Mazda CX-9 Rear Parking Assist

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I'm buying a CX-9 Grand Touring FWD with Nav and RSES. The one feature I had wanted in a car that isn't available on this one is the rear park assist (the sensors that beep as you approach something in the rear). The dealer has offered to add that feature for me, although he thinks the back-up camera is a better tool.

My question is: Do you think it would be bad to add the rear park assist post-factory (it isn't available from the factory at all) since I'll have the back-up camera? My thinking is that the camera will show me objects are there but won't show me how close they actually are.

The dealer says that the sensors will just be two black circles the size of quarters on the back bumper and that they'll be hooked up to the speakers. He's never seen it done on a Mazda, although they used to do it at his previous dealership (I forget the kind of car).

I have to give him a decision immediately, so I'd appreciate some input ASAP. It won't affect the price of the car, by the way.

Thanks very much.


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    Go for it! I think having both video and audio sensors would be ideal. Did the dealer give you a cost for the audio park assist?
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    Hello -

    After an exhaustive search, I decided I will place an order for a GT with no add on packages since I could not find one with Liquid Platinum with a Sand interior. However, I do need the Back Up camera and realized I could order the Back Up Camera w/Auto-Dimming Mirror Display without the entire Assist package (I am OK with buying the best Garmin package out there for Nav since the one that comes with the package is very mediocre I heard). I also want a GT because, I want the Blind Spot monitoring system and Blue Tooth for sure.

    So my question to the good folks on the forum.

    How good is the Back Up Camera w/Auto-Dimming Mirror Display? Am I making the right choice? It appears smaller in size since it is in the mirror and my belief is that it can only help and especially since it is a factory accessory and is the recommended accessory with the Touring model.

    Also, is the IPOD jack standard on GT or do I have to order the 6 CD changer package (without the moonroof package. Moonroof packages comes with extra speakers too) ?

    Finally, How long does it take from the time of placing the order to receive the vehicle? I heard dealers tell me from 4 to 12 weeks.

    Too bad that there aren't many GTs out there without any packages.

    Please advice.

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    Where are you located? The GT platinum with sand interior with Blind Spot Monitoring is extremely hard to find because around the time they started offering BSM, they stopped making sand interiors with the platinum exterior.. I just bought a Plat/Sand yesterday after weeks of searching, but it did have the Assist Package. Have you gone on and gone through their vehicle inventory? That's how I located my car, which was at a dealership 300 miles from my home. You probably already have done this, but if not, try widening your search area by putting in other cities in your state. Chances are your local dealer will be happy to get the car for you, or you can travel to get it if it's not too far. I'm pretty sure I came across some in my search that didn't have the GT Assist Package.

    Unfortunately, I can't help with the mirror/camera question.

    Good luck!
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    I have both back-up camera and ultrasound sensors (installed myself - parts from eBay) on my Prius, I can tell you that both can compliment each other.
    pros: still work in the darkness. easy to install yourself (in a couple of hours), cheap (part from eBay at $50 + $10 for display if needed).
    cons: false alarm when ice, snow or water on the sensors (it may happen more often for folks living in snowy area), black circles on the bumper (don't get the painted ones 'cause they are more prone to false alarm)

    Anyway, I will get a GT AWD with backup camera, and I always install ultrasound sensor for all my vehicles.
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    The iPod jack is standard on the GT (and on all the trims, I believe). You don't need the fancy stereo. However if you ordered Sirius satellite radio, you will have to get a switching unit from the dealer so you can use both.

    As for ordering, a local dealer told me he had placed an order for a CX-9 back in mid-November. The car was built a month later, and is now on the boat. So by the time it is delivered, it might very well be 3 months.
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    I test drove the GT recently and noticed that the rear camera was angled at an awkward position. The camera displayed more right bumper than left, thereby presenting a distorted view. Also, there were no parking guides on the camera view (to measure proximity to objects). I drive an FX 35 and the rear camera is excellent, i.e., the camera view is centered thereby providing perfect orientation while backing in and the color-coded guide to measure proximity to objects works like a charm. As I backed into a parking space with a CX-9, the distorted view had me feeling less than confident that I was parking correctly. I resulted to the side view mirror to check my orientation.

    While I assume the visible parking guides are not an option on the CX-9, is the distorted view a common experience or was the camera installed improperly. If this is common, this is a major design flaw for such an expensive option.
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    We have the mirror display and it works fine. My wife initially thought it would not be an option, but the first time she saw it, she said "that works great". It was great because we could get it without wasting all the $$$$ on the nav.
    The display is a little off-center, so it leaves something to be desired for visibility, however the Nav based unit was the same. I am going to ask the dealer if there is a way to adjust the camera to give a better view...
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    I recently purchased and installed the back up camera with auto dimming rear view mirror. This is not a project for the faint of heart, however with a little patience and persistence it can be done. The instructions that came with this add on kit are great. Now, I could probably add a couple helpful hints to those instructions. I actually installed the first kit, found that I had a shorted video cable, and subsequently ordered and installed a second kit. And yes, I am stupid, but also persistent. The second back up camera and auto dimming mirror works fine. The camera has a fish eye type lens and thus shows a distorted view with respect to actual distances. I knew that in advance, so if you're wanting this device for accurate backing up, etc. I would not recommend it. However, if you want to see what is immediately behind you so you don't run over toys, yours or anybody else's kids (heaven forbid), it works great. You can actually see your rear bumper as close as a foot away from your rear bumper and all the way to the corners of the vehicle. The farthest distance away is probably more like ten to fifteen feet. It works very well even in low light situations. If you are thinking about purchasing and installing this add on back up camera and auto dimming mirror yourself, I would offer the following. Number one, the hardest part of the installation is routing the video cable from the front of the vehicle to the rear. In particular, fishing the video cable through the rubber grommet on the liftgate will test any sane man's patience. After discussing the installation with a tech at the Mazda dealer where I purchased the kit, he indicated Mazda allows three shop labor hours for installing this kit, but it literally takes them almost all day. I would be happy to entertain any questions if they are ones that I encountered in my experience of installing this back up camera kit.
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    >> In particular, fishing the video cable through the rubber grommet on the liftgate will test any sane man's patience.
    Let me give you a hint... "oil" (cooking oil will do fine)
    Rubber has very high friction. It is very tough to get cable through. Anyone who mod cars frequently knows that oil is your best friend to run wires thru rubber boots.
    I have done backup camera to my 2005 Prius. The job was similar. Video cable thru the rubber boot to the hatch.
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    Were the instructions for this kit cover the CX-9 exactly or just generic?

    If it is detailed, I would love to see a copy of it.

    Thanks. :blush:
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    Hi there!
    I recently got the camera installed at the dealer. Is the camera usually tilted more towards the drivers side? I can see the driver side corner very clearly but the passenger side rear bumper corner is not visible. Is the camera adjustable at all? The camera is installed on the left of the liftgate handle so it is already more towards the drivers side. Thanks in advance!
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