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Toyota Sienna Noises, Rattles, and Squeaks



  • No, my problem is not fixed. Dealer said that they submitted a ticket to Toyota Engineers and if they will hear from them, they will contact me. If they don't hear from them, it means they think it's not a problem.

    It's been few months and I didn't hear from them :(

    The loud hum noice while accelerating still exists, and it is still a BIG PROBLEM

    What about others?
  • lubang1lubang1 Posts: 6
    i brought my sienna to dealer and iask them to go driving with me together with their master technician, I ask them the master technician not just only technician. Then we go fod driving test, the master technician heard the noise. The nosie dosent happen all the time only from specific RPM, and from slow acceleration. He said that my engine is diesling, then he reset the ECU. Just go to your dealer and ask for TSB pinging or knocking noise of engine. They gonna reset your computer.TSB means technical service bulletin
  • Hi
    I test drove a 2005 Toyota Sienna XLE Limited last week and was surprised at the road noise. The noise became louder and louder and higher speeds, especially on the parkway traveling at 50-60 mph. Is this normal?? I also heard a slight rattle on the passenger side that concerned me. I drove 2 additional siennas one limited, one xle and the limited was noticeably quieter however the xle seemed to be just as loud. Is this some type of design flaw. I would really appreciate any feedback I can get on this matter because I plan to buy a used sienna and I want to make sure that I'm making the right decision.
  • siennamisiennami Posts: 116
    Hi, there,
    The road noise could possibly come from the brand of tires that are on the vehicle. I have read that some people have changed out the tires that are original to the vehicle for others. Is the rattling sound coming from the sliding door or the passenger front door? My '07 developed a rattling in the sliding door. It is now fixed. It could be the age of the car and how the previous owner took care of it. I'm surprised that you had a lot of road noise, because normally Siennas are pretty quiet.
    Best wishes on your search. I think you'll enjoy the Sienna once you find the right one for you!
  • Greetings,
    Thanks so much for responding. The vehicle was a 2005 sienna limited fwd. Initially it sounded as if the rattling was coming from the passenger side rear, and I immediately thought that it may be the jack in the rear compartment, but I also heard it up front on the passenger side. I believe your right about the care of the previous owner because when I test drove 2005 same model it was DRAMATICALLY DIFFERENT. The noise was there but it certainly wasn't as pronounced. I plan to continue my search which can be very frustrating at times. I just want to be comfortable with the purchase. Thanks again.
  • skevinskevin Posts: 5
    Just read about your problem regarding the load humm noise from your Sienna. I have a 2000 sienna which just started making a noise that occurs around 2200 rpm, and reminds me of a leaking compressed air sound. I was curious if the problem you had maybe what I am having and what resolution if any did you find. Appreciate your help.
  • ericnjericnj Posts: 1
    I drove my 05 sienna le from NJ to Florida last month. After coming back, I brought it to the oil change and tire balancing in the dealer. After that, I heard the noise coming out from the hood and I figured out the noise is under or behind the running belt. I don't know what happen yet, but will take it to the dealer.
  • jtoyjtoy Posts: 2
    Hi there!
    I too have 2000 sienna and it also started making the same " leaking compressed air sound " few days ago. I haven't taken it in yet, but am wondering how you made out ? Any help would be greatly appreciated !
    Thank You,
  • skevinskevin Posts: 5
    I will be taking it to a mechanic next Tuesday so good or bad I should know soon. When I mentioned the problem to the mechanic (he is a certified Honda Mechanic) he thought based on what I described he said it might be an engine misfire, although the OBD II does not indicate such. I should mention my van makes the noise between 2000 and 2300 rpm. I will update next week.
  • jtoyjtoy Posts: 2
    I took my van to a mechanic and he determined that it was a loose heat shield by the cat converter. A simple gear clamp wrapped around it and tightened fixed the problem. To find out if it's the same problem, tap your rear exhaust tip with your hand (after it's cooled) and if you hear a bumping noise that's the problem. You might need someone else to tap it as you listen for it up front.

    He charged me $20 bucks and I haven't heard the noise since.

