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Hyundai Santa Fe Navigation System

rv65rv65 Posts: 1,076
edited March 2014 in Hyundai
The 2008 and up Santa Fe can now be equipped with an LG/Hyundai Navigation system. Use this thread for any tips, tricks, feedback, and questions on this new GPS unit. It's one of those double din flip down units.

6.5" LCD touch screen Display
8 GB CF card for map data
Tons of POI's
Navteq Map Database
voice and visual prompts
Single Disc CD/MP3/DVD Player
605w 10 speaker Infinity Logic7 audio System
AM/FM/XM/CD/DVD/MP3 capability
No Rear seat DVD player
Plays DVD's while in park from what I have heard.



  • mcq1mcq1 Posts: 103
    What about bluetooth capability?
  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    Are they actually in production? Are there any pictures? We've been hearing about this for a long time but AFAIK no one has actually seen it. I'm hoping that the 2008 unit can be retrofitted to my 2007.
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,076
    That will be a Blueconnect unit that is seperate from the navigation unit. It doesn't integrate with the speakers. It has it's own speakers.
  • The navigation system is not designed to be retrofitted to a 2007. The navigation system requires the Infinity audio system but does not have an output for the rear seat DVD.
  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    Yeah, that's what I was afraid of. :( I keep hoping, anyway.
  • I'm looking at purchasing a portable GPS Garmin Nuvi 660, which has a FM transmitter. I was curious to know if anyone has purchased this unit and had any luck with the transmitter being able to transmit the bluetooth and all other functions through the car's audio speakers. I think this is a great alternative to purchasing a factory navigation at a fraction of the cost. Any luck with FM transmitter on '07 Santa Fe's? Any thoughts or comments?
  • The aux jack that Hyundai was going to offer for the Santa Fe was a FM modulator system. Based on that, it would seem that the Santa Fe wouldn't have any problems with FM transmitters.
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,076
    You can get a navigation model if you like. It's on sale. The brochures and website show pictures of it. I hear it's a very nice unit.
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,076

    Demonstrates the veracruz version but Santa Fe is the exact same unit. Hope this helps.
  • ttartttart Posts: 7
    I just took possession of my Santa Fe with the factory nav. What an easy system to operate. In my last car I had an aftermarket system (Eclipse by Fujitsu 10), and this one is much easier to get around and figure out. Absolutely love it!
  • Did you find a workaround regarding the need to OK the warning each time you start the car?
  • Hi guy,,i am from malaysia,,and i just install the 2 din dvd player with navi sysytem,,the core base is window ce 5.0. I am currently run igo8 which is really nice
  • tagartagar Posts: 1
    Hi Silky,
    Soon I'm getting one the same model you have. I only want to know if your TV is working and how was the TV antenna installed? Is it inside the dashboard or the antenna is just left over the dashboard? Your GPS Igo map is cool! Does it save settings on the SD card?
  • Does anyone know how to update the Santa Fe's GPS map? The map that came with my vehicle seems to be at least one or two years old. It does not have several businesses that were built in my area, and it also does not have some homes that were built in the last three years.
  • Try these people :) :

    [11/20/2008] Map Update

    Good News, the long awaited map updates will be available for sale on January 31st , 2009. More Information will be available soon.

  • I called the people at MapnSoft... As you say, maps for sale in January, 2009. What you didn't post was their whopping price tag: $200. You can buy a nice Garmin setup for $200 these days. I don't know what they're thinking...
  • hi tagar,,,sorry for late reply..

    The TV antena booster is place the top left corner of the windscreen. however the frequency receive is not as good as other DVD player. The search point start from 48:00 upward.

    the igo8 run smooth, just copy the software from rapidshare and country map,,,you also can download the poi which compatible for google pin poi as well. all the data just put on the sc card. if you have problem pls e-mail me
  • srz948srz948 Posts: 68
    $200 for the update is ridiculous. I would hate to spend that kind of money to find out all they added were several new McDonalds locations to the data base.
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,076
    It's not that ridiculous if you pre order. If you order from and use the code PRE1 before 1.31.09 you get $80 off. The update is now available for pre order.
  • Map update for a 2008 vehicle that just came out with the gps system! that's nuts, they get $200 for the update. it's a brand new vehicle with a brand new system!!
  • It's a new vehicle with a out dated map!! Even $120 is insane.They just started offering the gps in 08 and it's out dated already!! They charge around $1700 for the system and if you want a map thats not at least 3 years old, you have to spend another $120-$200.
  • LisaDLisaD Posts: 50
    My question is - in a Limited with Nav, either 2008 or 2009, can I simply add a backup camera? Does it have the available port on the unit or do I have to yank the whole thing and replace it with aftermarket?

    I'm having a heck of a time finding this information. Also, does anyone know the resolution of the screen?

    Thanks for any help.
  • Certainly you cannot simply add a backup camera to the 2008 Limited w/ Navigation. You can't do ANYTHING with that unit... In fact, you can't even replace it with an aftermarket stereo... at least not without rewiring the entire car.
  • LisaDLisaD Posts: 50
    Found out something. It's my understanding the Azera, Santa Fe, and Veracruz all share the same Nav unit. In the 2009 Azera if you upgrade to Nav, you lose iPod integration (3.5mm & USB). No lie.

    So if The Santa Fe and Veracruz have the same Nav, wouldn't they suffer the same fate? It's so ridiculous I almost can't accept the possibility.
  • Hi - Just picked up a new '08 last week with the Navigation System. Love everything about it. Does anybody know where I can get a detailed User Manual for the Navigation System? The Hyundai Santa Fe Owners Manual doesn't seem to go in much depth.

    Thanks Much : )
  • np45np45 Posts: 7
    Iinstalled the same unit which works fine except that I can't get the GPS to work the SD has a corrupt file on it so it dead. How do I go about uploading the SD or were can I get a copy of the software with purchasing and new SD map. I purchased a new 2gig SD card for a clean install. Had the unit installed now for over a month. It's great and added a nice touch the the dash. ;)
  • srz948srz948 Posts: 68
    The user manual for the Navigation System is a separate book enclosed with the owners manual, warranty info, etc. If it wasn't in there contact your dealer.
  • I have a new Santa Fe Ltd with navigation system. There are no phone numbers in the system which I assume should be present if I'm going to located a business by phone number. The special navigation manual that comes with the car has no details - pretty useless.

    anyone have any ideas?
  • I have a new Santa Fe Ltd with navigation system. There are no phone numbers in the system which I assume should be present if I'm going to located a business by phone number. The special navigation manual that comes with the car has no details - pretty useless.

    anyone have any ideas?
  • srz948srz948 Posts: 68
    You enter the business phone number and it gives you the route to the business.
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