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microtruckmicrotruck Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Scion
Let's face it, The timing was wrong for the VW rabbit pickup. I think Dodge even had a mini elcamino looking variant on the road in the early 80s. Gone are the Chevy Luv and the small Datsun truck so many would love to see in showrooms today. Too bad the Baja got too far away from it's Brat sibling. The price was too high for such an awkward looking 4 seater.

Saying the midsized truck of today is like saying America still has a middle class. The smallest compact truck out is the aging Ranger and it's size is a bit large for the average homeowner who needs to get a few bags of mulch or some paving bricks.
With the popularity of home make over shows promoting the super hardware chains, people need a teeny tiny truck to do light duty hauling. The MIICROTRUCK is it. Who uses the back seat of their Mini Cooper anyway?

If they play their "cars" right, rumors of Scion's fuse based Xp may fill the niche! That's if Chevy or Dodge doesn't catch the buzz first, chopping up their HHR and Cruiser. "Bring it on!" It's a nobrainer. There is a need for an inexpensive alternative to getting our not so mini vans and small car trunks dirty. A second (or only) vehicle that is great on gas, has a small footprint and is styled with the latest cutting edge designs seems impossible to ignore. Jeep and Hummer are focusing on midsized trucks to be released in the next year or two. Very cool, but not so practical or eco friendly.

The return of the bench seat would be a must. A cramped 3 seater is much better in a pinch than having two buckets. A parent could get the youngsters to the doctors and a third teen could catch a ride to the mall with friends. A flip up or back of the seat could provide hidden storage or room for stereo equipment. With the sky roof craze, a removable top panel and rear slider would be "killer." Front or rear wheel drive, doesn't matter. Just push the rear wheels as far back as they can go for balance. A rear driver would be fun though in such a small, light package. Doughnut city! Hauling a sheet of plywood could be possible with some add on racks or extenders of some sort. On top of the bed for sure. Let the engineers figure that one out.

What more is there to say? What are they waiting for? My 70 year old neighbor would have bought one, so would the kid down the street with the bike racks on his Civic. Florists, Auto shop deliverers...... Let the automakers know since only Scion seems to be thinking about this sure to be MICROTRUCK craze. Just take the top off of the new xb. I could get an arborvitae or tall dresser home in one piece!


  • 1racefan1racefan Posts: 932
    "With the popularity of home make over shows promoting the super hardware chains, people need a teeny tiny truck to do light duty hauling."

    I am in this same boat. For me, a small utility trailer to pull behind my small SUV was the perfect answer. I don't lose the things that I love about my SUV, but can use the trailer when I want to haul. The trailer folds up and is able to be stood on end when not in use. That trailer cost me under $500.

    "My 70 year old neighbor would have bought one, so would the kid down the street with the bike racks on his Civic."

    Most 70 year olds I know don't do a lot of remodeling, and home repair type stuff themselves. By that age, they are hiring people to take car of that sort of thing, because they don't want the hassle. Most young people I personally know with compact cars like their compact cars, and are content hauling their bikes around on bike racks.

    "Florists, Auto shop deliverers...... "

    I could maybe see auto parts delivery places using one of these, but it would have to be heavy duty enough to carry something like a transmission or rear axle. Florists - no. Florists would benefit from something like an Element or HHR, that is fully enclosed to keep their flowers from getting blown by the wind while in transit.

    I think this might be a good idea for the European market, but I don't think it would go over too well in the US. The only car/truck ute I could see doing well in this country would be something like the reappearance of the ElCamino. At least that vehicle has a history, and if it were RWD and V8, a lot of baby boomers would probably jump on it - but it wouldn't be a microtruck like you are referring to.

    I agree with you that there may a niche for a microtruck, but I think that niche would be extremely small, and not very profitable. Again, this is just my opinion.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 KC MetroPosts: 6,876
    on it's runways would fit the bill perfectly here. BA is so impressed with the truck they're ordering 46 more to add to the 200+ they already have. It is smaller than the Ford Ranger pickup and looks sort of the same size as the old Dodge Ram 50 made by Mitsubishi Motors of Japan. Google Mitsubishi L200 and you'll get some choices to select to read up on this small truck. Unfortunately it's not imported to the U.S. at this time for us to purchase. :cry:

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • novanova Posts: 135
    VW / Toyota / Nissan they all made there small pickups mid size about 2005.VW droped out first in the 80's . Now the latest news from VW is the delay of there clean diesel motor.We need a small truck like the old VW pickup / toyota / or nissan the first one who makes one will have a winner on there hands. Gas here in south FL. is over $3.00 a gallon an going UP every couple of days
  • This is exactly what I want. And I'm a 45 year old male. It doesn't need to tow anything, just have a bed to put bags of mulch, lawn mower gas, etc.

    If I knew one was coming, I'd hold off my current new car search!
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    I wonder what their trucks are going to look like since they are copying everyone else's designs. :(
    Even their logo is a knockoff ot Toyota's just upside down.
    Very clever huh?
  • kreuzerkreuzer Posts: 127
    any more talk about microtrucks? I think it's a great concept and hopefully we'll get some offerings soon!? Where else can I look on the web for info on these? Thanks to all!
  • If GM wants to corner this niche, import the Chevrolet Tornado/Montana that is being sold in the Latin American countries. Go to ontana-Tornado.htm to see pictures.
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