Toyota Highlander XM Sirius Satellite Receivers

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I have a 2008 Highlander Sport coming at the end of the month. It has the JBL stereo. I am wanting to use satellite radio but not sure how.

I can get a portable receiver and plug in through the AUX jack. Downside is I won't be able to control the channels from the head unit.

Is it worth it to get a receiver that connects to the headunit? What would that run me? I know Toyota wanted over $400 for it, but it can't actually be that expensive, right?


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    If it has a standardized port for connecting a satellite radio receiver, you could probably find one cheaper than what Toyota is offering.

    I'd recommend calling either or both satellite radio providers to see what they can tell you. Also, Crutchfield is a great resource for this kind of information and may already have a compatible receiver for the system.

    Remember, if you do go with the external/portable receiver, you have to find somewhere to mount it, perhaps detracting from the stylish interior decor, and it's possible it might make your vehicle more appealing to thieves. Just a thought.

    Let us know what you find out, please.
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    Just ordered a new limited with the dealer installing sirius. They've been great (fitzautomall) but will only install the radio with the dash mounted antenna. Hard to believe that it's going to work as well as the roof antenna i currently have. Does anyone have any experience with this and/or a picture of it (i can't find one anywhere).
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    Just be sure to look over your dash and console really well as soon as you get it back. They scrapped the heck out of my gear shifter and there's a scrap on the dash in front of my right knee. Apparently they have to take out your driver's seat, the steering wheel and the entire dash in order to install satellite radio at the dealer! I'm going in for my 2500 mile oil change next week, so they'll fix that stuff then.
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    i saw some installation instructions online...looked like everything was accessed by simply pulling the radio straight i've got something else to worry about !! :-)
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    picked up the highlander yesterday only to find the antenna mounted behind the rearview mirror high up on the glass....looks a million times better than the dash mount. The service manager said he had never seen one before, it's just what came in the box.
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    That's awesome! I wish mine had been mounted there. Enjoy!
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    Also had dealer-installed Sirius in my new HL and found the antenna high up on the glass behind the mirror. You don't even know it's there! They pulled nav unit straight out...none of this remove the seat, dash, steering wheel stuff.

    Apparently, there is a specific training module for the service techs on these installations. Ask to make sure your dealer has someone who's been through it. Mine (Brian Bemis, DeKalb IL) did, and I'm very pleased!
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    Received my Highlander with dash antenna. Not good.
    Took back to dealer and they installed same roof mount antenna for me as process described for Toyota 4-Runner.
    Date is June 18th and so far all is ok with roof mount antenna. Dealer made it right for me and removed dash antenna.
    Hope you did ok with yours.
    I have in-dash radion with XM. Prefer Sirius but time will tell with the merger of XM by Sirius. Prices are due to fall to better pricing structure.
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    The highlander I just purchased came from the factory with XM, and I was told that I cannot change it. My wife and I both have Sirius, so this is a sticking point for me. I know that there is an adpater I can buy, but why can't I just get the right Sirius hardware installed from the factory? Any thoughts are appreciated.
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    Both XM and Sirius are available either from the factory, or as a dealer-installed option. Don't let them tell you differently. I had zero problems when I asked for Sirius. Brian Bemis Toyota in DeKalb, IL was my dealer...not sure if this is convenient for you or not, but they're up on their stuff.

    I suppose a worst-case scenario would be to take the XM hardware and wait a few months until you can choose stations from either company now that the merger is complete, but you shouldn't have to settle for that.
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    Does anyone have any information on dealer installed satellite receivers? for a 2009 Toyota highlander Limited? Costs
  • dondjl35dondjl35 Member Posts: 1
    Hello - My wife owns a 2007 Toyota 4Runner with a Kenwood installed TV/ DVD/CD/AM/FM/NAVIGATION SYSTEM. We can no longer receive TV reception because of the digital changes. Does anyone know where and how much would it cost to have the satellite receiver installed, and if I have to subscribe to Direct TV / AT&T or Dish TV?

    D. J.
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    Anyone try this solution to adding Sirius to the factory head unit of a 2006 Highlander Hybrid with nav? If so, can you post a picture of the nav screen tuning Sirius. If not, does it look like it would work?
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