    Good luck with yours. Keep me updated.
  • skevinskevin Posts: 5
    Just a quick update, the noise was from the shield that is near the flexible Y pipes which are up close to the engine, the shield was vibrating and causing the noise. Hope this helps, another place to look to resolve the problem.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Gotta love any $20 fix in this day and age.
  • prillbprillb Posts: 1
    We have a 2004 Sienna. The van shifts well, and it is not the exhaust. It sounds like a loud revving at all speeds over 10 mph. But the trans shifts fine. If we get up to speed and put it in neutral, the noise is still there. Any ideas?
  • skevinskevin Posts: 5
    I would check out the heat shield on the cat or the heat shield by the Y pipe up near the engine(my exhaust system had this but it was an after market) If the heat shield is loose an cant be fixed, remove it but don't park in long dry grass.
  • toyototoyoto Posts: 6
    I know this is a 3 year old post but i am having the same issue, has any of you got the same problem? if so, what was the fix?
    this is driving me crazy... :(
  • sagarssagars Posts: 1
    I recently bought a used 2007 Sienna LE. Since the first day I drove the car home, after I stop and park the car, I hear a metal clanking noise from the hood, it sounds like revolving fan blades hitting some obstacle, the noise subsides gradually. I took the car to the dealer and the mechanics concluded the noise to be "normal" ... is it so? Please help!
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    You sure it's not the popping sound caused by contracting metals as they cool? Most cars I've had did that to some extent.
  • I have a 2008 Sienna CE that has had noise in the rear passenger side sliding door since it was purchased. I took it to the dealer early on and they took the door apart and found no loose parts. The noise continues and I would describe it as "body" noise. The dealer sent me to their body shop and they "pulled the door in" with whatever moveable parts allowed it. The noise continued and the body shop gave me a can of drylub to spray the latch and the gaskets which seems to help for a few hours. The noise continues and seems to be worse as the car now has 36,500 miles The noise actually seems to be in both sliding doors. I have had people ride in the back and they believe the noise is in the column with the front seatbelt. I think the noise is more generally around the door or latches. Anyone with any suggestions or recommendations, besides a new car.
  • I have a 2008 Sienna LE that has the exactly same problem as your van has. I googled on line ("sienna sliding door rattle noise") and found there were two TOYOTA repair bulletins (pdf files) . It looks like it's pretty common problem. But unfortunately, based on some posts, it seems TOYOTA's solution did not work well.

    Searching "2007 Sienna Sliding Door Tick" at also gives some potential solutions for this problem.

    I would like to hear if you've fixed that already and if yes, how you fixed it. Thanks.
  • Finally today(8/10/10) my local Toyota dealer has fixed the sliding door rattles by taking doors apart and replacing the lock assemblies on both doors. Also, I think they installed a new striker and stopper and clips. The noise is absolutely gone but it took them two years to find problem. I have 42,000+ miles and they did the repair under warrantee. Hope this is helpful.
  • My 2009 Toyota Sienna just recently had the short block and one cylinder head replaced. Since the van was delivered from Nebraska to Illinois there is a rattle noise coming from somewhere around the dashboard. I know they did not do anything with the dashboard, but that's where it sounds like it's coming from.

    I took the van to our dealer and they were able to recreate the noise and stated this is a common issue with these vans from 2009. Apparently the noise is coming from the break (true, it happens when i pump (gently) the brake pedal) OK? Is there a fix? They are suppose to call Toyota corp today and check if there is a fix. or else they said they would dig and try to find an answer. They assured me this is not a safety issue.... I want to trust them but I'm not sure if i can. After the short block issue and all the repairs.... on 2009 vehicle...

    Has anyone ever seen/heard this noise? Is that 'normal'? I vote for not normal but will they fix it? Should i keep this van?
  • We have owned our 2011 Sienna for one month and have loved it EXCEPT for an intermittent rattling noise coming from somewhere in the interior. I think it might be coming from one of the seats. It sounds like plastic hitting plastic or metal. It's not a squeaky sound. It happens randomly, even on smooth roads, at any speed, in any temperature or time of day. All the seats are securely latched in place, no seat belts hitting anything, no items in storage bins. I took it in to the dealership's service center to troubleshoot it but of course when we drove it around for half an hour it drove perfectly and silently! I am wondering if anyone else has this issue? I'd love to hear any suggestions you all may have. I love my van but this drives me crazy! Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!
  • tanya9tanya9 Posts: 1
    Does anyone know what might be causing this? The dealership had no answers.

  • This sounds alot like the rattle I had in my 2008 Sienna and the dealer took two years to resolve. In the end, it was in the side sliding door "Striker & Lock Assembly ". After many other ideas, they finally replaced both assemblies, which for my 2008 was listed at 85.91 each, but paid via warrantee. Good Luck. The part # on my dealer work order was 69370-0802L & 69380-0802L.
  • fibber2fibber2 Mid Hudson Valley, NYPosts: 3,780
    TSB 0094-10 (issued 3/2010) describes the door latch issues. Coverage outside of the 3/36 is at dealer discretion. It could be latches, strikers or stoppers (additional parts over and above what they changed for you).
  • hinesredomhinesredom Posts: 2
    edited April 2011
    The noise in our 2010 Toyota Sienna started at around 11,000 miles. We knew the noise came from some place in front of the passenger and driver's seat from 0 to around 40 MPH anywhere from the front bumper to the dash. The noise was there every day but was inconsistent. It came as we stopped, started, turned, and traveled straight, even not over bumps. We took it into a dealer service department in Feb 2011. They denied hearing the noise. We had no idea of what to do and put up with it for the next 4,000 miles. We had spent US$26,000 for that new 2010 Toyota Sienna and it now had noise at 11,000 miles. We were a very disappointed Toyota customer.

