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GMC Jimmy Warning Lights and Gauges

cudakid67cudakid67 Posts: 1
After my vehicle has run for a few minutes the Service 4WD light comes on, this happens every time I drive the vehicle.

I can shift it out of 2HI into Auto4WD, 4HI and 4LO...however, it will not go back into 2HI at all. If I unhook the battery for about 5 minutes and restart the vehicle it is back in 2HI.

I been told it could be a number of things, from the Transfer Case Control module, a vacuum leak, an actuator, shift module, etc.

I have a Chilton manual that gives details on how to replace parts, but doesn't really give any details as what needs replaced.

A couple of questions I have:

I've read about a number of different problems with 4wd, but I am wondering if anyone has experienced this particular problem and how was it fixed?

If I take it to a dealer and have them run the codes, does this tell them specifically what is wrong with it, or is it still a guessing game?

Does this light come on if the vehicle actually needs to have the transfer case serviced?


  • Both of these warning lights come on after start up. They do not come on every time, but has become more regular lately. Replaced the front hub assemblies earlier this year, but would that warrant the parking brake light too? Thanks in advance.
  • The oil pressure gauge on my '89 S-15 JIMMY, 4WD, 2.8 with 111200 miles has been 'twitching' for several months. I replaced the sending unit last year. Now, the gauge just sort of has been moving up and down just a tiny bit - like a little twitch. Today, I traveled about 400 miles and by the end of my trip the oil pressure gauge was dropping to 25 PSI at idle and 40 - 45 at 65 MPH. It doesn't burn or leak oil, but I am running 10W-30. My guess is the pressure will go up tomorrow, after it's cool, but the 'twitching' will still be there. I can let you know, but any suggestions? Thanks.
  • Okay. Today the gauge is still 'twitching' but not dipping as low. It's high [60 PSI] when it's cold, then 45 otherwise. It dips to about 35-40 at idle. Oil reads full on the stick. Sending unit isn't leaking. Took it to a shop, but the only thing they did was eyeball it - never took the unit off - just said no leaks.
  • I have been having an intermittent electrical problem. My gauges will just go out and dash lights. I will be doing 60 and the car will miss a little, but keep going. The gauges will jump back up and the car will do a systems check while I am doing 60. Today I started the car and no gauges and a service engine code for component slipping in transmission. Nothing is slipping, but that code is stored and keeps coming back. Today after I started and got no gauges, I shifted into gear and I got the gauges back and a service engine code(the slipping component again and I drove to work with no overdrive) Tried to have a new BCM installed that I bought online to no avail, but the car was nice and warm and dry. Drove home with the code gone, overdrive, and all my gauges. Happens most after a car wash when it goes down to zero degrees.
  • shadyvolshadyvol Posts: 1
    I have a 98 Jimmy (155k) that has had all the problems they come with. AC compressor, water pump, alternator, transmission, radiator, 4wd select, heater core, even suspention bumbers that seem to blow up.

    Anyway, those are all fixed sort of. The 4wd select works in nuetral. the heater core decided to stop leaking.

    My problem now is the air bag service light. Comes on for a while then goes off. Can do this between days at a time. Any answers for this?
  • gbaysegbayse Posts: 1
    My friend's 98 Jimmy does the same thing with the air bag light. Did you ever get a good answere, Other than for 55 dollers we will fix or for $29.95 we can give you a answere? Thanks GLB
  • hello people i got a 99 gmc jimmy just had a reman motor installed and come to find out the fuel gauge temp gauge dont work and the low fuel light is on and the battery lights stuck on and the security light is on had the guy who swapped motors tested all the power wires from the ignition switch and all the wires got power all the grounds are all hooked up the fuse panels got power as well for the corresponding fuse's that interact with the gauges n such soooo were both puzzled n trying to figure out if maybe the circuit board on the instrument cluster is shot and i need to replace the whole cluster or what else could possible be causing it the truck runs fine and great just the temp fuel gauge don't work and the gear indicator that shows ur in park reverse neutral the box is gone and fuel gauge down on e and low fuel light on as well as battery light alternator is charging battery soooo someone please help if possible so i can determine if its the whole cluster or what. Got lots of money into the truck over 2k into it so really dont wanna spend another huge amount.
  • you have a blown fuse. check the fuse panel by the drivers door panel around the top middle. You should be able to replace that fuse and be ok. I had a similar situation with my jimmy. I had 2 cell chargers plugged into the accessory and when I started my vehicle, the fuse blew. It took me some time to figure out the problem but my indicators were doing the same as yours.
  • Ive bought a used 95 Four door GMC Jimmy off of a coworker for 500 bucks which has some issues. And i hope to figure them out sense I am a part time mechanic.... I know some of u r going to ask how thats possible or laugh at me... but I admit... Im not all that smart but I am trying to learn.... Moving on..... There is a switch in the center bellow the radio that has the writing "Ind Lts" above it. It seems whenever I do turn it on nothing happens... but maybe I am missing something I dont know.... Can you tell me what that switch is for?
  • I hate to revive an old topic, but I have the exact same problem with my 01 jimmy and was wondering if helpful2's response of checking for a blown fuse solved your problem. Or was there another solution that you found? I really don't want to have to replace the whole instrument cluster.
  • I've got an 01 gmc jimmy that I'm having gauge issues with. The low fuel light is on, gas gauge is on E, battery light is on and temp gauge stays on cold. At first this was just a temporary issue, they would go back to normal operation once the cabin warmed up, but now they seem to stay on all the time. Am I going to have to replace the instrumentation cluster or is it something else?
  • mik770mik770 Posts: 1
    When I am driving my car will lose power and my gauges will act crazy. it does it 4 or 5 times while I am driving. I have replaced all my o2 sensor, idle air control valve, tps sensor, distributor cap an rotor, ignition coil and ignition control module. I am lost. Any suggestions?
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