Lincoln LS Total Mileage?

keystone2k9keystone2k9 Member Posts: 25
Generally speaking, a 2000 Lincoln LS should last how many miles?

I've got 86K on mine so far and am wondering if it's time to start thinking about a new car . I typically drive it 20-30 miles a day throughout a 5-6 day week.

Thanks in advance for any insight :)


  • akirbyakirby Member Posts: 8,062
    You should have no trouble going 150K with proper maintenance.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Member Posts: 5,450
    Mine has 123K on it and is running strong. Regular oil changes, tires, shocks, filters, brakes & that sort of thing should do it.

    Remember that Ford/Lincoln makes many/most of the country's police cars, taxicabs & limos which last for hundreds of thousands of miles.

    Good luck. Some are certainly better than others.
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  • flawlsflawls Member Posts: 2
    Mine has 96k but my cousin has one with 160k. If you take car of it, it will in turn take car of you.
  • smitty27smitty27 Member Posts: 1
    FYI - I have an 01 LS with 215k - no issues in the past 3 years -other than a set of wheel bearings.
  • jroysterjroyster Member Posts: 2
    Mine has 248,150 miles on it now. Still runs well, but there are things that I need to have fixed. Overall, still very dependable...I'd drive it anywhere.
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