    In April 2011, we then took the advice of an auto body shop owner, contacted the "service manager" (not a "service sales consultant") at the dealership, express our disappointment in the service last February 2011, and ask for service where we could ride along with the service technician. In response to their saying the noise was normal, we were ready to demand a ride in another Toyota Sienna to accept the noise as normal. If they once again disappointed us, we were ready with trump card and would tell them that we would give them a bad rating with the ACSI - American Consumer Satisfaction Index - if they didn't fix the noise as the vehicle was under warranty (Apparently, all dealers live and die by the ACSI rating and even one bad review sends the management into a tizzy and the upper management's anger makes its way to the service manager, who is thus motivated to avoid bad ACSI reviews at all cost).

    In our April service, the technician acknowledged hearing the noise and, as my wife drove, I wrote down everything he said during the ride (in case I had to file a complaint with the ASCI). The technician sat in the passenger seat and I sat directly behind him so he could not see me write. After arriving back at the dealership, we left the car there and, a few hours later, the dealer called and said the technician spent a few hours and tightened/torque every fastener in the entire suspension system (which, it turns out, were not out of spec per the dealer), drove the car, and still heard the noise. He then checked the cowl panel - a panel at the base of the front windshield below the hood. Apparently, below the plastic cowl top ventilator (part no. 55781E -search "Cowl Panel & Windshield Glass" for a 2010 Toyota Sienna at, resides a metal plate. From when we bought the car to 11,000 miles, it appears that a gap developed between that metal plate and a metal stage below that plate. As we drove, those two would hit each other, causing the rattling that then would be pass into the passenger compartment both via the ventilators and through the dash material. The technician stuffed some foam insulation in the gap and the noise finally (!) was gone. Even better, all of the service was covered by warranty and we owed no money for the repairs. I haven't seen the foam insulation and the problem may have been a loose suspension system, but the noise is gone, so we're now happy.
  • I bought my 2011 Sienna in April 2010. After about a month, the right rear passenger door began to rattle, as well as the second row seats. I have taken the van in to two different dealerships for a total of 7 times. They say they replaced the door panel and even some parts in the door assembly, as well as tightened everything associated with the seat assembly. However, the door and the seats still rattle. Sometimes the dash rattles, and last night the AC started to whistle. I am very disappointed with Toyota. Have owned two Camrys and one Highlander without any problems. I don't have any suggestions, other than to submit a written complaint to Toyota. They recently asked if I would like to have an engineer look at the door.
  • fibber2fibber2 Mid Hudson Valley, NYPosts: 3,780
    I'm curious as to whether this actually happened on it's own, or if it was 'helped along' by the service department. Let me explain.

    If you open the hood and look at the engine compartment, you will note that because of the rake of the windshield the whole cowl panel extends over at least half of the engine. Per the shop manual, the first step in almost any engine service is the removal of most of what is shown in the Cowl Panel exploded diagram. A good half an hour of disassembly before you do any repairs. I can shoot you a page from the shop manual if you want to see.

    Here's my theory. Among other things that might have been done underhood, there has been at least one recall involving the replacement of the VVTi oil hoses. You might see it on a service entry as "LSC 90K". I think that getting the engine shroud off requires removing the entire cowl. I'll bet that if you didn't hear this noise when the van was brand new, it's the result of a tech not reassembling it right at a previous servicing.
  • Had the alternator belt replaced and this helped with the less noisy constant noise. The harsh loud noise still persists (5-10 seconds) after I start the car. It is a 2004 Sienna. Any clues?
  • fibber2 - I don't recall having any engine service in the first year I owned the 2010 Toyota Sienna. We only had oil changes and replacement of the cab air filter. The noise just seemed to appear and then grow in frequency over time until it was constantly present. When I picked up the minivan after the repair, I opened the hood while at the dealer in front of the entrance to the repair department and tried to see where the technician made the repair. I was looking to see where the technician stuffed some foam insulation in the gap of the Cowl Panel. Well, the service sales consultant came over and I asked him if he could show me the repair. He told me to check the repair by driving the minivan and then closed the hood (!). Mind you, I had just paid for the repairs, took possession of the minivan, and the dealer no longer had authorization to touch my minivan. I'm not sure why he became annoyed. Maybe it didn't look good to have a customer looking under the hood in front of the repair department or he was annoyed at the amount of time they had to spend fixing the problem. However, they did fix the problem and so now we are back to thinking that when we replace our 2010 Sienna, we'll replace it with a 2013-2014 Sienna.
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