Mazda--won't make that mistake again!!!

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Hi all-
I owned a pre-Ford Mazda (1990)--best little
truck I ever owned. I mean it all the abuse an 18
year-old could throw at it (including irregular oil
changes-once a year if I remember correctly) and
seemed to ask for more!!! As a matter of fact, my
father still uses it as a work horse truck.
However....the 1999 I purchased four months
ago is a completely different story. The worst
part, I guess, is that I can not find another idiot
stupid enough to buy it from me--even at $2,000
below what Edmunds recommends and $6,000 below
As a warning to other drivers of this piece
of junk, the driver's side airbag will go off when
making an 8mph left hand turn into a parking lot if
you slide on sand and impact the curb with the
right front tire!!! Better will cause
over $2500 worth of damage to the INTERIOR of your
truck (steering wheel, horn, airbag, etc.)Not to
mention, it hurts like &*@#!!!! Been in 'bar-room'
brawls and received punches that did not compare
to that airbag!!! Apparently this is a real
problem for MAZDA because most of the parts needed
for repair are on national back-order!!! The truck
has been in the repair shop 'awaiting parts' for
over a month now!!!
Also, could anyone enlighten me as to what
*bright* engineer decided it would be a good idea
to ‘hard-wire' the air-conditioning's compressor
into the vent control system... The stupid
compressor runs continuously even if the heat is on
or if you try to turn on the vents only. Does
wonders for the gas mileage and horse-power not to
mention that it produces lukewarm air at best!!!
Does the B2500 even come with a suspension
system... I bet the old horse and buggy deals on
dirt roads provided a smother ride than my
*superiorly engineer* 1999 Mazda!!!


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    You can always blame it on Ford. But seriously, did the air bag hurt that much ??
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    Ford and Mazda have been in a business relationship long before 1990. The original Ford Courier small pickup used a 2L Mazda MA series 4 cyl.
    Mazda acquired the rights for the Wankel rotary from Ford, which I believe ended in Ford controlling 25% of Mazda. Fords percentage has increased since then.
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    I think that airbags deploy at about 200 mph, if I remember correctly, so yeah, that must have hurt.
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    Ford currently owns 33.4% of Mazda. Felix Wankel's rotary engine was licensed by Mazda (in 1967, originally) from NSU, which has since been absorbed into VW/Audi; Ford got into the picture when they turned over a prewar Japanese plant to Toyo Kogyo (Mazda's original name) in 1979 in exchange for a 25% stake in the company.
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    I am a 5'2" female, 110lbs, with 12 years of active duty service in the Marine Corps. Straight up, that punch I received (the guy missed his intended target and got me) did not in anyway prepare me for that airbag.
    I'm still visiting a chiropractor on a regular basis and can LITTERALLY hear and feel the vertebras in my neck pop and move about whenever I move my head.
    Airbags are designed to the standard of protecting a 5'7", 170lb male from a 35-40mph frontal crash. I guess anyone not fitting that description, and in a 35-40mph impact, is just SOL!!! The point I was trying to make is that it only took an 8mph impact with the rim of my right front tire to set mine off. Airbags may or may not be a good idea (individual decision), but my point is that manufactures (MAZDA) are becomeing so damn paranoid that they are setting these things WAY too sensitive.
    The tech at the Mazda dealership in Colorado Springs tried to tell me that Mazda designes their airbags to activate at any impact with a solid object over 5mph. I haven't been able to find out if that's true or not yet, but if it is...

    Just be careful out there....
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    A few things,

    Airbags are also designed in a way to keep unbelted adults from getting too hurt. This is why they deploy so quickly. If everyone would wear their seatbelts.....

    Also, do you really think this constitutes calling the truck junk. Have you tried to have the dealership take a look at the air conditioning. Maybe there is something wrong that can easily be fixed.

    As for the ride, it is the smallest cheapest truck Ford makes. An Escort isn't going to ride like a Lincoln (or even a Sable or Taurus.) Same with trucks. I don't think any of the smaller trucks will have as good a ride as the bigger trucks.
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    I wear my seatbelt--each and everytime as do the majority of the people I know.

