Vent Door/Actuator HELP PLEASE

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Hello, first: thank you for everyone who posts on these forums, it helps me out a lot. Thank you.

Truck: '98 GMC JIMMY SLT 4x4-Climate control!!


My truck only blows hot air = vent door problem. So I took it out, it was infact the nylon/plastic gear worn down. So I bought a new acuator/blend door unit.

I put it in yesterday, but it went back to the heat only (vent open) position. So I tried taking the battery cables out, for about 10mins, but still no luck.

I took out the battery cable last night, with the RDO/ACEE fuse (15AMP)...but it will still ONLY BLOW HOT AIR. (VENT OPEN).

When I manually move the plastic stick which controls the flap (to CLOSED), i get outside air, but when the flap is open its all hot air.



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    I fixed it.....It was the blue gear, it has to be aligned was in the wrong position.
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    battery died. jumped the car with my battery pack. now my jimmy only blows hot air = vent door problem. i am not sure what is going on with it. it worked perfect before this. any suggestions. is the vent door actuator done?
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    where is the actuator located. i am having the same problem. please help :cry:
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    Found problem; The actuator gear was broken. The actuator is located left of the tweeter under the dash. It is possible to reach it without removing the dash. Part can be found for a reasonable price at Good luck
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