Ford Ranger ABS light/Cruise Control Recall

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I have a 2002 Ranger XLT, I just had the Cruise control disconnected because of the Recall on it. Once this was done my ABS light came on, Do the two go together? The connection piece he disconnected attaches to the master cylinder.

The dealer now wants to run a tests to see what the problems is, I think it is a $$ grab, what do you think?


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    It's a recall, it's free. Why don't you have the recall applied and reconnect the wire and see if the ABS light goes out?
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    I have a 2002 Ranger Edge and have the EXACT same issue. I have another appointment with the dealer and they are telling me it is unrelated. I think it highly improbable that within 5 minutes of disconnecting the CC the ABS light comes on. What was the end result for you? I plan on calling Ford before I head in the garage.
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    I took my 02 Ranger to a friend of mine that is a mechanic, and he hooked it up to the computer and found out thhat the two front wheel sensors are not being read by the main sensor, (which the connection the dealer disconnected is at the master cylinder) The flow of information for the ABS has to to flow through the master cylinder. Disconnecting it causes a interruption in the flow on onfo for the sensors which makes the light go on. Have you contacted Frod directly? if so how did you make out.
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    Thanks a million inu. I plan to print out your reply and take it to the dealer. I have my 2nd appointment this Wednesday. I have not spoken with Ford Canada yet (just the dealer) but as usual it is usually a painful experience. Their mechanic insisted that they were not related. I am not so worried about getting the dealer to look after my problem. But I am worried the same logically impaired mechanic will perform the recall work. They tell me the part won't be in until late January so I may have to put up wit the ABS light until then. I can't see it being a problem. However, I live in Canada and this time of year ABS is really handy. Should the ABS fail I guess I will not know.

    What I find strange is that more people have not reported this given the large number of Fords involved in this recall. Perhaps the Rangers or maybe only '02s had this specific wiring scheme. Once again thanks for your quick reply.

    PS: As a preemptive strike I have the 800 number for Ford (565-3673) so I may call them up to clarify what the dealer SHOULD do in the interim.
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    Well I took my Ranger into the Ford dealership and had 3 individuals tell me the ABS light coming on was in NO way related to the safety recall. They planned to do an electrical diagnostic anyway and perform a repair (waste of time in my opinion). Plus I was told that it could be checked quickly. Now I was being told I would have to leave the truck overnight. Having no way to get home I declined. In the end we decided to take a mechanic or tech out for a test drive. We reconnected the SCDS and drove around for about 5 minutes. The ABS did NOT come on. We disconnected it again and drove back to the dealer. And of course the ABS light did not come on then either. Thinking the wiring harness may have been grounding on the brake line (it was black taped to the line) we decided to leave it as is. I left for home and as I pulled out of the driveway the cursed ABS light came back on. I stopped, reconnected the SCDS and continued home. It took me almost an hour to get home and the ABS light did NOT come on during the entire trip. So now I can say with 100% confidence that in my case as in INU's case disconnecting the SCDS will result in the ABS light coming on. I am writing all this down in hopes that another owner does not have to waste their time at a dealership.

    What aggravates me is that my call to Ford Canada was useless as were the 2 trips to the dealership (besides the original recall appointment). Ford Canada just deferred my inquiry to my dealer. What I would like to see is a Ford mechanic who actually knows his/her stuff.

    So for now I plan to disconnect the SCDS myself and wait for the replacement. I can't believe I originally wasted 1 hour at the dealership just so they could pull the plug and wrap black tape around it.
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    I have a 2002 Mazda B3000 (basically a Ford Ranger) and had my cruise control disconnected a few months ago because of the recall. Per my Mazda dealer, the ABS light coming on is directly related to disconnecting of the cruise control. The biggest problem I have with this recall is that Mazda isn't able to get the replacement part yet and they don't know when they will get it. Better planning by Ford/Mazda should have been done to make sure parts are available. I guess producing and selling new cars is more important than taking care of the current owners.
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    How many in the recall? Getting a manufactor to gear up and produce some hundreds of thousands of a part that was no longer being built is going to take some time.
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    I have an 02 Ford Ranger Edge and just got it back on Tuesday 12/11/07 from getting 4x4 module replaced and the recall was done (without being informed!) I was well aware of the recall and chose not to get my cruise disconnected b/c a FORD technician told me he had seen two Rangers affected.

