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Anyone drive one yet or decided to purchase/lease this car? How does it compare to the GS430 and is it worth the upgrade from the 300hp GS350?


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    Just bought the GS460 after driving BMW5 and InfinitiM35sport. We tested the GS350 and found it didn't have the acceleration of the BMW, but liked the ride of the GS. When we drove the GS460 we loved the control and in sport suspension it reminded us of the BMW5. It really came down to the whole controls, navigation, and luxury feel of the Lexus. I really didn't like idrive and hated the turn signals on the BMW. The Infiniti was loud, rough, and had a mediocre sound system compared to BMW or Lexus, although we liked the M's navigation and acceleration. We just decided for $60,000 the Lexus was a more reliable car. :)
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    Thanks for the insight! After driving the same cars as you, I came to the very same conclusion and decided today to purchase the GS460. The acceleration and feel along with the all the luxurious touches and ease of use is a winning combination. I think the GS460 drives unlike any other Lexus - it engages you rather than isolates you from the driving experience. Enjoy your new GS460!!
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    Where are you located? No 460's available yet here in Northeast/NJ area. How is road noise? Have heard mixed reviews on prior models.
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    I'm in Atlanta. They just got the their first GS460 in 2 weeks ago - obsidian/beige - but I ordered an Obsidian/black. They found it on a boat and expect it to be here in no more than 2 weeks. They are not flooding the marketplace with these cars, that is for sure. I was happy with the level of wind noise - comparable to my BMW. I too read mixed reviews on prior models, but this drives like a different car. It's about time Lexus begins putting these engines in these cars. It's definitely worth the time to drive one when you can.
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    I'm in Seattle and Lexus of Bellevue got 3 GS460's and 1 GS450h late last week. We were told they had just arrived. There are rumors that a high person in Microsoft bought the 450h, alas it was gone when we got there Sunday. They didn't have more than a couple more in the pipeline coming in, so when we saw the Obsidian Black with black interior (alternative was white) we decided not to wait. Wind noise...I don't know, I was paying attention to road noise, the stereo and acceleration. The steering is still a little "loose" compared to BMW, but I hope we have greater reliability. We'll take it for its first real test this weekend, freeway as well as winding winery roads, and let you know how it goes. mrsm.
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    I drove GS450h. I am very intrigued with the performance hybrid concept, but I was told by the Lexus GM that I wouldn't spend as much time on electric power as I would think and I wouldn't realize the true gas mileage savings I would think. He didn't think the cost difference was worth what I was hoping to get out of it. Additionally, the trunk is ridiculously small, and I need some practical space back there. The 460, on the other hand, has more punch for sure. The road noise did not bother me - in fact, I like to hear and feel some of that. I do agree the steering is a bit looser than my BMW, but not enough to walk away from the much easier technology and better reliability. I'll be very excited to hear how your first weekend jaunt goes! Please let me know! My GS460 is on the way and I can't wait! In the meantime, drive yours safely and in good health!! Enjoy! drhbs
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    We drove the GS460 from Seattle to Portland this weekend. We kept it in "luxury" most of the time, but occasionally put it into "sport" when we saw a great winding road. The word that comes to my mind is agile. If you need to move. the handling from the steering and suspension support what you get from the engine. I never doubted the cars ability to move in the traffic. Seats were great, audio is wonderful and despite the comment above about the size of the trunk we had 4 boxes of books, suitcase and odds and ends in the trunk, and it easily brought back 5 cases of wine. Two adults were in the back seat for many hours during wine tours on Saturday and were very comfortable. I like the parking assist and couldn't live without the rain sensing wipers, it IS Seattle. 8 speed transmission is incredibly smooth. Down side - the navigation system. When you drive above 17 miles per hour you have to use the voice command. But the voice command has trouble with numbers like five and seven. It became really frustrating and we eventually gave up. I was frustrated that as a passenger I couldn't type in the address or phone number we needed! We will read the manual and figure out how to preset the addresses we'll need prior to leaving and get our phone address book into the system. I'm looking forward to hearing reports from other new owners. :)
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    Glad to hear you enjoyed the car. Mine is still on the way, so I will report back to you when I've had a chance to enjoy the experience - I only wish that could be in the wine country!! My comment about the trunk size was specific to the 450h, but I'm happy to hear that that the 460 has plenty of room. Interesting observation about the NAV system; I will have to check that out upon delivery. Have a happy Thanksgiving and Holiday Season and, of course, enjoy the ride!
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    There is a way to disable the safety feature in the navigation device so that you can manually use the system while driving. Try some queries on you tube, I have seen a few demonstrations on how to do it. It is some sort of cryptic key-in on the navigation system and it won't effect anything else in your car.

    Good Luck!!
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    The bypass will not work on a 5th generation navigation system which is what the GS now has in it.
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    I can't find this car to test-drive anywhere in the Baltimore-D.C area. What's going on? It's not that popular. Is Lexus thinking of dropping the model for 2009? I was told that in June, only 10 were allocated to dealers in the entire Northeast (60 dealers!). I could see if this was a $400K car, but it's not particularly expensive. So what gives? :confuse: :confuse:
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