    The truck is a piece of JUNK!!! What I have previously listed in this section is only a few of the problems I've had with that thing...

    1) gas mileage (about 12mph (2-wheel drive),

    2) the thing with the AC was DESIGNED that way (still can't phantom why),

    3) can't get over 3500 RPMs or the truck 'bogs' down,

    4) Lukewarm air is the best you can hope for when you turn the heat on and that is only after the truck has been running for about half of an hour,

    5) Any designer that designs an airbag to explode at ANY impact over 5mph (and cause over $2,500 worth of damage to the interior of the truck) should be taken out back and beaten!!!

    6) I do agree that it is the cheapest piece of junk on the street.

    7) I bought a truck, so I didn't expect a 'Lincoln' ride. I also didn't expect to have the back end of it 'jump' sidewards everytime I hit a pebble either. Neither did I expect to be thrown about the cab (even with my seatbelt on) everytime I go over a speed-bump),

    8) I owned a 'baby' Nissan truck before this thing, and the ride was actually quiet nice.
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    A few years ago, my dad, wanting to replace his 1986 B2000 with 212,000 miles on the odo and more holes than swiss cheese (road salt effects), bought new a 1996 B2300. He had a lot of the same problems you describe. I drove it too, and discovered that is was SEVERELY underpowered, and I also experienced the "back end jump" you describe. Scary at 80 mph and you hit an expansion joint on a bridge, eh?
    I did some research, and came up with the following:

    The defroster bit: Almost all new cars have the A/C turn on when you're defrosting. Some indicate this, some don't. A/C actually dries out the air, hence, a more rapid defog of the windshield.

    The suspension: An ancient live rear axle setup, the jumping occurs when one wheel travels up through its suspension travel. For every know the rest. End result, the bed dance.

    As for the rest of the truck, well, crappy design.

    My dad never found out firsthand about the airbag thing; he traded the truck on a new Accord for my mom, and went out and bought a 1990 B2200 with 80,000 miles and no rust (a rarity in New England) off some old guy who was moving into a nursing home. He swore he'd never buy another new Mazda again, or a Ford, for that matter.
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    i could be wrong, but i think the newer mazda pickups.... i.e. the crappy 1998 and 1999 trucks, is actually a ford ranger that's been rebadged with the madza tags. I test drove a ranger pickup couple years back and didn't like it at all.
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    ...have been rebadged Ford Rangers since 1994.
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    1) gas mileage (about 12mph (2-wheel drive),

    You should get 20/25. Either you are driving it extremely hard, or something is wrong. Take it back to the dealership.

    2) the thing with the AC was
    DESIGNED that way (still can't phantom why),

    I don't know anything about AC condensor designs, but it was like that in '98 too, so you should have checked it out a little more before you bought it.

    3) can't get over 3500 RPMs or the truck 'bogs' down,

    Did you test drive it?

    4) Lukewarm air is the best you can hope for when
    you turn the heat on and that is only after the
    truck has been running for about half of an hour,

    Did you test drive it?

    5) Any designer that designs an airbag to explode at ANY impact over 5mph (and cause over $2,500 worth of damage to the interior of the truck)
    should be taken out back and beaten!!!

    You Did hit the curb. Air bags are designed to deploy when an object hits your truck. All cars have airbags now, so there is no way around that except to buy a used car, or get a kill switch for the airbags.

    6) I do agree that it is the cheapest piece of
    junk on the street.

    Yep, the B2500 2wd is the absolute cheapest B-Series truck you can get. Maybe you should have gotten a B3000 or B4000 or just a different type of truck.

    7) I bought a truck, so I didn't expect a
    'Lincoln' ride. I also didn't expect to have the
    back end of it 'jump' sidewards everytime I hit a
    pebble either. Neither did I expect to be thrown
    about the cab (even with my seatbelt on) everytime
    I go over a speed-bump),

    Did you test drive it?