    So now my cruise is disconnected and I'll be traveling on Saturday, not going to be fun... I was told parts would be available late October, they weren't, then I was told DECEMBER, they aren't... And now I've read online that they'll be available January.

    Anyway, Wednesday 12/12 (one day later) my ABS light comes on. I find it pretty coincidental that my ABS light comes on a day later. I am having the same problem as you guys. Here's what I have done so far to attempt to find something out: I called the dealership that worked on my truck and asked about the issue, they say no way related and they'll do a diagnostic ($$$$). Of course I'm not allowing them to do that and thanks to your posts I used them as a firing tool to counter their "it's not related" statement. Secondly, I called FORD recall hotline 1888-222-2751 and got a hold of the costumer service rep. She tells me to get a hold of the dealership that she cannot answer tech. questions.

    Looks like they disconnect the cruise to keep from a fire and now risk people's lives over a brake issue. I think FORD needs to get their act together, and people having this issue and are being told it's not related need to get themselves together and team up against Ford. Faith in numbers, I'm sure there are more people with the same issue. Anyway, I'll be calling another Ford dealership and try to resolve this issue. What a pain!
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    I read your post this evening as I had my recal done on the 11th of Dec. The next day I maid it to work without the light coming on but it came on during the ride home. I shut the truck off about 15 minutes from home and it stayed off the rest of the trip. I then went out and ran a quic errand and it was off. This morning I drove to work with it on as well. I called the dealer and the service manager said they are not related. The lady I was talking to said it would be a seperate diagnostic fee. I asked if it turned out to be related to the recall would they cover the cost and she just re-iterated what the service manager said. I told them I was just going to take it to my freind who is a mechanic as well and have him diagnose it. If it is recall related, I'll go after Ford for the money. I am thinking about just hooking it back up and leaving it. If it burns down, guess I'll deal with it. I am going to check on The Ranger Station and BC 4X4 to see if anyone else has these issues and post a link to this site. It seems like we need to spread the word.
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    Thanks for the reply. Here's my update: I drove down to the local dealership where I am at for school that disconnected my cruise, they say they have not heard ABS being related. So, I had my dad call the dealership from back home that is close by to him and they confirmed that with the Ford Rangers there is an issue with the ABS light coming on. Supposedly there is a hotline that the service department can call. I unfortunately am having no luck with the service department that did the work on my truck. I am very disappointed and think Ford needs to get a wake up call from some costumers to get their act together. In addition I was informed today that the parts could be delayed until MARCH. Rediculus!

    The service department of the dealership that knows about this issue is suppose to be contacting the one that did the work on my truck. You would imagine that all service departments would have in their system the same detail as any other reputable Ford service department. What a shame to the Ford name.

    The dealership that doesn't think ABS/cruise is inter-related wants to run a diagnostic on the ABS (there's not way I'm wasting my money) because basically they don't believe me. It is sad that they can't value a costumer's concern and at least look into the issue instead of acting oblivious!

    The dealership from back home that knows what they are doing told me to get my truck into them and they will fix the problem ( I believe it is an ABS switch do to the recall). By disconnecting the cruise, we were told "it makes the computer think there is a leak in the brake system".
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    Just wanted to go on record as seeing the same problem. My vehicle has been without cruise control since the beginning of October. I took it in today for an oil change and was going to have them run the diagnostic until I read these postings. With my truck, I have noticed that the ABS light will usually come on if I have just started the truck and I do a hard acceleration. I have not noticed any problem with the brake function at all. When I told the technician at the dealership that I was going to wait until after the cruise control was reconnected to see what happens he did not seem to be surprised.
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    Today (12/17/07), I took my 02 Ranger Edge to another Ford dealership that had recognized that ABS light coming on do to recall. I watched them fix my vehicle, they did a diagnostic and the code C1939 came up, so they replaced the switch and is now 100% fixed. This code is what results from disconnecting the cruise affecting the ABS, as if it were leaking.

