Ford Mustang Bullitt

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I'm simply trying to track down a car I'm starting to believe does not exist


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    Ford had a teaser pic on their media page last week but it appears to be gone. The article that went along with that pic stated that we will see the '08 Bullitt on November 13th when it is unveiled to the public at the LA show.

    Stay tuned!
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    thanks...i think...but see...the problem is that i already saw this car in person, so it can't be the new one, right? it was bright green and the top and/or back (can't remember which) looked it was black and ridged or something...but i can't find a picture of anything like that anywhere...but thanks.
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    Is this what you saw?

    Ford just announced the specs and pics today. Check the link out.
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    see? this is exactly what i mean...i get the front view of the car, or the side, but i never see the back. i really can't tell if this is the one or not. but it can't be if it's not even on the road yet. i saw this car months and months ago...i cant even remember how long ago it was now. i don't know how else to describe the effing car because i only got a brief glimpse of it. but any help you could give me i would greatly appreciate
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    Here is Edmunds' announcement with more pics. Front and back. ;)

    Here is their review and video of the new Bullitt.
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    hey thanks...but it's still not the same car! i'm really starting to feel kind of crazy. i mean, the car has that signature weirdness look, but it's not bright green and it looks different. i'm thinking of giving up. i really appreciate all the help you've given me, though. if you happen to come across any pictures of a bright green bullitt, let me know :) . oh yeah, and you know how the word "bullitt" is in a circle? well on the one i saw, it was just the word, in silver letters. same font, though.
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    Haven't seen a single Bullitt on the road ever.
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    Sure you did - you just didn't know it. They don't look all that different.
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    Hey there guys, There should be a few Bullit's at your local dealer. If not I have 2 left on my lot in Fremont Ca.
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    Don't be so sure. YTD, 5600 have been built for the USA, Canada , and the rest of the world. I live in the NY metro area and haven't seen a single one on NJ. NY. Pa. major highways ( some of the busiest around) and secondary roads as of yet. Of course , there are Bullitts out there- I'm not on the road 24/7 , but they aren't common.
    In my daily driver, I'm constantly scouring the roads and they don't look like other current Mustangs , as you insinuate.

    I should know ; I've owned one nearly 6 months
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    hmmm. that's weird. but that's what the name said on the back of the car. eh, what can i do? i'll never figure it out.
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    I work for a ford dealer and we have 2 here. The problem we have had is we cant get the Green we only get black
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    Locally there are two blacks and one green...Fired up the green one yesterday and was puzzled over the climate control. The a/c-htr system according to the sales rep does not have a fresh-air vent system using the blower motor. It's not a auto-climate system, manual air-yes. You want fresh air----open the window..Something is screwed up...

    List is 32915, invoice 30560 according to sale rep.

    Will drive the car when they value my tradein and the climate situation is clarified..

    Car was built in May 08, my trade is a 06 Pontiac GPGT w/22500 mi., S/C V6, leather, and sunroof.. Picked it up 14 mos ago when it had 4300 miles, Caddy tradein..Not much of a car, quick, but quirky..

    My first ride at the age of 14 was a 35 Ford p/u, with a 46 V-8, used on the farm only.Have owned 43 cars to date, all Big3 except two Porsches..1958 and 1959 SC coupes, bought new in Germany-run approx 50k miles.

    Never owned an Asian car, and can handle the Big3 offerrings..
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    You are getting fresh air vent on all settings EXCEPT for max A/C.

    Twist knob to dash vents (second click from last going left from top) and hit the A/C button so that the light is off for non-A/C fresh air vent.

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    There are 6 within 60 miles, two blacks and four greens..I am keeping track of the green one about 10 miles away, and will make a stab the end of August..Since it will be an everyday driver, I am taking my sweet time to get the best deal..

    Really hate to burn cash on another car, so it's a battle.

    At 75 yrs old I really shouldn't give it a second thought---just buy it..Whatever deal I get will not be good enough..Head games is a human process.

    Hurricane Faye fizzled out into a tropical storm, so we missed another bullet..Florida needed the break..
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    And Atlanta needs the rain! Send it this way!
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    Don't wait another day ! At 57, I got mine ( Highland Green ) with the first month of production.
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    After reading the performance specs on the 2009 Challenger SRT with manual trans, I think Edmunds should do a re-match with the Bullitt. After all , Edmunds gushed so much over the SRT Challenger's performance and now it appears that the 2008 automatic SRT Challenger may have been a ringer from Dodge.
  • motorcity6motorcity6 Member Posts: 427
    I followed a new Challenger yesterday for about 2 miles, and the driver was throttle-happy..Not really a Chrysler fan, had a 66 Barrucuda w/hypo V-8, endured approx 85k miles., finally gave it to wifey..Had a 60 Dodge Matador V-8, kept 8k miles and traded on a new 60 Impala conv w/348ci V-8. Favorite car was a 1971 SS350 Camaro, kept for 90k miles--18 months of use. Bought the wife an 82 Z-28 new, sounded bad, nice looking, but was a wimpy performer., traded it on a new 87 Buick Electra T-Type..wife's car..and the beat goes on..

    Locally 51grand is the selling price for the Challenger..not in my future!!!

    The Bullitt is still on my shopping list..will pursue end of August..My favorite purchasing time...EOM..

    Thanks for the input---What's the downside of the Bullitt?????

    My son in Detroit purchased an 08 Chrysler 300 w/Hemi 6 mos ago after owning 7 Caddys..Loves the car and the deal was outstanding..I wish him luck..

    Found a BP station in Sarasota that sells only non-ethanol gas..Finally got some good old-fashion gas of 93 oct in the SC V-6 GT..breath of freshness..Paid 3.92/gal, 10% incr in MPGs, and the the S/C loved it also..
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    No down side at all- I , too, owned and drove many a 60's era muscle cars.( all GM including 3 Vettes from the early 70's ) Loved them all , but the Bullitt is quicker , handles better, is safer , has the muscle car swagger and oh, my God , whatta a beautiful exhaust note ! Plus , it looks like a sleeper !
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