Vue Hybrid Electrical Problems

city_livingcity_living Member Posts: 11
I purchased my 2007 Vue Hybrid new on 5/31/07. Today, exactly five (5) months later, it goes back in for service for the fourth (4th) time, for the same problem! The ignition switch keeps sticking. I've been informed that this is an ongoing/non-corrective issue that occurs on ALL Vues! Saturn has oiled the ignition tumblers the first three times it was in for this problem. And, although every time I need to take this in for this issue, EVERYONE at Saturn asks, "Is your keychain too heavy?" Well, it isn't!

Today I've requested them to install a NEW ignition switch. Frustrated? YES! But, I'm a bit more angry that as an ongoing issue I had never been told of this prior to my purchase! Why would I want to purchase what has become a LEMON! Three times in for the same problem, without being fixed, this car has become a LEMON!

Anyone else having this problem?


  • tackepjtackepj Member Posts: 13
    Yeah, I did. Took it in, they fixed it, and I left. It's been fine ever since. Relax.

    According to corporate, the service dept is instructed to first lube the assy with white lithium grease, and if the problem reoccurs, to replace it. Sounds like your retailer is dropping the ball on this, and you should approach them about it. Be reasonable and calm, and I'll bet everything will work out in your favor.

    Does a sticky ignition, improperly fixed by the dealer, really make this car a "lemon"? I guess technically so, but your reaction seems just a bit over the top.
  • city_livingcity_living Member Posts: 11
    I'm glad that your problem was resolved the first time you took it in for service. As I stated, the first THREE times they lubed it, just like they did yours. The difference is, and this is a HUGE difference, this did not correct the problem for my Vue! All these were all within a 30 day span!! Less than three months of ownership! Maybe this is my dealer 'dropping the ball," and maybe not. Interesting thing is that it wasn't until the second servicing that I was told that this issue is an ongoing/non-corrective Saturn part problem. And, not once was I offered the 'new' part. Although, the second time I called about this I had specifically requested a NEW ignition be installed. I was told that, "NO, we were informed that this needs to be lubed at the "point," and it will fix this issue." Of course, this hasn't been fixed.

    This hasn't been the first problem with this vehicle. I do hope it's the last. Maybe my reaction is a bit 'over the top,' as you state...but with commuting 250+ miles a week for my job helps to make this a little disconcerting. Maybe for you this is just a little inconvienence, but not for me. Especially since I don't want to get stuck somewhere that isn't safe. Or, if one of my kids use it and it leaves them stuck!
  • tackepjtackepj Member Posts: 13
    I understand the frustration it can cause, and I hope that they resolve it for you. You may want to ask them about the service bulletin that pertains to this problem. In it, it specifically says to replace the switch if lubing it did not help (which it clearly didn't). They should have done that by now. You're right, there is a clear problem with the ignition switches, and it applies to ALL Vue models, not just the hybrid. Are you close enough to a different dealer? Sounds like this one isn't treating you properly.

    I hope you get the problem fixed and become satisfied with your VUE. Yes, we have had a few problems with our GL too, but none stranding us or compromising our safety. I expected some first-year gremlins with the GL model and took that into consideration upon purchasing the car. Once these issues were/are corrected, we are quite satisfied with the car and its performance.
  • city_livingcity_living Member Posts: 11
    It's in the shop, and although I specifically requested a NEW ignition switch installed, I was told by both the Service Manger, Brooke, and the person I spoke with at Corp., Marsha, that they are going to do yet another diagnostic, and oil it yet again, and NOT install a NEW ignition. Marsha at Corp. stated that this is 'procedure' and they are not 'authorized' to just install a NEW ignition. Sounds like a scam to me.

    I'm going to get my VUE tonight, and see if this does in fact, fix this problem. If it doesn't, I'm going to purchase a new ignition switch myself from Saturn (another dealer near my work), and have my personal mechanic install it for me. Then, I'm not sure what I'll be doing, but something is wrong with how this issue is being "not" handled.

    I am now questioning if I should contact my lawyer, go with the Lemon Law, and just get my money back. I bought a new car so I wouldn't have to deal with issues (not one that isn't being resolved) such as this, for such a long length of time.
  • wgraysonwgrayson Member Posts: 3
    Hello there. I guess this ignition problem is starting to flare up everywhere. Our 07 Vue hybrid experienced the same problem just starting last week (we purchased 5/31/07). I thought it was my key, until my wife took 10 minutes to get HER key to work.

    I did an internet search last night, only to find lots of RECENT posts about the same issue. FYI: We just got the car in for Saturday service and got the obligatory "lube" job. We'll see how it works.

    You've probably found out you are not alone with this ignition issue, and I would suggest a lawyer if it continues if you are truthful about having the problem occur this much.

    By the way, can anyone get access to Bulletin # 06-02-35-016C? That's the specific Bulletin regarding Vue ignition problems.

    We really like the car. I would hate to have sue or get ugly over something as simple as an ignition.

  • city_livingcity_living Member Posts: 11

    I was told that Saturn put in a new ignition switch, housing, and key. I will be p/u today after work. If this fixes the issue, I will be very happy!! That is my goal at this point in time. If this does not fix the problem, then I'll be figuring out what my next step will be.

    If many, if not all, of the Vue's ignition switches do prove to be defective, then I'll probably go with the Lemon Law, and push to get a refund, less the usage of the five months I've owned it. I hope that this will not go that far.