    The dealership I originally took it to that had diconnected my cruise wouldn't believe me, well it is a FACT that disconnecting the cruise on Rangers because of the recall messes up the ABS resulting in the ABS light to come on. My ABS would come on from a heavy acceleration ( about 3500 RPM).

    To get your issue fixed here is what I suggest: Take your Ranger to a reputable Ford dealership and tell them that the ABS is an issue with some Rangers. Tell the dealership to call the Ford hotline and they surely should know of the issue. DO NOT SPEND MONEY TO DIAGNOSE THE ABS LIGHT.

    Hope this helps, my problem is solved:good luck with this royal pain! Let me know if I can help in any way. This issue needs to be addressed with Ford so people do not get screwed out of even
    more money!
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    It's INU, what was the dealership you took it to?
    I will be taking mine in over the holiday's
    Is your cruise control still diconnected?
    Do have the ford HOT LINE number , I am going to call them before taking it to the dealership.

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    Hey I don't have the hotline number, as I understand it, the number is the dealership's way of reaching Ford for tech. questions. I'm not sure if it is the same phone number as the recall number or not. The dealership I took it to is located in St. Albans West Virginia named Moses Ford ( a very honest dealership). They have reported the problem so whoever you take it to should be able to contact the hotline and be aware of the issue (hopefully). Do to parts being limited not sure if they'll be able to fix your cruise or not just depends on if the dealership has any available. A royal pain in the [non-permissible content removed]. Good luck!

    I posted a phone number on a previous message, but here is one that might help if you don't already have it.... ( this is the one I got from the recall letter from Ford): 1888-222-2751
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    Wow am I happy to see more people are becoming aware of this rather than shelling out the big $$$. Ford Canada claimed last December that they never had this reported EVER. I think they were feeding me BS and speaking off the top of their head. Anyway, I called my local dealer and left a message explaining the evidence and I asked what to do. It should come as no surprise that as of today, a month later, they still have not responsed to my call.

    The ABS light can be easily triggered during hard acceleration as already reported here. I tested it on a few occations.

    Will I be going to this dealer again? Fat chance. Am I happy with Ford Canada? No siree Bob! Will I buy Ford again? I am doubtful.
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    • You can be dead sure that he won't make the same mistake again.

    Ford needs to understand that Americans expect the American Car makers to provide a safe car or truck for them to drive. It is not all about looks! We are talking about people being killed by known defective parts. When China does it, it’s all over the news, when our own American Motor Company does this the media is so scared of loosing it’s advertising revenue the story is skipped over. Do you know how this makes a family feel who has had to Identify a burned corpse of a loved one?
    Then to have the spokesperson of Ford Motor Company Mr. Dan Jarvis state “Jarvis said that “the real story in the August 2007 recall is that Ford proactively and voluntarily recalls those vehicles not based on reports of fires, but to alleviate customer concerns.”
    Delicia Lewis, the mother of 22 year old Payton Tyler Lewis a ‘customer’ states “ He has had his concerns alleviated (to make something such as pain or hardship more bearable or less severe) Payton’s pain is gone, Paytons hardships are bearable, because Payton is lifeless (no longer burning or able to burn), no longer able to operate because of a fault, breakdown, or loss of power . But, I am not alleviated, I have the power, and I still have concerns. People are being killed, houses are being burned down and Ford is not taking responsibility , they would rather act as though we do not exist , but we do and all the families affected by this will continue to stand-up for our loved ones that can no longer speak for themselves.”
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    I am still waiting for the dealer to contact me. I have left messages to no avail. Anyone else still waiting for the elusive part? I can't believe it is taking this long. Another month of this and I am going to embarrass them into action.
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    Yes, I am still waiting as well. When I spoke to Ford Customer Service last month, they said it would be some time in March. In the meantime, Ford has issued another recall involving some of the vehicles which were "repaired". It seems that there was a problem with the "fix" in certain vehicles, so they are being recalled again! Maybe it's a good thing that we had to wait!
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    I still have not heard anything either. My ABS light still comes on, and I 'm waith until the part is in to have fun with my dealer.

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    Hey it is June 20th and will be getting my truck finally fixed with cruise control issue, I will still have to fight with the dealer about the ABS light issue I'm sure. I am talking in the email about your experience with the dealer that fixed it and hope they will look into it rather than telling me it' NOT RELATED.