    8) I owned a 'baby' Nissan truck before this
    thing, and the ride was actually quiet nice.

    Why didn't you buy another Nissan truck. (I'm assuming you meant "quite nice.")

    Several of your complaints should have been avoided by simply taking a test drive. I'm sorry you don't like your truck, but sometimes we need to accept responsibility for our purchases. On my '93 Sable, I am well aware that there are known problems with the headgaskets, transmission, and the heater core. I bought it used, but even back in '93 there was a history of these problems with the car. When I bought my car, I was prepared to deal with these problems. I can't complain very much if I have these problems.

    Also, I remember seeing you complain that it was underpowered. If you testdrove it, you should have noticed this. Also, there is a 3.0L V6 and a 4.0L V6 available on the other B-Series trucks. Maybe you should have bought one of those instead.
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    I meant to put your parts in quotations. Sorry.
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    I did test drive the truck and, to be honest, I never considered testing the heater out in August--my bad. I assumed it worked. Also, it just never occurred to me to 'wonder' if I had the capability of just turning on\opening the vents without engaging the AC condenser. Stupid me, I suppose.

    As far as the gas mileage thing goes, sticker does say between 16-20 miles per gallon. I have never gotten this and neither, apparently, has the majority of people who have commented on my page. Also, you may want to check out the sub-heading of 'B-Series' under the category of 'Trucks.' Seems I'm not the only one that is displeased with being taken 'for a ride.'

    I will be honest and admit that I did not 'check-out' at what speeds the Mazda airbag was designed to blow. I 'assumed' that Mazda adhered to the National Traffic Association's guideline of a 30-40mph frontal impact vice ANY impact over 5mph. Ever bumped a curb before...that's all I did. No contact was made to the bumper of my truck, nor to the body of it.

    Oh, I am accepting responsibility for buying the stupid thing in the first place and I have learned from my mistake--which I believe is showed by the title of this category.

    I guess I just made the mistake of ASSUMING that Mazda had retained the same quality I remembered from my 1988 B2000. Ever hear the one about assumptions...

    Sable--you seem to have a very interesting personality. I am not the first person to mention this, am I. Also, I do not appreciate the implication that I was so stupid as to buy a vehicle without test-driving it first. However, I do not tend to take things personally. You have the right to your own opinion. I would just caution that you 'have all your ducks in line' before opening mouth to insert foot.

    Have a nice day.
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    I did not mean to imply that you are stupid or anything like that. It just seems odd to me that you didn't notice any of these problems on your test drive. It was August... why didn't you try out the air conditioning? Why didn't you notice that the truck tended to jump around a lot when you test drove it? These just seem odd to me. These are things I would tend to watch out for. When I test drove my car, I tried every single button in there. I tried the air, the heater, every different duct opening, all the power windows/door buttons, the hood release, the gas release, the trunk release. I honestly tried everything. I drove it hard, I drove it soft, and I drove it over poorly paved roads. I noticed a problem with the temp guage. It ended up being the head gaskets which were replaced for free. Maybe I expected something to be wrong since it was used, but these just seem like things that should be checked. I tend to think that dealerships are out there to screw us car shoppers. I assume nothing about the quality or condition of the car. I was lucky, and bought my car from a dealership that was willing to stand behind their warranty and help me. It sounds like you were not since you haven't been able to get your problems fixed.

    I personally just get tired of people blasting Ford. If there is one thing wrong with their car it is because it is typical Ford quality. If there is a problem with a Honda or a Toyota, it is a fluke and is ignored. I just get irritated. I'm sorry if it seemed like I was flaming you, or being rude, but I love my car, and I get tired of people berating Ford, and me for buying one. Again I'm sorry, and I hope you don't take offense.
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    To be honest, I didn't even know there was a merger (or cooperation or whatever) between Mazda and Ford until AFTER I purchased my truck and started noticing that "Gee, that truck looks a lot like mine...but it doesn't say Mazda, ummm..."
    Looking back over this section, yes I did say 'pre-Ford' in my opening paragraph of my opening posting (oops). However, I was soon corrected by a reader and have only referred to my truck as Mazda since. I am sorry if that personally offended anyone.

