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Nissan Pathfinder Warning Lights and Gauges

slhuddslhudd Posts: 1
edited June 2014 in Nissan
I am about to lose it and hope someone can help me out. We have a 2001 Nissan Pathfinder and the service engine light has been on for about 7 months. we first were told after paying $130 that it was because of a gas cap, after 2 gas caps and $260 it is still on. Is there anyway that I can one, check for a code and two, reset this without paying $130 to have it hooked up to the diagnostic machine and $130 to have it reset only for it to come back on???? I am quickly running out of money and patience!!


  • ash9ash9 Posts: 1
    I have a 1997 Pathfinder and the Check Engine light has been going on and off, usually on, for the last two years. I took it to a local auto parts chain store that does free computer diagnostics. They come out to your parked car with a code reader and then look up the code. After an exhaustive Internet search on the code they gave me, I found that there is a problem with a part inside the gas tank. It is not a critical problem but probably does affect my gas mileage very slightly. Personally, it's not worth fixing to me. I recommend that you go to any auto parts store, get the free reading, then research the code yourself, regardless of what the store employee tells you.
  • I have a 98 Nissan Pathfinder and the brake warning light keeps coming on the dashboard. Checked the emergency brakes and they were down all the way. Also check engine light (which had been on) diagnosis said that I may have a small crack in the Manifold Shield which was replaced during a recall at 65,000 miles. There is a slight rattle when I start the engine so I'm not questioning the diagnosis, but would like to know if I can ignore this for a while or will it cause my engine to overheat? Seems that every time I have any work done, I get a check engine light and a new diagnosis code. Thanks for any help!
  • Help! 1986 Pathfinder
    Engine light continues to appear on dash!
    Told it was the sensors, all 4 have been replaced.
    Then told it was the catalytic converters, 2 have been replaced. After all this, the light still comes on.
    Any suggestions??? Any help would be greatly appreciated before I enter the poor house trying to solve this problem.
  • Go to any oil change places or autoparts place and they will check the code for free. Ask first.

    I also paid deeply because my wife did not screw the gas cap properly. This is a quick way for a dealer to make $100+. Make sure you twist your gas cap several times. You really did not have to buy that 2nd gas cap.
  • Where are you buying these expensive gas caps?? I got mine for $20 and of course did not make light go away. I had 3 codes, 1444/1446 and some other intermittent code. In NJ if SES light is on, it's an automatic fail. I bought an OBD2 reader to reset light prior going into station and so far I am passing. No noticeable performance issue or even reduce MPG. Think problem is carbon cannister which is $1500 to fix. No thanks I will keep driving until the tires fall off. Must say Nissan makes a great vehical and have no doubt buying another.
  • When I bought this 2001 Pathfinder(3.5liter) four months ago, the check engine light was determined to stay on. I did not do a code reading, but did notice the oil level had reached a critical low condition.(oil pressure ?)

    I since have kept the oil topped up, though the engine sucks oil (probably PCV clogged baffles in the right valve cover @ 120,000km) and after a few weeks, the light finally went out and has never come back on.

    This isn't a fix, but I am very happy with the performance, power and fuel consumption of 18 - 20 mpg.
  • My 2001 failed it's auto inspection. Was told that an emissions fail code was given by the computer.

    Brought it to the dealership to discover that it's the check engine light bulb that's bad.

    The friggin bulb is $37 but it's another $200 in labor(1.5 hrs) to remove the dashboard/instrument cluster to get to the bulb.

    I know I'm getting ripped off but I'm thinking trying to reassemble everything isn't going to be an easy project. Am I wrong?
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