    Have you had any issues with your truck since it was fixed.

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    I had my cruise control fixed at the end of March. I haven't seen the ABS light come on since that time. Of course, I ended up taking it to a dealer in the rural area who had the part. Otherwise I would probably still be waiting ....
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    Glad to hear you got it resolved. I had the same scenario happen to me, one place didn't have the part but the rural area did. You shouldn't have any problems with the ABS light now. I feel bad for all the people probably sinking big bucks into a problem *definitely* related to the disconnecting of the cruise. Love Ford, but very disappointed in the service and lies/ confusion.
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    Last month in July, I took my 2000 Ranger into the local Ford dealer to have the cruise control recall done. It was a hot sunny day shortly after noon, when the rework was completed. I drove straight home and did not use the truck until the next day. I noticed that the ABS light was staying on. It probably was when I left the dealer, I just didn't pay any attention to it because it was so bright outside.
    I got a chance to stop in to the dealership to ask about this, and the service attendant told me that " I assure you, sir, that this had no connection with the recall work". I told him I'd do some checking around, and sure enough, it appears that it probably is related. Thanks for the info.
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    Back in June i recieved a call from Ford saying my part was in and I had the recall fixed. I mentioned about the ABS light coming on during hard take off's, they said there would be a diagonostic charge, I said they are related and told them to forget the diagonostic. After picking up my truck I took it out and tried everything to make my ABS to come on, and it didn't. I took it back to the dealer and told them and then told them to diconnect the cruise control the same way it was before and I took out the advisor with me, GUESS what the ABS light appeared on hard take off. Went back to the dealer and re-hooked it up and re-took the advisor back out and tried again NO ABS LIGHT, he says well maybe it is related????? There thing is that FORD CANADA has not admitted to anyone that they are related so the dealers won't fixit until they are told by their Head Offices.
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    The issue definitely needs to be addressed. One dealership told me they would diagnose the problem (for money), but then I took it to a dealership i've dealt with for quite sometime, and they were as honest as can be and admitted that the Rangers do have the ABS/Cruise correlation. Good thing that people are being smart and not spending the money. Make some phone calls and lets get something resolved !

    I called (800) 521-4140 and got it documented. Basically it's not going to help but maybe if a lot of people call in and get it documented something will eventually come out of it. I am a loyal Ford owner, but my next one I pull into the driveway might have to be a chevy :mad: .
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    Ok guys, I have a 2000 Ford Ranger XLT with 77,000 miles on it. I received my recall notice recently, but I haven't taken it in yet. Do you think that the issue with the cruise control and the ABS light has been fixed or am I going to experience what all the other Ranger owners have gone through? What should I do?
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    Call the dealership first to make sure they have the new replacement part. If they do, schedule your appointment and get it done (takes a matter of minutes, like 10 minutes to be exact). There is a chance that leaving the old one hooked in could result in fire, but I've heard it's very slim. You won't have any issues if you get the new part installed. You will have issues if they unhook the cruise switch w/o installing the new fused wiring harness. Good luck to ya!
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    Just go and have your harness replaced. When they replace it your ABS light will not come on, if they disconnect and leave it disconnected your light will come on.
    Make sure they do everything the same day.
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    Thanks very much for your response. I'll go ahead and get it scheduled.
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    I have a 2000 Ford Ranger 4-door XLT automatic with a 3.0 V6 engine with 80000 mile on it. Sometimes when I start the truck, and put it in drive, and press the excelerator the truck doesn't move....the engines races but I go no where. All of a sudden, I hear a big clonk and the gears engage and I'm off. I notice it happening more when it has sat for a while and when it is cold. I've heard a lot of transmission horror stories and I'm wondering if any of you ranger owners have experienced this. What do you think is causing this?
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    My experience is: It is because you have worn rear brake drums. They are worn enough to get "wedged" by the brake actuator cam. Get new drums installed and you'll see this problem disappear. This problems is especially bad on humid days.
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    Well, the saga continues ... after having the engine replaced, the list of stuff that no longer works just gets longer - now the cruise control. Shop says it's the "cruise control amplifier" (and refuses to fix it) - can anybody tell me what that is?
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