    I do not hold Ford responsible for my truck. I can't because I don't know anything about the quality of Ford products, never owned one (mainly because they tend to make larger vehicles and I perfer ones I can park :-) )

    I guess what I am most upset about is that Mazda has allow their product to become such waste. I have only purchased one used vehicle (my 1988 Mazda) and yes I had just about everyone in the state of California 'check-it' out before I bought it--test drove it three times. I drove that truck hard and mistreated the _ell out of it for almost three years (putting over 200,00 miles on it). The only maintenance I EVER did to my 'baby' truck was a new clutch fan. In my mind, Mazda was the best keep secret around-inexpensive and of high quality. That was then...

    Which is why, when I decided I need a new truck (Nissan totaled), Mazda jumped to my mind first. I trust the name Mazda, so I just didn't feel the need to 'turn every knob' and 'push every button.' In my mind, not only was it brand-new (it just had to be even better than the used one I bought (note sarcasm) but, also, I just KNEW Mazdas were a quality truck (that was then--not now). What's the saying..."Fool me once-shame on you" No since in repeating the rest, because Mazda will not have the opportunity to do it again.

    Besides, I will be very surprised if Mazda is still around in five years (and if they are, I will owe a lot of people dinner). My feeling is they were going south prior to getting mixed up with Ford. Why else would they be looking for someone to bail them out...

    Sable: As previously stated, I don't take things personally. I mainly just wanted to let you know that I would not simply 'sit' by take abuse. My apologies also for the misunderstanding and lets forget the matter.

    (But I still stand behind all my nasty statements about MAZDA and the garbage they produce!!) :-)
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    Mazdas might very well be junk. I only know one person with one. Personally, the only Mazda I would even slightly consider is the 626, and I don't feel that it is the best for the money. I wonder what Ford is going to do with Mazda in the future.
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    And at least for the short-term future, Ford is leaving Volvo alone. As well, Jaguar quality improved drastically after Ford took over. Mind you, I'm not defending Ford; but Jag quality was so in the toilet it could go nowhere but up.
    As far as the newer Mazdas being rebadged Ford Rangers, well, all I can say is I'll be looking to Toyota exclusively if and when I need a truck (although I hear Honda is working on a small pickup...)
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    You are aware that the Taurus/Sable is a very popular car, but you don't seem to be current with it's reliability rating. They haven't had problems with the transmission or headgaskets since '95 when the car was revamped for the '96 model year. As for the 3.8L engine (the engine known for headgasket problems), rumor has it Ford is going to completely replace this in the near future.

    Also, I never said that they ARE junk, I said they MIGHT be, since I don't know much about them so I can't really make a decision either way.

    I can never say that Fords are junk because I own my second one now. First was a Ford Festiva (built by Kia for Ford) and now my Sable. I loved the Festiva, and I currently love my Sable. In a few years (once I'm out of college and making some money), I'm going to get a newer car. So far, the Sable (or a Taurus) is at the high end of the list.
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    If I remember correctly, the Festiva had a Mazda engine and transmission. Maybe that's why it wasn't all that bad.
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    Now I remember. The Festiva was the Ford version of the Mazda 121. Mazda never sold this car in America.
  • sable93sable93 Member Posts: 107

