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Help with 94 chev. astro

canadianmomcanadianmom Member Posts: 2
edited March 2014 in Chevrolet
In the last two weeks I have put in over $1000 in to my 94 chev astro. Some of the problems Iam haveing is after you start the van you can smell gas. As well Iam haveing trouble starting my van it makes the noice that it wantting to start but we have to try a few times as well give it gas to start it. Anyone have any sugesstions? I have taken it to the shop and had them work on it but the problem was not fixed.


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    canadianmomcanadianmom Member Posts: 2
    Parts that have gone in
    New spark plugs
    distrub cab module
    water pumb
    fan clutch
    fan belt
    distrube rotter
    tork arms
    all of the filters
    and some other things I can not remember.
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    kwyx66kwyx66 Member Posts: 1
    On my 95 Astro CL with 150k miles, the rear air conditioning recently stopped working -- really bad news in Texas, even in fall or winter. I have checked individual components including: the rear blower fan, the resistor, the wiring harness from fuse panel to the rear fan, the fuse, and the dash panel switch -- all tested fine. Using a meter, I determined that there is no 12v power on the hot side of the fuse at the fuse panel. Is it possible that I have blown a fusible link on the back side of the fuse panel? Before I pull the fuse panel, are there any other suggested troubleshooting steps I should try? Thx !
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    kwtx66kwtx66 Member Posts: 1
    Re your recent posting about hard starting and gas smell: Over the past 12 years I have had similar symptoms on the '95 Astro-CL that I bought new in summer of 1995. The diagnosis: bad fuel injector / intake unit. The fix: replace. The first one (replaced at the dealer) was on me; subsequent replacements were on the dealer, covered completely under the GoodWrench Service Plus program. Good luck.
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    dlm1954dlm1954 Member Posts: 57
    Sounds like injectors leaking, or regulator, or bad o-rings in nut kit, which are the plastic fuel lines inside the plenum that feed the fuel to the regulator. The bad part if you have this repaired at a garage you'll put put out about $2500.00 to $3500.00 in parts and labor. I would do it myself if I were you if you have some basic machanical knowledge and are pretty good with tools this is not a real hard job. It'll take a few hours and about $500.00 in parts to do the job completely, but doing it yourself you make sure it's done right and can give you a chance to clean out the EGR valve ports and plenum and get rid of the bad idle problem that you were having nine chances out of ten. If I decided to do it I would replace the injectors and the nut kit which is a dealer item and put a screened gasket on the EGR valve before putting it back together, they make a gasket now with a screen in it to stop carbon from getting in the EGR valve which cause the rough idling. I recently redone mine and went from 12 to 14 miles a gallon to 19 to 20 miles a gallon. so it's well worth the effort in fuel saving alone. Good Luck DLM1954
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