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I have an 6cly 2005 Highlander and it didnt come with an owners manuel , i had to order 1 but its not coming for a few weeks yet , So one of my lights went on on the dash. I need someone to tell me what the light is , best way to explain it is its a upside down U with ripples at the bottom and an exclamtion mark inside the U. I thought mabye it was a tire sensor so i had my tires checked with air , one tire was down like 20lbs but the sensor is still on ( unless it is a tire sensor light and is there a trick to turn it off somehow ? ). So can anyone tell me what the light is , thanks!


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    You were right. It is a tire air pressure sensor. You have to reset it. I think it is under your ignition lock. I have an 08. Good luck!
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    Thanks for the repy back , i went to get it checked again from a friend today who works at a dealership, and he was able to reset the tire sensor for me , i didnt watch and failed to ask him how he did it but im glad he was able to ( ill check under my ignition lock as well ) , I need to call him on monday to ask how. He also advise me that any other place needs to check the spare tire for air loss under the suv since it also has a sensor and even tho its not on the car yet it should still be checked with air and it can make the sensor go off as well. So thats good 2 know . I had a tire place put/check air in all 4 tires beforehand today and they said my back tire was 20lbs under and told me to come back to check for a leak on monday. but my friend told me they bullshitted me and it was my front drivers tire that was a lil under so i dunno, ill watch both tires tho ( since the light didnt go off after that i was confused on what it was ). I just got this suv end of aug and since they told me it was brand new tires put on i havent checked the air since but i know i should check more often ( glad for the sensor light tho since i tend to not check as often as i should ) . Im glad it wasnt nothing too major. Thanks again for the help!
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    It is your tire pressure sensor. It happens on my car ( about 8 times now and Ihave 49,000 miles) and I have to bring it in to have the service department re-set it- they never charge me. They check my tires and sometimes the pressure is just fine but the weather changed. They tell me it is very sensitive. It can be your spare tire as well. One time I did have a nail in my tire but it continued to drive smoothly anyway. My advice- have themn check and re set the sensor. :)
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    Thanks 4 replying. Ever since a friend of mine at his dealership fixed it i havent had a prob since.I dont mind if the pressure light comes on since i have a bad habit of not checking air in my tires as often as i should. And he did mentionm that it also will go off for my spare as well. I found out where the reset button is in my highlander to turn off the light so now i can do it myself.
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    First generation Highlanders use indirect means to monitor the 4 tires(not including spare) via the anti-lock wheel sensors measuring rotational differences. There are no direct tire pressure sensors except for 2008 2nd generation Highlanders.
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    I just had 4 new tires put on- they said I needed them and I said okay without researching what type and price- my hurried lifestyle-Goodyear Integrity I believe...have no idea if they are good ( $152. each) or not but one day later and the tire pressure light is on! So what does that light mean if not direct tire pressure? 2004 Highlander.
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    I also have 2004 Highlander. One of the tires may not have same pressure as the others, check it and reset light according to owner's manual.
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    The pre-2007 Highlanders can only warn you that a tire is low, and, if I'm not mistaken, don't indicate which tire is actually low. Just that one or more are. They do not provide any actual pressure measurements.

    The 2008 Highlanders actually report the measured pressure for each individual tire, including the spare, i.e. 38 psi, 38 psi, 39 psi, 38 psi, and 40 psi.
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