    I don't think it had anything to do with who designed it or who manufactured it. There simply wasn't anything that could go wrong with it. It didn't have power anything, and no special options. It was a basic transportation vehicle with an air conditioner. Although I liked it (it was my first car), my current Sable is lightyears better than it. It is much more comfortable, much more powerful, and I don't get cut off on the highway nearly as often as I used to. One complaint though.. I miss the fuel efficiency of the Festiva ( which was a very light car.)
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    I think you just got a lemon. I have driven a 91 Protege, 94 626, and now a 99 Millenia. The 626 had its share of problems, but I bought another Mazda, because my family had also owned a 92 Protege, 92 MPV, and a 95 Millenia...they were all great cars. I wasn't going to let one bad 626 stop me from buying anymore Mazdas. Now 6 months after getting the Millenia, I am still very happy. I even got a gift from Mazda the other day...a car washing kit. I'm sorry you have had problems with your truck, but that doesn't mean all Mazdas are bad or that Mazda will not be around in a few years.
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    You may want to check out the Edmund's catagory 'truck' with the sub heading of Mazda's B-Series...seems i'm not the only one buying a lemon from Mazda these days... Sorry but with the price of new vehicles today, one lemon is about all I can afford at a time.

    Furthermore, the items I listed as complaints are not what would catagorize my truck as a 'lemon'--they are BAD DESIGN flaws. Airbags designed to go off at 5-mph impacts--BAD DESIGN. The inability to turn on the vents without the air conditioning air compressor working over-time--BAD DESIGN. Lack of suspension--BAD DESIGN.

    Get the point...
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    "In fact, when Mazda adds the SOHC 4.0L to the engine line-up, it will be hard not to."
    This 4 litre engine has been available since day 1 of the new body style, the '94 model year.
    As well, I believe d1's complaints are valid, but they center on a different model than yours; namely, she's got the wheezy 4 cylinder and the 2wd's suspension, which does, in fact, bounce all over the place.
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    The rear suspension was redesigned in the '98 model year to eliminate the back end jumping.
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    Yes, Mazda does offer a 4.0L. However it is the OHV design (pushrod), not the SOHC (single over- head cam). This 205HP engine will be available on the Ranger in 2001 and for the B-Series shortly thereafter.
    I don't dispute any of d1's complaints. She has every right to feel disappointed in her purchase. I would be too. I just take exception to the implied statement that all Mazda's are junk. Mine isn't...
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    Guess what I just found out while taking a mountain curve at 70mph...Well, apparently repair shops are having problems repacking the airbag and getting all the steering components back into working order. The thing is...all checks out fine until there is a change in the climate, altitude, whatever and then SUDDENLY you have no steering capability.

    Straight up...Mazda can go straight to *@!#!!! I now own a 2000 Acura Integra (airbag sensors on firewall vice bumper--as it should be) and I have a Mazda for sale--CHEAP. I will NEVER EVER drive that piece of crap again.

    I truly hope no one else has ever experienced this problem, but I would appreciate any information that can be offered.
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    Integras are great. I've owned two. Please tell me you got a five-speed.
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    It is NOT Mazda! All of their other cars are excellent and high rated. The B-Series trucks, however, are built and designed by Ford. The only changes are minor styling ones and the Mazda badges. Their cars are still excellent, and the ones that Ford didn't stick thir hand in have excellent reliability as well. (Protége, Millenia, Miata).
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    You do realize that Ford has controlled Mazda for many years now don't you? You might want to consider the fact that the Ranger is the #1 selling small pickup. So before you go putting down Ford, you might want to remember that your Mazda Millenia is really a Ford Millenia.
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    are you telling me some shop had to repack your airbag unit? i would return to that repair facility and demand they repair your vehicle back to factory specs. something sounds dangerous, and very amiss. if this truck has been in a severe accident, ie, airbag needing replacing, the fools who did your body work are the responsible ones who need to go over this trucks front end with a fine tooth comb. have this situation checked immediately!!!
  • fuji_hi_ltdfuji_hi_ltd Member Posts: 12
    a sudden change in environment as you state, may also be with the power steering belt getting wet, when it is already loose. check all parts along this line as well as linkage, tie rod ends, etc.
  • dsobdnt1dsobdnt1 Member Posts: 13

    The problem (originally) was that the vehicle was not in a 'serious' accident, i.e., unless you classify bumping a curb with the right front tire at 8mph as serious. But yes the airbag did deploy (bad, bad Mazda).

    Trust me in the fact that I raised at least seven types of *&%# with the repair shop over the steering. But, of course, they came back to me and told me that there was nothing wrong with the steering and that the only thing they could find wrong with the vehicle was that some wheel bearings were loose.