    As far as the Bulletin, I believe Saturn has issued more than one Bulletin regarding the ignition problem. I would love to see all of them!!
  • wgraysonwgrayson Member Posts: 3
    Hey, City-Living:

    If you google "Saturn Vue bulletin 06-02-35-016C" you will get a lot of hits. The highest ranking hit leads to a fee-based service that provides auto bulletins. HOWEVER, you are correct about the number of bulletins. There are bulletins for 2006 Vues, Ions, etc., available on this site but NOT for the 07 Saturn Vue Hybrid.

    Good luck with the new ignition installation. Let us know how it works out for you.

    Final note: we purchased the additional bumper to bumper warranty for 5 years/60K miles which includes free oil changes. When we took the car in for its first routine oil change they changed the battery harnness. I will probably have them do an ignition lube on my next service visit as part of the regular maintenance.

    I know Saturn has a dedicated staffer reviewing these posts. I'm wondering if he can check about getting Saturn to include ignition lubing -- it IS a preventive step!
  • city_livingcity_living Member Posts: 11
    Got my Vue GL back last evening, and the 'newly installed' ig. switch and housing are still giving me problems! The key still won't turn all the time, and when I take the key out of the ignition after it was turned at least to the ACC position, there's a loud 'pling' sound, and you can FEEL something springing back!! It's going BACK into service tonight for the fourth time (their count, but I say this is the fifth time they've seen my car for this issue.).

    And, to top off this problem, this new ignition doesn't "LOCK" the steering wheel when the key is out of the ignition. The service manager Brook tells me this is the part Saturn sent for them to install!!! This isn't correct, either, as the column should lock for safety/theft prevention.

    All this with a new car, only 5 months old.
  • wgraysonwgrayson Member Posts: 3
    Either the universe simply doesn't want you to drive this car, or there is really a major issue with the ignition system either in the parts or Saturn's maintenance. I kinda think the universe has bigger fish to fry, so Saturn must be the problem.

    At this point I would consider reading up on your rights under the lemon law, or at the very least threatening to post a web page somewhere entitled "Saturn Vue ignition problems - why don't they recall!".
  • tackepjtackepj Member Posts: 13

    Believe it or not, your ignition cylinder actually does not contain a lock. If you browse the TSBs, you will notice that they changed to a non-locking ignition cylinder, so yours is working as designed and the service manager is correct. Yes, it certainly is unusual (and less safe) to not have a locking cylinder, but it is correct.

    As for the "pling" sound--this is the sound of the lock plunger returning once you've removed the key (yes, I know there isn't actually a lock, but the mechanism still exists). This sound is normal. My Toyota makes the same sound.

    If the key is still binding, then it's still not right. I hope they fix it properly--you deserve it after all the hassle--but be aware that the sound and the lack of a steering lock is by design.
  • city_livingcity_living Member Posts: 11
    If this non-locking is the way it's 'supposed' to be, then why does it state in the booklet that it is suppose to lock? And, it locked before the change. Hmmmm....also, this 'pling' sound wasn't there before, ever.

    Maybe this is 'fixed,' although it's still catching, and not turning as it should. Or maybe this is the way it's supposed to be, too.

    This is not what I expected with purchasing a NEW CAR!
  • tackepjtackepj Member Posts: 13
    According to my dealer, they changed to a different ignition lock during production (i.e. after the manuals were printed). As for the noise, ours always did it when it worked properly. Before ours jammed, it would occassionally not make the noise, and I think that was part of the problem. We noticed a few times (when it didn't make the noise) that the door would ding when we opened it, as if we had left the key in the ignition. Since the repair, it has worked fine and always "plinged". (that's a good word to describe the noise :) )
  • tdustinjtdustinj Member Posts: 1
    I can't believe this. I bought a 2007 Saturn Vue 2 years ago last month and now I have to pay over 500 dollars to get the entire ignition replaced. Same problem, key would not turn the ignition. What a rip-off. No wonder GM is filing for bankruptcy. I know I'll never buy another GM car!
  • city_livingcity_living Member Posts: 11
    After two years of low to high problems, ign. sticking to engine shutting off/restarting while driving, GM 'bought back' the Lemon Vue Hybrid. I didn't receive 100% of the monies paid, maybe around 85%, but so glad to get rid of this piece of &%#&^!

    Good luck to all who have this problem vehicle. Be Safe!!
  • wirepaladinwirepaladin Member Posts: 2
    I'm not sure if anyone still reads this but I could really use some help... I've been dealing with the dealership for about four months now.

    My problem is with my 2007 saturn hybrid vue, I've had the problem before and a previous dealership fixed it... The first time it happened around 60k started again at about's now at 99k, and the dealership put on a 1,000 miles and said the problem wouldnt reappear, three days later and only 50 miles on my part and the problem is back. The problem is as follows.

    While driving I have random lights on my dashboard flicker on and off. I get almost every light except the check engine light flickering on and off...The ABS the emergency brake the TCM...the security light flickers on and is the only one that then remains on for the rest of the drive.

    This stuff has happened but seems to come and go depending on when they return the car...I've also had all of my gauges zero out... I've had it go into a "power saving mode"...where I couldn't accelerate very fast. I also had one time where I stopped at a red light and the car turned itself off instead of doing the normal hybrid stop...and then restarted itself like nothing happened while me and my friend stared at it confused...

    The dealership seems to have no idea what is happening...they say they have replaced all the modules and checked all the wires...

    Please help if you can, thanks.
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