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Aston Martin Vantage Headlight Moisture

tpiazz01tpiazz01 Posts: 1
edited April 2014 in Aston Martin
Has anyone else experienced headlight moister inside lens. It has occurred on cold nights and early in the morning. I’ve never experienced this on my Porsche or Audi in the past. I took it to my dealer for the first service and he told me it is normal for the lens to be able to breath. I don’t think it looks astatically pleasing and have never known this to be normal on any other car I’ve ever owned. It is normal to have this build on the outside, but I have never on the inside. Has anyone else had there lights replaced under warranty for this?


  • ... in the Vantage driver's handbook. It's because of the large surface area of the glass cowling; it has to be perforated at the bottom so water won't accumulate inside... but that allows in air, whose moisture (in humid cities) condenses when it hits the (large, relative to other cars) area of cooler glass.

    Turning on the lights should re-evaporate it. I used to get it on a truck with a similar large glass cowling. Only alternative is to airtight-seal the bottom of the headlamp enclosure, but that means if any water does leak in, it pools there.
  • byron4byron4 Posts: 1
    I am having the same trouble with my 2007 Vantage. First repair attempt included a modification of the headlights. Didn't do anything to it. Then AM replaced both headlights. Just this week I took out the car again and the build up was covering about 2/3rd of the surface. I will go back to AM again to request another warranty repair. What's the use of Xenon headlights if only 50% of the light hits the road? I have never seen something like this before. Both my Mercedes and Audi never showed anything like this and the 911 has a similar sized headlight surface. :lemon:
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