    It just seems suspious to me that they kept the vehicle for 8 days, happily paid for all the repairs, and the tow bill (which was $558 to tow it off the mountain I left it on) for something in which they were not at fault. Also, even though I don't know anything about auto wheel bearings, I find it hard to believe it took them eight days to repair them.

    Probably should have taken it somewhere else first, because I am sure whatever was wrong has since been corrected.


    Of course I bought the 5-speed. I've never owned an automatic and would probably have problems if I ever attempted to drive one. :-) You are very correct about Integra's being awesome vehicles. I have honestly not found anything about the Integra that I do not like--and that is coming from probably one of the pickiest wenches you'll ever come across. :-) Although I haven't had to pay a repair bill yet...and I've heard that they will tempt you back to the horse and buggy setup.

    Take care all
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    The routine maintenance alone was enough to almost break me as a mere senior airman (E-4), but every time I slid behind the wheel of either of them, (my '89, and later, my '92) I knew that it was money well spent. If I could find a 1993 GS-R in great shape, I'd buy it instantly. (The 90-93 is my favorite body style; it's too bad they've let the current one go so long. It was nice in 1994, but come on, that was six years ago, and who knows when the new one will ever show up.)
  • dsobdnt1dsobdnt1 Member Posts: 13
    I never followed Acuras too closely--always considered too expensive for my checkbook; but this one (2000 Integra) wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

    No doubt, the salesman tried to 'take me for a ride,' but once I let him know I wasn't into playing games he came around to my point of view. :-) Simply put, I explained to him that during my 12 years in the USMC I'd played enough games for this lifetime and wasn't willing to play any more with him.

    My Bottom Line--I'd spent 13,000 on a new Nissan in 1994 and I didn't think the 18,000 I spent in 2000 was too bad considering the 6 year difference and inflation, etc., etc. Not to mention, that it was a significant upgrade from a Mazda, or even a Nissan for that matter.

    I probably would have stuck with Nissans (loved my little red sports car that kept on going and going regardless of the abuse) except they quit making the 2-door version. Call me weird, but I absolutely refuse to buy a '4-door sedan.'

  • sable93sable93 Member Posts: 107
    How do you like your Integra so far?
  • dsobdnt1dsobdnt1 Member Posts: 13
    My Integra has personality!! I'm hoping to have time this weekend to take her out on the highways and such, so far I've only really driven her to work and such.

    As previously stated, I have honestly not found anything about the Integra that I do not like--and that is coming from probably one of the pickiest wenches you'll ever come across. :-) I try to treat my vehicles 'right' and I expect the same from them.

    Well, I think it might be time for a drive...

  • speedyptspeedypt Member Posts: 200

    It really sounds like you got a piece of crap with a Mazda badge. Whether it was made by Ford or Mazda, Mazda got your hard earned dough. I am on my third Mazda Protege. My wife and I had identical (save color and tranny) '92 Protege LX's. Mine was the manual, hers the automatic. That Protege was simply the best car I have ever owned. I could stay within 1 car length of the Integra's all day long, it got superb gas mileage (overall average for 55K miles was 29.6 mpg) for the way I drove (way too fast) and came loaded to the hilt for $5000 less than the Integra. Don't get me wrong, the Integra was a little faster, had better handling, and was MUCH better looking. But have you ever put four people and bags in that car and drove for 7 hours? The back seat is basically non-existent in the Integra. The Integra cost a LOT more, and the insurance rates were much higher (58.00/month more) for the Integra. Now the Protege has a real back seat (better than some midsize sedans) costs next to nothing to maintain, is very competent in the handling department (downright sporty if you got the LX version in 92 or ES in 2000) and with that other 5k in my pocket, I can start saving for my Corvette (a WHOLE other conversation). I wish you all the best with your Integra. You bought a great car. It's just too bad Consumer Reports picked the Protege as the best compact car overall. I love mine as much as you love your Integra, but that's the really cool part about living in the USA; we can pick what we each like best.

