97-03 Malibu customization and parts success

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I have been looking for anything about my 04 malibu classic so everything from an 03 can fit. if anyone has anything they can share i would appreciate it.


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    The 04 model line as a complete change over from the 03...little if any of the exterior parts will fit the 03 Malibu....if you referring to engine.....would say the same applies as I beleive they went to a different engine as well..but could be wrong there.......what exactly are you looking for here....
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    I have A 04 CLASSIC. has a 2.2 ecotec engine and the same body style as the 03 malibu. everythign is the same. it is not like the new 04 malibus. these were used for fleet and private use.
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    unaware of an 04 Classic Malibu...so cant be too much help for you.....dont quite understand why there would be a "special" 04 model year Classic and a separate 04 new production malibu...so have to take your word on it....good luck
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    GM has done that over the past few years. Basically if a vehicle is produced withing X months of the 1st of the year, it can be pushed to the next model year. So this year in 07 you will see Sierra Classic Pickups and the associated Chevy "classic" pickups along with the "new" body style.

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    All I really am looking for is New molded carpeting for let's say a 2003 malibu. I want it black though. Also am looking for a black headliner. If anyone can point me into the direction of obtaing them or any good websites. it would be appreciated
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    Hey everyone, i own a 1999 malibu, it has a 3.1 L v-6 engine, and ive stumbled upon a supercharger for this engine. is it a good idea to purchase and install this supercharger. keep in mind that its a front-wheel drive, so ive been told the drive terrain will be under enormous stress with such a dramatic power increase. can anyone here help me?

    and also, soes anyone know where i might find a custom speedometer cluster for my car?
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    If they manufacture a supercharger for your Malibu, I'm sure your engine would be able to handle it, of course there are a lot of variables (mileage, location, etc.) that come into play but I'm sure the fuel management setup is conservative.

    The only issue I foresee with a supercharger setup is your automatic transmission, the engine can handle it but I'm afraid your transmission will be destroyed with time. The item that always breaks in the transmission is the torque converter, you might want to find a beefier unit or a way to reinforce it.

    Besides that, have fun modding!
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    thanks AAS! you guys are actually the ones who are selling the supercharger! lol
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    are there any aftermarket body ground -fx parts available for a '99 malibu out there?? would like to customize my 4-dr .?? are there any ways to make my 3.1 really haul-butt?? hi-po parts to make hp,or speed?? would i run into some kind of computer issues or swaps? are there 3.1 bolt on horse-power out there? was told to put a 3.4 in its place.is this worth the time/money? i'm a mechanic,and would like any feed-back you guys can give....thanks!!! rick-st.lo, mo.
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    let me know how this super-charger swap out works for you.....i too am interested in hi-po 3.1 parts!!!! i was told to put a 3.4 in place of 3.1, for more h.p.(?) got any ideas, how to "go fast" w/ 3.1??? thanks: rick.
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    yes, there is actually an extensive list of body kits for a 1999-2003 malibu. check http://www.andysautosport.com tehre are also some nice body kits on ebay. performance mods.... you can get a short ram intake for a 3.1 that will add about 9 hp to your engine. and, of course, you can also consider NOS (i wouldnt do anymore than a 50-75 shot though) and, when you say "worth the money" thats a relative term. if you are willing to put 5 G's more into performance mods, you can get a supercharger that will add about 200 hp. and THAT, my friend.. will make your mali "hall butt!"

    i hope you found this information helpful

    (intakes and superchargers also available at andys autosport.)

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    and as far as computer issues, you can either completely remove the governer. (which is probably illegal on te street) or you can have it, as well as RPMs tuned up at a shop. i personally wouldnt swap a 3.1 for any other motor, simply because, if the engine you are swapping doesnt fit the exact same bolt holes and sizes in the engine well, then you will run into some serious cash issues with custom fabrication. dont get me wrong, it CAN be done... but the funds have to be there. i was going to fit my 99 mali with a skyline engine, but my body man said he could do it for $25,000 so i was like oooookayy....no.

    Happy Modding! :):)
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