - you can even get a trailer for a Yugo, probably a bicycle if you want, but no Explorer.
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    As far as I know, U-Haul will rent you a trailer if you show up in a Mercury Mountaineer too. And the Mountaineer as I'm sure you know is a twin to the Explorer.
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    In order to find the most ironic thing about this whole mess, one does not need to look further than U-Haul's website. You can purchase various items from U-Haul's website including hitch covers...included in the store is a Ford Explorer hitch cover [insert obvious sarcasm here]. Copy and paste the link below.

    http://store.uhaul.com/Hitch_covers/Vehicle_receiver_covers/Ford_Explorer_Receiv- er_Cover
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    "..cause was determined....."


    The "cause" was the idiot Ford engineers who decided that lowering the tire pressure would lower the propensity of the Explorer to rollover....!!
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    Two years later and nothing has changed.

    The 2012 is out and has nothing in common with the older Explorers. But still no dice.

    Anti Ford Bias: U-Haul Won't Rent Trailers to Explorer Drivers (Straightline)

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    Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on ME.

    U-haul is taking no chances.
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