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Safari/Astro Brake Problems

droptastrodroptastro Member Posts: 4
What year astros came with rear disk ? Or i was thinking of a camero rearend possibly with possi???? and narrow it .. HELP ME OUT


  • redfisherredfisher Member Posts: 6
    I have a 2003 Safari and it is the first year with four wheel discs and 16" tires.
  • onlyhuman3onlyhuman3 Member Posts: 4
    we have a 1992 chevy astro the abs and brake light stays on and the brake pedal is hard to push would this mean the master cylinder needs replacement, thanks donna
  • Steve_01Steve_01 Member Posts: 42
    The most likely cause for the hard pedal is the vacuum assist unit. That's the unit that the master cylinder is bolted to. It's what gives you POWER brakes. On some models, like mine which happens to be an all wheel drive model, chevy uses a hydraulic assist instead of a vacuum powered style.
  • onlyhuman3onlyhuman3 Member Posts: 4
  • old_gmerold_gmer Member Posts: 1
    I am stumped. Over a year ago my ABS/brake light started coming on while driving and staying on. It goes off just as soon as the engine is keyed off and restarted, which would indicate an intermittent problem. I figured it was just a front wheel sensor going bad. I knew about all of the issues GM has had with these front sensors so I took both sensors out and cleaned them. No change. I then replaced both sensors with OEM service parts and again no change. I recently changed both front wheel bearings, which you can only get with new sensors as part of the assembly, and again, no change. I have checked the connectors at the ABS module and don't see any corrosion. Anyone have any suggestions on where to look next? This is really frustrating.
  • onlyhuman3onlyhuman3 Member Posts: 4
  • onlyhuman3onlyhuman3 Member Posts: 4
    was just drivng heard a weird noise then no brakes and no steering any help not th belt? thanks donna
  • bdarbdar Member Posts: 19
    Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to ask if anyone has experienced poor braking with the Astro in very rainy conditions or when there is a lot of ponding of water on streets. I have had the entire brake system redone on my Astro at Midas with new pads, roters, springs, hyrdaulics, etc, on the front and the rear, but I still experience brake fade when there is a lot of rain. I will push down on the breaks as much as I can, but there is very little power. Could it be due to the type of pads installed (cheaper pads vs. higher quality/composition pads)? Thanks!
  • bsibajabsibaja Member Posts: 4
    Its very likely that your ABS Module needs to be refurbished. Mine was doing exactly the same. Vibrations seemed to set it off and both BRAKE/ABS lights would come on until I turned the car off. It is a popular problem with the modules.

    The fix was less than $100 dollar and it was very easy.

    There are two companies that do this and give you a warranty for their work:
    ASI (Automotive Scientific Inc) www.AUTOECU.com (HINT: their Ebay listings are way cheaper! http://myworld.ebay.com/ate1234)

    And the other company is Module Master: http://www.modulemaster.com/en/index.php

    You can ship it to them and still drive your vehicle. Your brakes will work just fine, but the ABS feature won't until you replace the controller. Just make sure you cover the other half of the ABS unit on your car. You'll want to protect it from debris and water.

    Best of luck.
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