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Hyundai Entourage Climate Control

davidpickettdavidpickett Posts: 3
edited March 2014 in Hyundai
I have an Entourage with 37800 miles. When the A/C is set on Max and I shut off the engine, I hear a flapping noise 3-5 times. I wonder if their is an air diverter which is held in place with vacuum pressure which is released when the engine goes off. Is there a way to silence this sound?

Found answer: posted another site
Knocking noise from behind the glove box. Just a heads up, we had a knocking or tapping noise coming from behind the glove box when we turned the van off. I took it in to the dealer and as soon as I got it out of my mouth the service writer knew what it was. There is an actuator arm on a HVAC door that needed to be replaced.

This worked. Took about 4 trips for dealer to actually hear it happen before they would fix it. Another 4 trips before they got the correct part.


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