Nissan Maxima Customized Settings

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In a 04-06 Maxima with or without navi, there is a "settings" button in the middle of the dash just below the audio screen. This button helps to change different settings, such as:

Turn service alert on or off
Set remote unlock door logic
Set auto relock time
Set auto headlight sensitivity
Set auto headlight off delay
Set speed sensitive wiper interval

and a few others.

A complete list of what can be done using this "settings" button is documented in the manuals.

However, in a 07-08 Maxima this "settings" button is missing if the car is not equipped with navi. Also, the manuals do not say anything about how to change the settings. Do any of you have a clue how to change the above settings in a 07-08 Maxima without navi?

I am particularly interested in setting the auto headlight off delay. Currently, the headlights remain on for 40 secs after I close all doors. I want it to go off as soon as I close all doors. How do I do that other than manually turning them off?


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    I finally found out how to do this, take it to the dealer. They have to hook it up to the Nissan computer and change the settings. Most dealers will do this for you free of charge the first time. I had them change some of mine, and it worked out fine. I do wish they had left it so that the owner could make these adjustments themselves.
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    I have an 09 maxima w/o navi screen. Are you saying the only way to disable the auto exit seats and steering wheel is to take it in to the dealer? That is very frustrating, do you know if there is a tool I can buy to do it myself? Thank you!
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