    All the Best,

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    Even though I do sell Hondas, I have long been a fan of Mazda. In my "collection" right now, we have a much loved RX-7, and a Miata.

    These are REAL Mazdas!

    In the past, I have owned a Ford Courier which was really a Mazda, and a 89 Mazda pickup. Both great trucks that were bulletproof.

    I think it was a sad day, when the great little Mazda truck became a rebadged Ford Ranger!

    Now, I don't think the Rangers are necessarilly *bad* trucks. I do think they are a far cry from a real Mazda! Not even close.

    And then they killed off the RX-7....Well, actually Mazda did that to themselves when they made it an overpowered, overpriced rocket ship that few people could afford to drive or insure.
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    hell does this link have to do with touchy airbags on Mazda's? Did you read the article at the link? Seems to me they were discussing a Volvo with premature airbag syndrome, and were discussing bumper quality on the Mazda, a problem which Mazda very quickly agreed to remedy.

    And nowhere does is mention the B-Series truck. So what's the story?
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    What is your problem speedypt? there is no point to compare a Protege with an Integra. They are not in the same class. Believe or not, Integra get 28-32mpg all year round. It is faster. There is no problem to fit 4 adult in it(I mean the sedan). It is more reliable, more comfortable(I have driven both and there is a huge difference.). go and compare your protege with a Corolla and see which is better.
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    Ok, Ford MAY have a 33.4% share in Mazda, but that does not mean that ALL Mazda cars are low-quality Ford products.

    The cars that Ford hasn't touched YET, the Protege, Miata, Millenia are very reliable. They are built by MAZDA, in JAPAN.

    The Mazda cars that are really FORDS, the 626, B-Series, are built HERE IN AMERICA, and have FORD parts in them.

    The new MPV is built by MAZDA, but the engine is built by FORD.

    The new Tribute will be built by Ford.

    My opinion - the cars built by Ford are the ones you should call junk. I don't think that people should stereotype every car Mazda sells as a cheap Ford. If everyone would actually do their research, Mazda does have a great reliable history...only in their non-Ford built cars.

    The ONLY reason Mazda is in this situation is because people think that Mazda is 100% Ford, and therefore their cars are unreliable.
  • tomcivilettitomciviletti Member Posts: 207
    To reinforce, My '99 Protege ES has had zero problems and is a delight to drive. It contains no Ford parts.
  • focuszx3rfocuszx3r Member Posts: 92
    Mazdas are either ultra dependable or junk, here is how you tell. The ones built in japan are great cuz they are actual mazda products. The rest are re-badged fords ans stay away from them.
  • kojak74kojak74 Member Posts: 6
    With 105,000 miles on it and virtually no repairs (less than $500), my 94 Ford Probe is is the best car I have ever owned as far as reliability, fun and value are concerned. It has beaten my Accord and both of my Toyotas hands down. Too bad they stopped making it. The only down side is that parts are very, very expensive. The Ford parts guy attributes that to Mazda getting the better of Ford in that part of the joint car deal. Trading my Taurus ("the Money Pit") for the Probe was one of the best moves I ever made.
  • edwardpalmeredwardpalmer Member Posts: 1
    I've got 92,000 miles on my 626 V6-LX and the only thing I've done to it is replace the O2 sensor - $250. It still shifts and runs like NEW.
    I'll let you know how the next 100,000 miles go.
  • pks1pks1 Member Posts: 32
    where are the new proteges build?
  • theparallaxtheparallax Member Posts: 361
    Hiroshima, Japan. 100% Mazda designed and built. No FORD parts.
  • tomsrtomsr Member Posts: 325
    Just blew a headgasket on 93 MPV with 90k miles.
    Is this unusual? Lucky thing I have an extended
  • windowphobe6windowphobe6 Member Posts: 765
    Nope. That's a Mazda mill. I don't hear of too many gaskets blown on the 3.0, but there aren't that many of them out there either.
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