End of the PT Convertible

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The company announced it will eliminate four auto models through 2008, including the Dodge Magnum wagon, the convertible version of the Chrysler PT Cruiser, the Chrysler Pacifica crossover and the Chrysler Crossfire sports car.


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    I may buy a droptop 2008 PT this year and trade in my 2006 sedan. Chrysler has actually lowered the price of the convertible and added more equipment. Really looks like a bargain to me.
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    My local dealer has an new leftover '06 GT vertable...I'm confused though:
    MSRP: $30,250
    Edmunds TMV: $26,432
    Cert Used*: $21,051
    *w/ 3000 miles

    Dang I hope folks weren't paying sticker...a 10k hit in a year seems tough. Not sure...even at 26K it seems like pretty strong money. Although 230hp and a 5 speed manual... :surprise:
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    Are they going to continue making that one? The PT is based on the old Neon platform right? The Neon is gone. Will the PT follow?

    BTW, I recently drove a rented PT and it was a nice little wagon.

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    The wagon was going to remain in production until 2008 or 2009. Here's an article. Cancellation would depend upon sales. Here's a good one...savethept.com
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    I left messages with Chrysler trying to order one until they finally called me to say they are through making them. If you want a new one, you'd better start searching nationwide. Good luck.
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    Chrysler is just shooting themselves in the foot by keeping the PT Cruiser convertible. A one year old Cruiser covertible can be had for as little as $15 to $18K, yet they're trying to sell the new Sebring convertible fo $25k to $30k. Makes no sense.
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