Mazda CX-9 Diesel

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does anyone know if there is a plan to put a diesel engine on the Mazda CX-9?


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    I'll start by saying I don't have the first clue about whether or not Mazda will ever offer a diesel in the CX-9. I'll finish by asking why on earth would you want to?
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    Simple, diesel engine saves fuel which is good for the environment. Diesel engines also have lots of advantages, the engine last longer and and you get more torque. The new diesels coming out of the market are now more efficient and cleaner too.
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    Both gasoline and diesel fuel are refined from good 'ol Hydrogen and Carbon atoms in various formulas, so I can't buy the "saves fuel" and environmental benefits arguments. Some of the new synthetic diesel formulas have merit but are not yet readily available. Any engine will last long if properly maintained and not abused. If you're after tons of torque, I'll concede that diesel outperforms gas, but I'm not sure a crossover vehicle is your best bet. Current gasoline engines are also more efficient and cleaner than in years past also.
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    No offense intended, but you "can't buy the saves fuel arguments" only because you are lacking information. Thirty seconds with Google might not convince you, but at least it will show you where easym1 is coming from.

    Yes, normal diesel comes from crude oil, but it requires less refining and much less energy to produce than gasoline does. A gallon of diesel also stores more energy than a gallon of gasoline; hence the already-mentioned vehicle fuel-efficiency gains. Add these together, and you have an energy source that is easier on the planet than than the majority fuel choice. Yes, at this point, most diesel's still from an unrenewable resource, but with gas prices where they are, we as a nation should at least be looking at this lesser of two evils.

    For lesser evil still, bio-synthetic diesel looks promising, but then again, so does the used french-fry oil at fast food restaurants...

    Fry fuel: McDonald’s franchisee runs cars on it

    Incidentally, I would think that any vehicle with "U" in its abbreviation would be perfectly suited for diesel engines. Diesels have long been a "status symbol" for pickups; that the "rugged utility" image of a diesel hasn't trickled down to SUVs and then to CUVs just demonstrates the hyprocrisy of our infatuation with a car-based vehicle that looks butcher than it really is... :)
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    Simple, diesel engine saves fuel which is good for the environment.

    But diesel also requires up to 25% more oil to produce and emits up to 17% more greenhouse gas than gasoline. (Gasoline or Diesel?)

    Better for the environment? It may be a wash.

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    With regards to the new diesel engines on cars and the amount of consumptions, it's more efficient. I guess I didn't realize that we need more oil to produce diesel fuel. I hope that advancement in technology addresses this issue. Thanks for the great information tidester.
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    No offense taken. We agree to disagree. Good dialogue, though.
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    well people, i also wish that there is a CX-9 with diesel engine, i disagree with the guy thta not believes a diesel engine is more efficient.
    Thermodynamically speaking it is more efficient, and it is for a very simple reason, the compresion rate is way much greater than in gasoline cars, so what does this mean? that they need less rpm, to produce the same energy, thats why a diesel engine has a better fuel economy, because the energy transferred to the crankshaft is greater, needing less rpm, therefore less fuel, adn with the new diesel upgrades, the diesel engine becomes a more effective option for great power, saving some chips and protecting the environment. peace
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    We're talking cars more than SUVs or trucks over in the What Would It Take for YOU to buy a diesel car? discussion, but some of y'all may find it interesting.
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