Hyundai Entourage Fuel System

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I went to my dealer yesterday to get a fuel filter replaced, since the maintenance log says it was due at 37,500 miles. I normally go to Jiffy Lube for maintenance, but they said they couldn't since the fuel filter is in the gas tank. Anyway, My dealer said that they didn't have filter in stock, but not to worry as it was not required until 100,000 miles.

Another question, they didn't seem to know anything about the fuel tank air filter which was to be replaced at around 22,000 miles the first time I went in-- at that time they didn't know what it was. This time they said they didn't have it in stock, but wouldn't need it until 100,000 miles. Anybody know the REAL story??

The service order they gave me said Customer refused service (for fuel filter(S)). When I complained they wrote on my copy in pen saying that service was not needed until 100,000 miles, but it wasn't on their computer files.


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    Wow!!!! Inside the fuel tank??!! Sheesh, I'm getting too lax on asking these technical questions to the salesman. Maybe this is a scam of the mechanics union to get more business for themselves. Just kidding, mechanics. But it is getting ridiculous how difficult routine maintenance items are getting these days.
    Dave, I would definitely get the dealer to change that "refuse filter service" info changed in their computer. That information could be used against you if you had a major warranty issue with Hyundai. Don't relent until they change it. Good luck
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    Well .. don't forget we're talking about 2 different parts here.

    The fuel filter = the little guy that lives inside your gas tank. I talked to the dealer and my dealer told me "Don't worry about it until 100k miles .. and even then, if there isn't a problem (really dirty gas, sugar in tank, really bad mileage) then don't bother.

    The fuel tank air filter = now this guy lives inside the left rear wheel well of the Entourage van. Here's a little DIY I put together to change it.

    The dealer I spoke with highly recommended this part get changed every 30k miles.
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