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I'm experiencing that TPMS sensor problem with my 07 CRV and I'm planning to get it fixed. It should be covered under the factory warranty because my car's only about 3 months old. Can I take it into any honda dealer to get it fixed (for free) or do i have to take it back to the dealer where i got it from?



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    You can go to any Honda dealer of your choice.
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    i called them about this.. they told me to drive it around for a week see if it goes off.
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    Ahh yes, the old dealer "take two aspirin & call me in the morning ploy"... This is a common tactic to blow you off in hopes you will go away. The reality as I understand it is that there are quite a few bad sensors that were installed on the "v". Read back & you will find a post of mine on this topic. Some readers have been succesful in "clearing" the light by deflating & re-inflating the tires... Try this first & if it is unsuccessful return to dealer & request they test & isolate the bad sensor/sensors & replace it/them. Good luck to you :)
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    we will be getting our new 08 CR-V EX friday does anyone know anything about buying a Honda care extended warrenty from Saccucci Honda in Rhode Island online ? They check out with the better business bureau. They have agood price, just don't want to get a bad deal.
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    When my wife & I purchased our ' 07 CRV I took our dealer 3 quotes of Honda Care 120k mile extended service plans from the Internet (Saccucci Honda being the lowest) & they matched the price at the close of the deal... You might give this a try could save you some time & hassle - just a thought! :)
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    Between my wife and I, we have purchased 3 extended warranties from Saccucci Honda over the internet. We have not had any issues and will buy from them again in the (hopefully not too near) future. They take care of all the paper work and send it to you in the mail in a matter of a few days. I also like that they offer paying for the EW over 12 months interest free instead of rolling into the loan. We have also done this with out any problems.

    Lastly, we did cancel one of the EW after about a 18 months because I sold the vehicle. Saccucci was very quick in sending me the filled out paper work to get my prorated refund. BTW - Honda was also very quick in providing the refund check as well.
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    Thanks hockeyfool, after these two replys I will either get a fair price at the dealer or I will just go online and get the EW from Saccucci Honda I like the fact that they will bill to the card in 12 payments .

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    I had the same experainces with my last two warranty with Saccucci Honda now they need our help. Here is the help they are asking for so we dont have to pay the HUGE dealer mark ups that some use for profit centers. READ BELOW !!!

    Honda has released a memo to their Honda and Acura dealers stating that they would prohibit internet sales of Honda Care® and Acura Care® Vehicle Service Contracts(AHM VSCs) starting April 1st, 2008. This would effectively put an end to, and the customer's options when it comes to buying an extended warranty.

    Honda further states Internet VSC sales "undermines the Honda Care® and Acura Care® brands among both Dealers and customers", and that VSC contracts are "most effectively explained by Dealers to customers in person at the dealership".

    We find those statements to be without merit, and further believe Honda is being pressured by dealers that lost out on big profits due to our website's low pricing.

    We are looking for your help. If we saved you money on your Honda or Acura Care Warranty, please return the favor. Please respond with your customer service experiences with our website and staff, your local dealer interactions, and any way the warranty process affected your idea of the Honda brand.

    We want to continue to offer an affordable choice when purchasing your Honda/Acura Care Warranty. We need your help

    Thanks All MNF :)
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    But would this prohibit sales by dealers over the internet? Some of the HondaCare warranties are actually sold by dealers, not just internet sites...
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    Yes this would make it so NO DEALER can sell them over the internet PERIOD. I would never purchase a thrid party myself only from a dealer.

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    Does anyone have an up-date on the issue of Honda not allowing on line purchasing of an extended warranty?
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    I am curious of the same thing, the Saccucci(sp) Honda dealer is still showing that you can buy from their web site, I have sent them and e-mail to see if they are still selling. Has anyone bought an extended warranty beyond April 1st on line?

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    Saccucci sued Honda over this and got an injunction against Honda. Honda then told all their dealers that they had rescinded the policy "until further notice."

    Haven't heard any more about it since mid-April.

    UPDATE! - Honda Clamps Down On Internet Warranty Sales (Strategies for Smart Car Buyers)
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    Great news, I think I will start buying since the dealer offered a 7yr/80K for $1177, 0 deductible, and Saccucci offers the same thing for $615, how can you go wrong?

    Thanks again
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    I tried to get a price at the Saccucci site on a Honda Care warranty on the CRV that I'm planning to purchase. I put in all the information, then got a message that they are not selling warranties in California right now. I'm wondering if this is true in other states as well or if there is a particular issue in California. The message said to check back in a few days. Hmmmm.
    The Honda site shows an 8 yr/ 120,000 mile, 0 ded. Honda Care warranty cost as $985. Anybody know what Saccucci charges for the same thing?
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